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Spirited Away, my version, part 2 of 8

:bulletred: Go here (click) to get to the beginning of this series.

From left to right, David, Samantha, and Sabrina as they pose with their sky hotel balloon in the background.

The balloon will be further lowered (reeled in), they will board, then the balloon will be "un-reeled" to a height of 3000 feet, or a little less if the winds pull the balloon laterally some. Whatever distance the balloon is pulled off center, the balloon will be lowered a bit as the tether, 3000 feet long, swings an arch. (Huh, it's a good trigonometry problem! :D ) On average, they will be 2000 feet or more most of the time. That plus already being in the mountains, will provide spectacular views.

Provisions such as water, hot water (kept in super insulated tank), foods of their choice, and drink are loaded before takeoff. No one stays longer than 3 days and 2 nights up in a sky hotel. The quarters are cramped, but luxurious. The biggest feature is a big, comfortable sofa where they can sit and watch the scenery waft by as winds carry the balloon this way and that, and while it naturally slowly turns. The scenery is ever changing.

Way up there in the background is another balloon sky-hotel already aloft. Sabrina and her big Taqh friends will soon be up there. But later, the post holding the tethers works loose, and it happens in the middle of the night. They woke up the next morning to more beautiful scenery. Since they did not know the area, and since the scenery is constantly changing anyway, it was a while before they realized that they were drifting free.

Staying in a sky hotel is strictly a summer time activity. Sky hotels close down for the winter. During the summer, winds are generally from the southeast blowing toward the northwest. Here, they are already in the most northwest location in Sahseer. Beyond that is... nothing. Endless forest, some mountain meadows, mountains, valleys, plateaus and... nobody. Nobody at all. And further beyond that, north seas and ocean, of which 88 percent of Shasheer is covered with.

When their balloon breaks free and drifts to the northwest at some 20 or more miles per hour, it is into an area of mystery, an unexplored land where no one has ever gone. A speed of 20 miles per hour may not sound like much, but it is in a more or less straight line and nonstop. At that rate, 480 miles per day can be covered.

By releasing a small amount of gas from the balloon, the balloon finally landed after 2 and a half days. Otherwise, it would have stayed up for months. After 2 and a half days, they traveled an estimated 1200 miles... to where? It would take months of walking and survival for them to get back to Sahseer. Rescue is impossible. No roads, no airports. Helicopters have limited range.

After landing, however, they see that there is this very tall building, like 1500 feet, with a small collection of buildings around it. Signs have strange writing on them. They even hear the sound of a train. Is this an undiscovered civilization? Would they be able to just ride the train back?

Sabrina, Samantha, and David soon figure out they're not in "Kansas" (or their equivalent) anymore. After they hiked through an area of swamps then climbed up to some higher ground including a set of concrete stairs, they found themselves in a town with, seemingly, no people. Then they found that buffet eatery with all the delicious food and, well, you Spirited Away enthusiasts know what happened from there.

Somehow, their balloon crossed through some sort of dimensional warp, a "worm hole" or the like, which transported them to the nation of an entirely different planet. Both Yubaba and Zaneeba figured that the worm hole that conducted them through was due to "strange energies emanating from the galaxy's center for the last few days."

Can they get back to Sahseer!?

:bulletgreen: NEXT
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jeffgian Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
VERY NICE WORK.......Would LOVE to see more of SAMANTHA, and Sabrina isn't so bad either....What a Pair!
Thank youl, MWP!
arenafighter Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Sexy & Cool!
MuscleWomen-Planet Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Thank you! :bow:
arenafighter Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Keep up the Great Work!
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