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Oh no, not another Spirited Away knockoff
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Published: May 27, 2012
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Spirited Away, my version, part 1 of 8

Everybody's got to get in the act! Search "Spirited Away" on Deviant Art and you will find thousands of drawings, adaptations, age advancements (especially of Chihiro and Haku) and no end of stories adopted from Spirited Away. And...
so here I go, sho nuff.

Spirited Away has everything I like. Different worlds/dimensions, spirits (Jinns), and unusual, paranormal happenings with a story to weave them all together. It also fits the "muscle women planet", Shasheer, nicely, especially for Shasheer's more spiritually oriented human species, the Betaqh (the ones that resemble "souped up" Asians) (And yeah, that too; some of the Betaqh species of Shasheer do indeed resemble souped up Japanese women)(Although Sabrina looks a little Egyptianish).

Like most of the other knockoff stories on Deviant Art based on Spirited Away, mine probably won't see the light of day (or not much anyway) or not be completed, at least, not for a long time.

I am not sure how I will get this thing out. "Comic" form would take forever. I already am having a hard time getting out my story of "Joy's Growth." Certainly not purely written (like a novelette, or longish "short story"). Most likely I'll do some sort of highly illustrated story; a sort of part comic, part short story.

(Hopefully, ALL these projects will speed up after I retire! I got to get the dam job world off my back once and for all.)

I made a lot of changes to the story at the beginning and at the end, with plenty of adaptations along the way.

Starting with, how they get there...
Sabrina, a big, strong Betaqh woman living in Central Capital, is a chief power plant technician for a power plant (that generates electricity) in Central Capital, Sahseer, on Shasheer. (Yeah, the country is "Sahseer"; pronounced a little different with "s" and "h" switched.)
She takes two weeks vacation and wants to tour the north west of Sahseer, which is beautiful, mountainous, and the people there are very spiritual. Also, she wants to spend a few days in a "sky hotel". A sky hotel is a cabin held aloft by a hydrogen-gas-filled balloon. The balloon is tethered to the ground by a cable of 3000 to 5000 feet, depending on the company. During the stay, the balloon will slowly drift around giving the guests a beautiful changing vista of the lands below. What does one do while in a cabin held 3000 feet or more in the sky? Sleep, eat, sit on the provided sofa to watch the ever changing vista, and sex.

No exercise. Shasheerians get plenty of exercise from their life style.
Pedaling velomobiles, climbing endless stairs even in tall buildings because the elevators are for freight use only, and walking every where else gives these people more than enough exercise. They have no petroleum (or haven't discovered it yet), and all their power comes from the limited, highly variable sources of solar energy, wind energy, and some hydroelectric. (All these sources make hydrogen and pipe the hydrogen from their rural locations into the city. Then power plants like the one Sabrina works for, burns the hydrogen to make electricity.) When Shasheerians go on vacation, they avoid exercise as much as possible.

Sabrina takes her big friend who is a Taqh species woman named Samantha, and Samantha orders her man, David, also a Taqh, with her. So three of them go on the sky hotel.

Due to cost considerations, Sabrina chooses a company way in the northwest of Sahseer, rather than close to town. Close to town is hundreds of dollars a night. Way out in the north west wilderness, it is 50 dollars a night.

So what ends up happening is the sky hotel, which is a luxuriantly appointed but very small cabin held aloft by a balloon, breaks free of the tethers and so it floats away on it's on. It happened at night when everybody was sleeping. The post that held the tethers was not firmly enough rooted in the ground, so that some brisker than normal breezes (not storm level, just a little brisk) worked it loose. Aboard the cabin, the breaking away was not felt. In fact, it became quieter.

A balloon drifting free just goes where the winds aloft go. Winds aloft can easily be 20 miles per hour or greater. At that speed, going nonstop, quite a bit of distance can be covered. In two days of this, well over 900 miles was covered. It wasn't until partly through a third day that they managed to make the balloon land. Over 1200 miles traveled at least was estimated. They would have to walk 1200 miles over rugged mountains, valleys, and creeks to get back home... or would they...

For when they landed, they noted an extremely tall building soaring into the sky. It was cylindrical with a tall cone on top. It was possibly 1500 feet tall, or 138 stories. It was surrounded by smaller buildings.

This was totally unexpected. After having drifted 1200 miles northwest from an already remote, edge-of-civilization location, surely there would have been nothing, absolutely nothing human-made there. (Sahseer is the only organized nation on all of planet Shasheer which is already 88 percent ocean. (Only 12 percent of Shasheer is land!))

The balloon had drifted down and was finally stopped gently by encountering a large tree. They tied the tether ropes (which had been carried along the whole time including the pole) to the huge trunk of that tree.

Sabrina, Samantha, and David trudged through what appeared to be some sort of swamp or head-water of a river, towards the higher ground and the buildings. As they approached the buildings, they climbed onto higher ground, then finally, some stairs. At the top of the stairs, a moss-covered carving of a large frog was there. For those of you who are familiar with Spirited Away, I think you may find that scene familiar. In the background there was a building with the characters ?? on it. Another building had the character for "tea", ?, on it. Yes, you probably know the scene.

I don't mind giving away a few conclusions to the story because it will probably be a long time before it gets out, and not that many people see my stuff here anyway, so, no sweat. One concluding situation is that Lin turned out to be the spirit of a human who was killed, along with her parents, in an automobile accident. The parents went into the light. But Lin, being young, stayed behind because she did not want to leave Earth so soon. She wandered, with some amnesia of the past, until she encountered the Yuya (bathhouse service) that exists in the astral plane. There she found some belonging, purpose, and camaraderie.

Lin was convinced by Sabrina to go into the light so she could be "processed" and then reincarnate on Shasheer, being born as Sabrina's daughter. Haku, having lost his river to an apartment construction project, was "reassigned" to Shasheer, to become the river spirit of a river near Central Capital on Shasheer so that Sabrina could visit regularly on picnics. (The original spirit of that river left Shasheer for other projects in the Universe. That left a "vacancy" for Haku.)

So, here we go with the "replacement list" of the original characters with my characters...

Okay, referring to the picture and starting from left and working right:

David and Samantha - Samantha is easily the biggest entity in that picture. Standing 7 feet 6 inches and weighing 370 pounds, she is a typical well-built Taqh species woman of Shasheer. She is a farmer. Like many Taqh women, she has a Betaqh woman, in this case Sabrina, as a close friend and lover. David, clinging to Samantha, is her man. He stands 7 feet even and weighs 290 pounds, so he's no midget. Samantha and David, friends of Sabrina, replace Chihiro's parents. They are seen in human form only in the beginning and end of the story. Like Chihiro's parents, they spend most of the story as pigs in a pig pen.

Sabrina - Being lovingly hugged by Samantha is none other than Sabrina, Chihiro's replacement. She is a Betaqh woman, Bantu race according to Sabrina herself, power plant technician, is 68 years old which is very young for Shasheerians who live 700 to 1000 years, and like Chihiro, is kind of the crux of the story. She stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 270 pounds. Note her lovely dark complexion. She knows some basic witchcraft but not a lot. She knows how to astral project (leave the body), and is slightly psychic.
Sabrina along with David and Samantha had their vibrational frequencies of their very physical bodies somehow raised by the events occurring around the Yuya during sunset. With their frequency raised, they could interact with the jinns at the Yuya as if they were completely physical and solid. They hardly knew at first that they were in a "spirit world."

Haku - The well-built young man in front of Sabrina is Haku, my version. He is a jinn, generally, and in particular, a river spirit. As he appears during Sabrina's stay, he is 6 feet even and 180 pounds. He does not dress like that seen in the picture during the story until he is "reassigned" to that river in Shasheer. But he is well built and gets the immediate sexual interest and later love of Sabrina. After Sabrina purges Haku of the slug that controlled him and later helped him remember his name and who he is, he then consulted with high spirits and managed to get "reassigned", so to speak, to a similar and lovely river near Central Capital, Sahseer, on Shasheer. Shasheerian Taqh surveyors working in a little-known area west of Central Capital found a heretofore undiscovered branch of a large river that flows through Central Capital. The chief surveyor at the scene suddenly heard "Kohaku" in her mind. That sound, originating from a language on a planet hundreds of millions of light years away, just suddenly coalesced in her mind. As the discoverer of the river, she had the right to name the river after her name, Sally, but said, "Nah, that's too plain. Let's call it... Kohaku River. It sounds so exotic! So alien!..."
Alien indeed!...

Those four folks on the left of the picture are the "Shasheerian group". Sabrina, Samantha, and David are of course from Shasheer. Haku later is reassigned to a river in Shasheer.

Now we go into the inhabitants of the astral plane hovering in vibrational frequency over Earth, particularly, Japan; occupants and workers of the Yuya in particular.

Still working from left to right, we have:

Alex - (Yeah, I manage to some way get my ass into every story I tell or adopt.) Alex replaces Bo (that huge, giant baby). He is Yubaba's slut. He is basically a slut and a sex-pot. He belly dances for Yubaba and otherwise sexually entertains and services her. He is a jinn. He appears as 5 feet 4, 110 pounds and is very flexible. Though a male, he can belt out a very eye-catching belly dance. Alex is vain, conceited, spoiled to the extreme (similar to Bo), and seems to feel everything revolves around him, or at least it should (also similar to Bo). Yubaba lavishes all manner of luxury upon him and keeps him in a luxurious, sort of like, penthouse next to Yubaba's office and quarters. Strangely, Yubaba does not spend the, uh, night(?) (they work by night, sleep by day, so their "night" is, um, day) together... Yubaba flies away to who-knows-where for the day, presumably to "home", where ever that may be. Alex does not go with her. Alex rarely ventures outside his penthouse or Yubaba's office. He enters her quarters only with her and with her permission. His penthouse and Yubaba's office and quarters are all on the 138th floor of that tall building which is the top floor and is just below that huge cone structure on top of the building.

Yubaba - Ah yes! Yubaba! I just had to mess around with her! Unusually tall for an Earth woman which she has shaped herself to resemble, she is 6 feet 2 inches in bare feet. In stilettos, she towers 6 feet 7. Then, there is her hair. Man! Another foot or so is achieved by that! From stiletto heels to top of that hair-do, she spans 7 feet 6! She weighs 190 pounds. She keeps herself very buffed with exercise and magic (wish I could do that!). Each of her boobs are almost as big as Alex's head. Yet, her face looks like that of a 75-year old Earth woman. (Shasheerians at 75 are barely adult). Her reasoning for shaping herself in that manner is that people will obey an elderly looking woman better than a younger one. That could be, especially dealing with Japanese. Keep in mind, Yubaba is a jinn and could be thousands of years old. They can shape-adjust to anything they like.

Talk about shape-adjusting or shape-shifting! Yubaba... (Okay, first, let me explain that the workers of the Yuya work at night and sleep by day. So when the work-"day" is over, it is early morning.) At the end of the work day, Yubaba stands out on a balcony overlooking a breath-taking vista from the 138th floor. She wraps herself with a black cape. She jumps up to the balcony railing with that stomach-turning view of the ground waaayy below along with her pet raven... which has an old woman's head. Then, Yubaba stretches out what are now bat wings and... takes off! With a big leap, she launches herself off the railing and takes flight! As a giant bat! But her old woman's head remains, with that strange hair-do. It's a kind of a scary visage, that big giant bat with an old woman's head accompanied by a black raven also with an old woman's head. Not for the faint-hearted. In that manner, Yubaba flies way off to... who knows where. In the evening darkness, she returns, landing on the balcony. She unwraps the cape off her and she is back to muscular, buffed, human woman form again.
Yubaba is an expert witch and her magic is very powerful. The word "genie" comes from the word jinn. Yubaba is a jinn (genie) who, if you could gain her favor, could indeed grant you almost anything.

Zeneba - There is a greater difference between "my" Yubaba and "my" Zeneba in how they dress, apply make-up, and how they shape their bodies. Zeneba is also a jinn, of course. While Yubaba is buffed and muscular, Zeneba is more graceful in build, but the same height. She has the exact same face but a more classy hair-do. Those of you familiar with "Spirited Away" know the part where Zeneba says "You've seen how tacky her house is". At that same point, "my" Zeneba said, "You see how tacky her house is... and her clothes are even tackier! If she'd develop her mind the way she develops her muscles, she'd be better off!"

Zeneba's magic is also powerful. Being a jinn (a genie), and a lot nicer, maybe she could grant one a wish. Getting access to her is the tricky part, and, she is not to be toyed with. She does have a temper, and I get the feeling you would have to be pure of heart before she would grant you any wishes.

Lin - I couldn't keep my character-modifying hands off Lin either. But alas, I didn't change that much. I made her a skoosh taller and different clothes. She is about 5 feet 8 inches and 120 pounds. I brightened her personality a bit. Although at the very first Lin had the same hateful attitude toward Sabrina as the original Lin had toward Chihiro, she quickly softened and literally melted into Sabrina's huge bosom. Lin fell quite in love with Sabrina. Lin was quite beset with sadness and grief when she knew Sabrina was about to leave. Sabrina then, using a spiritual technique she knew, called upon spirits to reopen the corridor (worm hole (that tunnel)) to the "light", so Lin could pass through, be "processed", and made ready for another incarnation into physical.

Sabrina and Zeneba (if I read my notes for my own story correct) found out that Lin is the spirit of a young woman whose physical body was killed in an automobile accident along with her parents. Her parents went straight away into the light. Lin refused to enter the corridor, wishing to remain on Earth. She wandered about the astral plane and, in time, encountered the Yuya where she was put to work under control of Yubaba. Zeneba used magic to release her from Yubaba (or argued with Yubaba to release her) and Lin's memory was restored. She then agreed to, this time, enter the tunnel. Lin then entered the light.
In a few years, Sabrina was to have a baby. Lin would be the spirit that would enter that baby, and thus, Lin would become Sabrina's daughter. In Shasheer, due to their lengthy life spans, a daughter born to a woman less than 100 almost like grows up together. When they are both, say, in their 200s (Sabrina 280 and daughter 205 or something like that, at that point, they are more like sisters or good friends than mother-daughter. Then they have that great long life to be together in the same incarnation. And on Shasheer! And as Betaqh women! Sweet deal, I think.

The Yuya (Bathhouse service) building itself - Boy did I ever retool this one. The main bathhouse or "Yuya" is, in my version, a cylindrical building of 138 stories tall with a basement "root" of 117 stories down. The building soars 1500 feet at the 138th floor level, with another several hundred feet of height of a strange cone that caps the whole building. The cone is said to bring down "Christ Consciousness", but Sabrina, who is a little bit psychic, can feel the energy is not quite "Christ Consciousness". "There is darkness to it. It's been inverted, somehow; twisted, distorted", commented Sabrina when she looked way up observing the building and felt the energy with her hands.

The culture of Sahseer has this curious habit of building pyramids and cones themselves. They make sure that the height of the pyramids or cones is 1.6-something-something times the width of the base. The cone or pyramid must be made of non-metallic materials and have no metal fasteners within. There is to be no decoration on top, such as a cross. Just plain pointed. If these rules are followed, a very beneficial, some kind of energy that heals is pulled down. The bigger the pyramid or cone, the greater the effect. Big ones effect whole areas around them. ALL hospitals in Central Capital are cylindrical and have 1:1.6 cones on top. This energy is identified by Shasheerians as "Christ Energy" or "Christ Consciousness."

(Hey! On Earth, experiments with pyramids have been done!!! In Russia, scientists have built a number of pyramids that are around 400 feet tall. They use that height=base times 1.6 ratio. They are made of PVC pipe and fiberglass panels. The Russian scientists have observed all kinds of repeatable beneficial healing effects from an unseen energy. The pyramid must be 100 percent non-metallic, and unadorned. I wish they'd do that in USA, but USA scientists are either bought off or too stuck up.)

So getting back to the 138-story bathhouse, Sabrina says the Christ Energy coming off it is distorted and twisted. It is dark and effecting everyone within. Sabrina wonders about it the whole time she is there. She does resolve the problem. How? I'll let you dangle on that one!

Good old Kamajii, that spider-looking guy with the six arms and two legs, is on the 117nth basement, the very lowest down. (By the way, I did not change him in any way. I left him just as he is.) He operates the boilers that heat the baths and turns a generator, just a little interesting twist I added. The single 2-million-watt generator powers the building and the small community around it. They are isolated in the middle of nowhere and are not connected to the grid.

:bulletgreen: Onward now to a picture of Sabrina, Samantha, and David, and the balloon that carried them into that weird, alien world.
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MLGProHeadshot|Professional Artist
Are you in some way affiliated with this guy?
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I'm feel small in comparison to your giantess Samantha (left-most woman) . All your amazons are exciting. Thanks so much.
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I love your tall strong amazons in comparison with smaller males. Great. Great.
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Yes siree, that Samantha (left-most woman) is a big one!
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