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Arianna Telford

I loved doing this - I got to practice the various brushes in CSP. And I also got to draw Ari which I rarely get to do. Mainly because she's part of a live action fandom and I'm not great at drawing real people. But I got pretty close with her. Her live action model is actually Aaliyah Haughton... I'm setting myself up for heartbreak here because there's a finite amount of pictures of Aaliyah. So I'm thinking a mix of Aaliyah and Vanessa Williams - she has the eye color and body. She's actually black and Korean.  

Moving on! It's ARI!! So if you're confused this is my Sons of Anarchy oc. Her name used to be Ari Jackson but after meeting everyones favorite Scot she marries Chibs and joins his crazy life. If you're wondering why she's not some tatted-up, edge lord like the other women on the show it's because Ari isn't a crow eater or a criminal. She's a Psychiatrist and man does she have a fun time picking the brains of all the dysfunction members of the club. She knows how to get them the spill all their dirty little secrets and that makes her dangerous (in Gemma's eyes)  and a liability (in Clay's opinion). 

This is how she appears in the chapters I have up right now. She starts out a pampered personal assistant to Elliott Oswald - his most trusted business adviser and daughter on his deceased best friend. A few chapters in she learns that she has breast cancer and comes very close to dying. Luckily she has a mastectomy and her cancer goes into remission just in time for the club to get in bed with the Cartel... yeah it's a good story :)

To answer your question YES I gave Chibs another black wife. Watch the show as many times as I have you'll notice that most of the chicks they show him flirting with are of color (or just really tan). The man had a 'type' and his type was 'dark'. And then in season 7 they pair him up with that basic Becky cop bitch and my eyes rolled right out of my head. The actress is a block of wood. So I gave Chibs a vibrant, snarky wife to adore. And man does Ari give him a run for his money. She isn't the obedient, passive aggressive 'old lady'. She pragmatic, pessimistic and give exactly no shits.

But I won't spoil it, read her story:…
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Awesome, love seeing art of her, real survivor and tough al :D
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Arianna: "Darling, get all your crap out of here, I'm turning the storage room into a den for your father."
Daughter: "Ma, THIS to YOU is a 'Den?' Why not just strap pops to the wall, and slap a iron mask on his face?"
Arianna: "Oh sweetie, we're not into That"
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(Michael Jon Carter walks up behind Vanessa, who's doing the dishes and sensually kisses the back of her neck.)
:iconboostergoldplz: "Babe, do you know what it does to me, when I see your hands in dishwater?"
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LOL what could it possibly mean?
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That her hands need cleaning, and he's willing to help her get them clean, then dirty, then clean again. Especially if it means he can be pressed up behind her when doing it.


Caline: "You took away the stairs to Ed's bedroom!?"
Vanessa: "I'll admit, I overreacted. But he and his friends destroyed Rolf's yard, painted his goat green among other stuff. I had to be firm."
Caline: "Taking his television should've been enough!"
Booster: "Hey, you have some kids to watch over and punish, and you see how easy it is."
Caline: "You did not just give me the 'Wait Till you Have Kids Of Your Own' speech to me!"
Booster: "That's right, Luthor isn't here, so I'm delivering it as honorary Godfather, since I married Vanessa."
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