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Muscle Fan Comics is a collaboration between artists and writers creating erotic muscle girl comics. All of our comics can be downloaded with a single 1-month membership. Cancel anytime.

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A missing college girl inexplicably turns up at a local gym. She seems unharmed, but she has a strange compulsion to work out furiously, pumping up her muscles until she's a Swole Mama! What's behind her sudden fitness drive... and how is it related to the weird voice she's hearing? Synopsis: In 1975, professional bodybuilder Jackie Prince, the ‘Swole Mama’, died of a heart attack induced by steroid misuse. In the town of Glastonbury, Maine, a young first-year student learns first hand that some urban legends are not stories at all... Written By: Lysander Lineart By: Mad Max Duarte Colors By: Omar Vinole Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, feats of strength, workout, destruction, ghosts, personality change, mind control, magic Pages: 15 + 1 cover Issue Release Date: November 24th, 2022 Issue Link: Swole Mama To download this comic and all of our other female muscle comics purchase a 1-month membership to Muscle Fan! ALSO: What did you think about Swole Mama? Let us know
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The crew of Empowering Explorations have been experimenting with the alien muscle-growth substance, and they're seeing some big results! Unfortunately, they're also about to learn that the boost in size and strength comes with a side order of extraterrestrial 'roid rage! The science team is looking for a cure... but first they'll need to escape before the pumped-up, pissed-off ladies tear the base apart! Synopsis: In previous issues, the Guild of Space Exploration stumbled upon a unique substance: an alien liquid that can drastically increase the height and musculature of any woman it comes into contact with. Recent events, however, have shown that the liquid's transformative properties include sinister side effects. Just what exactly have our heroes stumbled upon? Written By: Rolling Thunder Lineart By: Salo Color By: Ruben Curto Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, alien woman, breast expansion, height increase, sci-fi, sex, clothes ripping, destruction, feats of strength
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Is there going to be a sequel to the were-bodybuilder?

Is your site down the last couple of days? I have been unable to access it

We had some issues a couple days ago, but everything should be working just fine now! We apologize for the inconvenience.

I would be interested in writing a comic script for you guys if you're still accepting writers.

Looking for job 😉

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