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Nguyen Hue Bich hand-drawn 2

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Published: October 26, 2012
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Nguyen Hue Bich (Win Hway Bik), President of Tulao'otupu (Amazon Island)

2 of 3 of a series.
See also Nguyen Hue Bich with a big Tongan muscle woman, also hand-drawn, click here.

From a story that you can read on line or download without charge Amazon Island or Tulao'otupu". Click here, and that will take you to Then scroll down JUST A BIT to where (on most computers) you will find 3 pictures side by side. (NOT the top 3 pictures.) The left picture has a muscle women doing hula, center picture has a slender woman and a muscle women hiking together, and right picture has a couple of big gals and what looks like a bazooka (actually, a shoulder-launch missile launcher).

CLICK ON ANY 3 of those pictures. Then a brief adult warning page, then click on to the story.
NO CHARGE! The story is in simple .HTML and can easily be saved by right clicking your mouse.

Hold on to your hats! That Pacific trade wind blows through Tulao'otupu continually, giving President Nguyen Hue Bich bad hair days and making her hold on to her non-la, the straw-made Vietnamese farmer's hat.

Tulao'otupu is a run down Pacific island that was purchased by the world-wide organization of amazons that Nguyen Hue Bich organized and ran. They repaired it, built it back up, and turned it into a tourist destination which is highly popular with young men. (I wonder why... ;) )

Normally the president of Tulao'otupu goes nude except for her hat and high-heel shoes. She is already 6 feet 2, but the high-heels bring her up to 6 feet 5-7. She will wear these modified ao-dais if something like a delegation from another island nation comes to see her, or if she has other official or important guests from outside Tulao'otupu. Her island nation has rejected any and all laws concerning dress, and the amazons may and do go around nude or topless all the time. This makes it a tourist Mecca for young men from around the world. However, the nudity and toplessness rankles the religious sensitivities of some visitors from other island nations. Many of them tend to be Christian, like Tonga, for example.

Nguyen Hue Bich was a pilot of a Russian Mig fighter jet, fighting for the North Vietnamese back in the Vietnam war years. She even shot down the plane of the guy who is now her man-slut whom she has "wound around her finger" and is, more or less, her husband. See it all in the story, Amazon Island or Tulao'otupu" to see how it all came to be and wound up.

In the background, a cat can be seen. It is a wonder it is only 1 cat. Tulao'otupu is over-run by them. When the amazons first took over, the island was infested by huge, ferocious dogs. They had been the guard dogs of the criminal estates that used to be the main occupants of this island in its tumultuous past. The amazons exterminated them as a necessity for safety reasons. Then cats, which had been living in the high altitudes of the dense mountain jungles, driven there by the dogs, began to come down and cover the island. The amazons like the cats and will not allow any harm to come to them. However, they are over populating the island. This is all in the story too.
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Aura-DawnHobbyist Photographer
A little while back you posted comment on my profile and a couple pictures so though would check out site. Hmm, you did know was part Chinese, didn't you. A lot of the art that you draw is wearing a Cheongsam, thought it is split higher then my own. Where can get one of these?

When again upload art will make sure that upload some 3D muscle women for you as it is very rare that produce artwork of men.
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Yes indeed!
She may be slim, but she has hard little muscles that show even through the long sleeves!