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The erotic dancer Joy is hiking in the mountains, and here, pauses to look out over an impressive vista.

She was raised on a farm in Missouri and loves the country and open spaces. Her work (erotic dancing) takes her to dimly lit, smoky places where she has to shake that big booty of hers and, in some places (depending on the club) do waitressing. It is usually at night, like from 9 p.m. to 2 and 3 a.m. She craves to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, in the wide open spaces, and just hike and mess around.

When Joy hikes, it is difficult for her slut, Alex, to keep up. Joy is 6 feet 2, weighs 190 to 200 pounds, and is just plain physically strong. Those big legs cover a lot of ground with each stride, and even though Alex is no shorty himself at 6 feet-even at 150 pounds, keeping up with Joy can be a challenge.

Joy likes to go "bottomless" or nude. (Strange, she seems to go for bottomless first, then complete nudity. She does not go topless usually, unless she is completely nude.)
She used to go nude on her farm, every chance she got. Joy took to going nude in the men's clubs like a duck takes to water.

Out in the fields, on the tractor, driving cows, etc., she was either bottomless or nude. Only if buyers or other types of visitors were coming to the farm, would she reluctantly put on any clothes. Her clothes usually were a brief tank-top and very short skirt without underwear. She usually went bare-footed. In cold weather she will wear jeans, denim jackets, and boots, but she says jeans and other pants, panties, or bikinis bother her cunt.

Joy's cunt is freakishly big and imposing. It is a heavily-used cunt. If she doesn't have her slut, Alex, in her, or on top of him raping him somehow, or maybe certain other select slender men, she is then masturbating on something. She seems to have to have some kind of sex every day.

High stiletto heels seems inappropriate for a hike. Before she began her dancing career, Joy always went barefooted. Now one can hardly keep her out of heels. She claims she has to stay in practice. She must dance and carry big trays of stuff all while wearing great, long, 6-7 inch stiletto heels. Often the floors at the clubs are hard, shiny, and slippery. Joy dances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. So she has 4 days off. That's long enough to get out of practice, so she claims. She states that when on duty, she not only must wear the heels without slipping around, but she must do so always with grace and complete, absolute confidence, even when carrying stuff. "Bein' a dancer is harder than it looks, man!", she'll tell you.

On this hike, she started out wearing the tank-top as seen, with a very short denim skirt. No undies of course. Upon hiking sufficiently long to get away from the small crowd picnicking near the entrance of the wilderness park, she took off her skirt and tossed it to her slut, Alex, to carry. Joy then went bottomless for most of the hike. Additionally, while looking out at the vista, Joy rolled her tank-top up over her breasts, possibly for cooling. Anyway, only upon nearing the entrance area did she slip the skirt back on.
If she uses that branch that she is leaning on for a quick masturbation, don't be surprised. That would pretty much be standard Joy behavior.

See Joy in dancing action:
here, (by the way, in this one, she is wearing the denim skirt mentioned above that she was wearing when she started her hike.)
(Also, in this and the other pictures below, her slut, Alex can be seen. He is the right-most man, sitting, holding a cola. A waitress is tending him. Don't worry, that waitress is Joy's friend and has Joy's permission to serve him and guard him. Joy usually does not let Alex come to men's clubs. So that waitress, Cleo, is safe. Otherwise, there would be a helluva bitch fight for sure.)
and here,
and here,
and here,
and here,
and here,
and here.

And finally, there is this "classic" picture of Joy, relaxing in her living room in a place in the wilderness. She is wearing her standard brief tank-top and off-white, denim micro skirt with no undies.
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