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President Red Dove of Shasheer
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Published: June 23, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 MuscleWomen-Planet
President of the Council and Priestess of the Libertarian States of Shasheer

I have brought you scenes and people of "Shasheer" the "muscle women planet" via 3D and hand-drawn pictures. They have conveyed this strange world where women dominate and appear to be the stronger in all respects.

I thought you might be curious about the gal that presides over all of this.
Only one other time I did a quicky, kind of cartoonish thing about Red Dove. It is here (click).

Shasheer is a world where, interestingly, two entire species, not races, species of human coexist.
There are the "Taqh" people, with males standing around 6 feet 10 to 7 feet-even at 280 to 310 pounds and women standing 7 feet 2 to entire 8 feet at 320 to 400 pounds. Their mental abilities are on par with Earth's Neanderthal species which went extinct 15,000 years ago. They are the really big ones with hair that ranges blond to dark brown with occasional strange colors.
Then there are the Betaqh species whose males stand 5 feet 10 to 6 feet 4 or something like that with weights from 120 to 170 pounds, and whose women stand 6 feet 2 to 6 feet 8 with weights around 140 to 280. They are the ones, that depending on the race, look like anywhere from souped up Asians to African-American people. Except, of course, for their "elf ears" which most of them possess. Hair is often black, but it can be other strange colors, apparently, naturally. (I thought they were coloring their hair.)
Both species have several races within them.

It is a world of no petroleum, no dogs, no big vehicles zooming around all over the place making things treacherous. The mainstay vehicle is the "velomobile" along with some bicycles. They do have trains, electric trucks and some buses. But those are limited by the fact that all their energy comes from solar, wind, and hydroelectric sources.

But Shasheer does have petroleum... but the Betaqh species, with this "president", Priestess Red Dove, leading the way, keep it top secret! Shhh! Like Earth, Shasheer has oceans of petroleum. It was formed when the planet was formed. Most of it is deep and inaccessible, but, since it is completely untapped, Shasheer has lots of easy-to-get, near-surface petroleum that they could become pigs off of.

And Priestess Red Dove knows this. (I keep calling her "president", but she is really a priestess.) Using out-of-body consciousness projection, she has been to Earth. Not physically, but through out-of-body projection. Yes, she knows about us! One of the few Shasheerians that do. And what she sees scares the bejeebers out of her.

She was trained and familiarized with Earth and a few other planets that she and a few other elite Betaqh keep track of by priestesses that came before her. Priestesses have been keeping track of Earth and a couple other planets for many centuries, maybe a few thousand years. Shasheerians have no space travel, not even orbital spacecraft. But, with their ability to project their consciousness and with the help of the "Akashic Records", Shasheerian priestesses "discovered" and have kept track of the handful of planets in this galaxy that have extensive humanoid life.

Priestess Red Dove is 350-something years old. Shasheerians live 700 to 1000 years depending on how they take care of themselves. In Earth people's terms of aging, she is the equivalent of about 29 to 35 years old.

Such a long life gives someone ample time to become very, very expert at whatever field they are in. She is expert in all the spiritual things. She practices what we would call "witch craft", although that is an unsophisticated term. I would call it "conscious intentional manipulation of natural energy flows for the accomplishment of some task, such as healing." I already mentioned her out-of-body activity.

With that pretty wand that she holds in her hands, if there is reason to, she can point that wand at someone, and from 20 to 50 feet away, without physically touching or throwing anything, cause a wave of some kind of energy that can push somebody back several paces. If she makes it strong enough, it will actually bowl someone over.
[This is similar to Earth people who know Gung Fu very well. Top Gung Fu experts can, with their bare hand, palm facing outward, cause a wave of something unseen to knock someone back, or even bowl them over. All without physical contact. And standing 20 or 30 feet away.]

Priestess Red Dove meditates every day. She comes out here to this pavilion in the woods, located some distance from Central Capital, to sit in that chamber behind her, close her eyes, and go into an altered state.
She only issues advice. It is up to the local communities, those within Central Capital or out in the wilderness, to make it policy or not.

So far, all of Shasheerian folk glide quietly by in their velomobiles as part of an easy-going, slow-paced life style. Let's hope that Priestess Red Dove and those few other Betaqh keep that petroleum monster under ground where it belongs!
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