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Hi y'all! 各位好!

Looks like this habit of disappearing from Deviant Art months at a time then coming back suddenly for "hit-and-run" posting is going to be the norm for a while until:
The economy improves and the restaurant takes less of my time or,
We end up having to give up the restaurant and I go into either antique radio repair or bicycle service and so have more normal hours.

Because of the way Deviant Art works, I end up loosing followers. Hit-and-run posting certainly isn't good for the ol' penetration of my pages into the Deviant Art community.

Sort of like "muscle women planet" itself, (Shasheer as I call it although they just call it "Earth" (I think all people of other worlds call their own world "Earth" in their language. Just use their word for Earth and that will suffice. For example, even on this world, Chinese for "earth" is "di-chyou". So, say some other-world people called their planet "di-chyou". Then we would just refer to their world as dichyou, that's all!)) Not even the "aliens" are interested in muscle women planet.
Shasheerian culture has no alien visitation, craft, or abductions within it. Ghosts, spirits, jinns, and other things like that are present, but no alien legends or reports of any kind.

They are a planet in steady state. They are not about to cross the plane of the galactic center any time soon as planet Earth is about to on around December 2012. They have no upcoming "2012." Shasheerian people are chuggin' along, slowly, as they have been for tens of thousands of years.

I now detect that, in addition to above, the Shasheerians are not nearly as advanced as I thought. I sort of thought they had computers, some form of Internet, and maybe limited space exploration (mostly just orbiting their own planet). I thought they had advanced genetic engineering. But as my methods of traveling by mind back to the world of my many thousands of prior incarnations grows more sophisticated and with my ability to put information together more logically, I find that they are hardly advanced at all.

My own spirit "girl friend", Joy, explained it in a vision as we strolled across the campus of an astral plane copy of their University of Central Capital. She said to me, "You think that Shasheerians are a great, self-sacrificing people, denying themselves the pleasures of petroleum burning for the sake of their planet."
I replied, "Well, either that, or they used it up..."
Joy continued, "NEITHER! They didn't use it up. Just like Earth, Shasheer has literal oceans of petroleum. The theory that petroleum comes from ancient jungles is turning out to be untrue. The petroleum was there since both planets' beginnings and will be there to their end. Petroleum is formed with all rocky planets. Just that, easy-to-find and easy-to-drill-for petroleum runs out, and the deeper, more difficult sources must be used. That makes it more expensive, but it will never run out."
Joy emphatically continued, "If the Taqh species of this planet "(Shasheer)" ever found out about oil, let me tell you... Hah-hah! The Hummer would be a compact car in their minds and everything else they drove would be bigger! And the Taqh species themselves would blow up like balloons!"
"Like balloons?", I asked.
"Yeah! As in fat, fat, FAT! Why, you'd have to rename your site from 'muscle women planet' to 'blimp planet'! They have absolutely NO self-control. They indulge in sex to no end now, and with petroleum, they'd... they'd... why, they would swim in it and drink it, probably!"

Man! After Joy said all that, well, I did have to change the way I think about them.
Then I asked, "But Joy, then why haven't they done it so far? You mean, Shasheer has as much petroleum as Earth? Why haven't they discovered it?"
"Because, dear Alex, your precious muscle women and their men are too dumb!"
"Too dumb!?"
"Shasheerian Taqh have physical brains of the same level as Earth's Neanderthals did when they still lived."

I was taken back by that. (Now, you might be wondering, why is Joy, herself a Shasheerian Taqh woman, so smart in this instance? Because I meet her on the "astral plane". I am not sure if Joy is currently incarnated in a body on Shasheer. But in astral/spiritual form, they are a little more capable. When someone learns how to go out of body and do it well, if she/he has a pet, like a dog or a cat, the dog or cat can talk while on the astral plane.)

So, Shasheerian Taqh species are on the same level, mentally, as a Neanderthal. Gee wiz!

Joy continued, "There are two things which keep the Taqh species from pigging out completely on petroleum. Their own limited brains, and the Betaqh species."

Once again, my awareness of this difference between Taqh and Betaqh mental abilities widens.

"The Betaqh species DO know about petroleum. They have tested it extensively, knows what it can do, and knows it could be a huge energy source. They have even installed small, shallow wells and built buildings over them to hide them. The buildings are labelled as engineering research centers and all "unauthorized" people (namely Taqh), are kept out. Even only designated Betaqh scientists may enter. In some limited cases, they even have an engine powered generator producing electricity for the building, independent of Shasheer's usual wind-energy, hydroelectric, or solar-energy source."

"So, they, the Betaqh, keep it to themselves?", I asked.
"Not even all Betaqh know about petroleum. Maybe only a few percent know of it. They keep it to themselves and they don't use it in a big way. You see, unlike the Taqh, the Betaqh are very advanced mentally. They are more advanced than Earth people... sorry..."
"Oh! That's quite alright!", I assured, "Earth people aren't the end-all and be-all of the universe. I'm sure there are many worlds populated by humans whose mental abilities far exceed those of Earth people!"

Joy continued, "So, the Betaqh keepers of petroleum keep an eye on it and dare not let the technology out. You see, Betaqh are psychic and they know what would happen if the knowledge about petroleum got out. The Betaqh keepers of petroleum do not even fully trust many other Betaqh, much less Taqh species."

I sure hope those few Betaqh do keep the lid on petroleum, or Shasheer as I know it and love it is finished.

Joy continued, "From time to time, a Taqh person might happen upon a so-called tar pit in the middle of the wilderness. On Earth, this is probably how petroleum was discovered. A tar pit is where petroleum comes up through seams to the surface and pools there. Early Earth people happened upon this black, gooey, smelly substance and quickly figured out, because they are smarter than Shasheerian Taqh people, that it can be burned in their lamps, in their stoves, and for heat. It was much easier to get than whale oil, pig fat, and plant alcohols and oils. Then, as lines of people lined up to get their portion of the material at the tar pit, it soon was used up. Then they began to dig for it. Then someone came up with the idea of digging a well for it in the same manner as a well for water. And there you go, the first oil well was made.
"But when a Taqh person runs into a tar pit, they go, "EWWW! What is that black, smelly crap!?!" And they run quickly away. Tar pits often have the oil-covered carcasses of animals that fall into it and get mired and die. Taqh see this and then believe the whole place is poisonous or maybe possessed of evil spirits.
Betaqh species people help keep this superstition alive among the Taqh by agreeing, yes, evil spirits abound around a tar pit. So never has a Taqh person made use of any material from any tar pits. Also, tar pits are rare within the Central Plains where the Central Capital is and most of that planet's population is. Tar pits are found deep within hard-to-reach places in the mountains. The few Betaqh who know about it know oil can be found anywhere on the Central Planes with a well of a thousand feet or so. But, shhh! They keep it top secret!"
I concluded, "So, Shasheerians, especially those big, muscular, Taqh women, use all those velomobiles and things and use solar energy and wind energy because they HAVE to. They know of nothing else."
"Right", Joy agreed, "Taqh only know of surface sources of energy. They do have internal combustion engines and turbines, but they are only used in stationary positions for generating electricity. They used to burn alcohol and oil from plants, but that source is extremely land intensive and takes acreage away for food, food, FOOD! And one does NOT take that away from any Taqh species! Later, they used wind energy and hydroelectric energy, and much later, with the help of Betaqh scientists to invent them, photovoltaics, that is, solar panels, to generate electricity. There is no way near enough energy for everyone to have an engine-powered car; automobiles as you know them."

So Shasheerians have been using velomobiles for thousands of years and using only "surface" sources of energy for electricity. (By "surface", I guess she means plant alcohols and oils from plants, and wind, water, and solar energies. They use nothing from underground (oil, coal, or even gas) extensively or at all.

With the mentally advanced Betaqh species keeping the lid on the petroleum monster (keeping that Titan underground, so to speak), Shasheer is the pristine, clear-aired place of healthy, fit people as we know it.
May the Betaqh forever guard and keep closed the exit from the bowels of their earth and so safeguard their world from the black, Titan monster from ruining their pristine world!

So far as Shasheerian technologies in general are concerned, I must now make the following reassessments:

They do not possess advanced genetic engineering. They may not have genetic engineering at all.
(This throws a rock into the gear-work of my comic story, "Joy's Growth", because the story is about Joy getting genetic engineering done to make her bigger. Oh well, maybe the Betaqh have some kind of method, and on top of that, we'll say it is a story, a legend, by Shasheerians for Shasheerians that we have adapted.)

Shasheerians have no computers or Internet. Think of where Americans were technologically speaking around early 1950s. Dial telephones, radio and televisions with tube circuits, and maybe, in some limited cases, some discrete transistor circuits. Shasheerians have no integrated circuits. They do not have flat screen televisions. All their televisions use the big, glass tube.
All of their velomobiles appear to have 2 way radios. To keep the radio from being too bulky, the receiver circuits are transistor. The transmitter circuits are transistor up to the output, where tubes are used. And those are very small tubes that we may have called "acorn tubes". Output power is probably only a quarter watt (0.25 watt). The receivers, however, are quite sensitive.

Finally, Shasheerians have no space travel at all, unless the Betaqh species have something they are working on secretly.

Long time followers of my main site,, may recall one or more stories there which suggest that the Betaqh "race" and the Taqh "race" are kept pure by Moms taking their mixed race babies or children for genetic engineering to make them 100 percent Taqh or Betaqh. This is a nutty explanation, and I have always smelled a rat over it. What mom would do that anyway!? The real explanation simply is, if there is sex between a Taqh and a Betaqh, a zygote (beginnings of a fetus (baby)) fails to form because sperm and ovary are of different species.
Among the Taqh and among the Betaqh are various races of them. But Taqh and Betaqh mixes? Forget about it. Doesn't happen.

I wonder what it would be like to live on a world with 2 species of human? Earth almost had that situation. The big, strong, but mentally weak Neanderthal was coexisting with the more mentally advanced homo sapiens, but the ice age extinguished the Neanderthal. It almost extinguished the homo sapiens, but they barely hung on until better times and now thrive today as Earth's only human.

On this site, I have a series of pictures using 3D which depict a big Taqh woman teaching organ to a Betaqh student. I am not sure this would even be possible. Maybe. Neanderthals probably could have been taught something by rote, then they might could teach somebody else other than one of themselves. But playing organ is pretty complex. So I had to adjust the back-story of those pictures by saying that the gal that looks like a big Taqh woman is actually a Betaqh genetically modified to be as big as and resemble a Taqh. But, I don't think they, even the Betaqh, are that capable with genetic engineering. So I really put my foot in my mouth on that series. But maybe, maybe, a well trained Taqh could teach a beginning Betaqh student how to play the organ, but the Betaqh student would really be suspicious if her teacher could do it competently. No wonder that young Betaqh gal in the pictures has a sort of nasty attitude toward the Taqh teacher at first. Oh well, interesting set of pictures anyway.

Okay, now these:

1. Here is a sort of FAQ (click here) on why I and many others like muscle women. I think it is much more widespread than one might think. The FAQ is well worded by an expert writer.

Additionally, here is this deep explanation!

2. As for me personally; for a complete, definitive explanation of the origin of my muscle women pictures and an explanation of why I am interested in that,

Mature Content

My planet by MuscleWomen-Planet
go here. (click here or on thumbnail) It is very complete and will explain all the
pictures on this site/space.
-- -- -- -- --

我會講一點中文。假如你想用中文, 情您用啊! 我喜歡有機會練習用中文啊!
(但是, 我有的時候不在Deviant Art 上, 有的時候兩-三個星期不在。所以, 假如
我很久才回答你, 不用覺得凌辱, 只是因為我必須書齋醫療副本, 所以兩-三個星期
那麼長時間不開Deviant Art.)

My main site:
Go there mostly for stories. Bigger and clearer pictures now being posted here on Deviant Art actually.

中文 筋肉女.us 其實

Female Muscle Club -- 女人 筋 肉 俱樂部
Female Muscle club
  • Listening to: jazz


United States
Current Residence: Rural West Virginia
Favourite genre of music: Bach, pipe organ (the original Gothic)
Favourite style of art: Wide variety
Operating System: Windows Xp and Windows 98
MP3 player of choice: Samsung YP-U2J
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, other WB folks, and add to those, Kiva!



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