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President of Shasheer, Red Dove 2
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Published: October 20, 2012
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I have brought you scenes and people of "Shasheer" the "muscle women planet" via 3D and hand-drawn pictures. They have conveyed this strange world where women dominate and appear to be the stronger in all respects.

I thought you might be curious about the gal that presides over all of this.
Only one other time I did a quicky thing about Red Dove. It is here (click).
And, there is this picture and description, which is more or less part of "this series."

Shasheer is a world where, interestingly, two entire species, not races, species of human coexist.
There are the "Taqh" species of people, with males standing around 6 feet 10 to 7 feet-even at 280 to 310 pounds and women standing 7 feet 2 to entire 8 feet at 320 to 400 pounds. Their mental abilities are on par with Earth's Neanderthal species which went extinct 15,000 years ago. They are the really big ones with hair that ranges blond to dark brown with occasional strange colors.

Then there are the Betaqh species of people whose males stand 5 feet 10 to 6 feet 4 or something like that with weights from 120 to 170 pounds, and whose women stand 6 feet 2 to 6 feet 8 with weights around 140 to 280. They are the ones, that depending on the race, look like anywhere from souped up Asians to African-American people. Except, of course, for their "elf ears" which most of them possess. Hair is often black, but it can be other strange colors, apparently, naturally. (I thought they were coloring their hair.)
Both species have several races within them.

President Red Dove is a member of the Zantu race, the biggest and, according to many of them, the most beautiful, intelligent, and strongest of the Betaqh species... We will abstain from jumping into the fray of possible Shasheerian racism; heck, we have enough of that here! But she is striking in her size and carriage. She does stand a good 6 feet 6 at 260 pounds, putting her near the top of the range of sizes for Betaqh gals. She is 350-something years old which is young for them.

She is with 2 noisy, undisciplined aids who are less than 100 years old, maybe in their 50s or 60s. Shasheerians less than 100 years old are Shasheerian equivalents of teenagers. Shasheerian "teen-like" years go from before physical maturity which occurs at 40 years old until past 100. (That's a teenage that lasts 60 years or more! The only folks I know who have been teenagers that long are Archie and friends! (You know, from Archie Comics) They have been teenagers since the 1940s!)

President Red Dove comes here to meditate. She is trying to teach the 2 boisterous aids to meditate. Good luck with that! They came by velomobile and are chilling out a few minutes before they actually meditate.

Way in the background with one on the left and one on the right, wading down in the water, are the men the 2 young aids brought with them. The 2 men will not meditate, just stay out of the way.

Note the effeminate nature of the Betaqh men. This is normal for them and the Betaqh women like it. They even have make-up and such. One thing those fellas got, however, is a pair of well-honed, sculpted, muscular legs, along with the gals, a "by-product" of putting in all those miles pedaling velomobiles, no doubt.

This is 2 of 3 pictures posted. In this "scene 2", we'll call it, they continue to stroll about to quiet down and completely cool off before going in to meditate. They came by velomobile, pedaling some 20 miles to get here. It is summer and a bit warm. Red Dove came nude and then wore what she is wearing in the picture only after bathing and drying a bit. The others dress in a way that is convenient for swimming, sweating, etc. These are typical Shasheerian habits.

The inside of the pavilion and one of the "thrones" used in meditating can be seen in this view.
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