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Equestria Girls vs Bronies



.... The comic pretty much speaks for itself.
For the record, I have no hopes that this show will be good, (IF it even becomes a show, people. It's not even set-in-stone yet.) and if it did get made, I wouldn't have my hopes up or expect anything. I probably won't even watch it unless people start telling me to give it a shot. But it certainly doesn't change how I feel about FiM, no more than any other spin-off has ever affected my feelings about a TV show.

Lately I think my biggest annoyance has been how the brony fanbase continues to carry on about ridiculous things, like how loads of people freaked out when Twilicorn was announced. There's too much negativity in the fanbase. Nothing can be perfect all of the time, and not every single person has the same tastes, or can be pleased all of the time. There are episodes this last season I haven't been crazy about, but that doesn't make them bad episodes, or make the rest of the show bad. I mean, my least favorite episode in MLP thus far is from the first season.

I think it's a good thing, though. If you find yourself complaining non-stop about this show, then you know what? There's the door. Please use it. The rest of us bronies who actually enjoy the show for what it is and see it for how amazing and completely unique it is in it's character depth, humor and creativity will stick around. Maybe we can weed out the casuals and end up with the same iron-clad, awesome fanbase we started out with.

Edit: I just want to clarify, seeing as how a lot of people are saying things like 'I never complained about this!' or 'Just because I dislike the idea doesn't make me a moron!'. This is NOT, obviously, directed at every brony in the world. This is just a not-to-be-taken-seriously comic about the same group of pessimistic fans that complain about every OTHER thing in the show as well, and regrettably have louder voices than the rest of us who are being calm and courteous with our opinions.

I'm also not trying to say that people don't have a right to their opinion. I'm not terribly crazy with the idea of a human spin-off either. I'm talking about the 'fans' that are announcing to everyone that they're 'leaving the fandom' or that it is 'ruining the show' for them, when in reality the two shows will have nothing to do with one another. Lots of my favorite sitcoms from the 70s and 80s, for example, had horrible spin-offs, but the spin-offs never affected my view of the show they came from.

Just wanted to clear that up.

ANOTHER Edit: (8/14/2013) Hey! Just a reminder that I drew this way before the movie had come out. In fact, only designs for the mane six had been confirmed, and at that time, I believe we were still with the understanding that this was going to be a show. I haven't seen Equestria Girls, nor do I really plan to at any point. I don't care if it was good or horrible, it doesn't affect the main show in my eyes. But there's no need to try and convince me either way, I made my point, and it really had little to do with the idea of the movie and everything to do with the attitudes of the fans. :)
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