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Minecraft Rails Redeux

Just a little tweak of the original.
Added a shaft of blue-light for more exciting colors.
Added in some various ores.
Tweaked some models.
Added soft DoF effect.

Made in Blender and rendered in Blender Render.

New 2021 Resource Pack WIP here:…
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ØMG so cool!
The-Piranha-King's avatar
Never would i have thought i would have seen a great MC artwork on this website, that looks realistic, but not just a blocky version of real life
SabriBey's avatar
wow this is very reallistic how to did you?
hhe made the different colores sticked out added a transi...... ok I actualy don't know 
SabriBey's avatar
thanks for said that for me
SunflowerTwix's avatar
This has to be my #1 favourite MC render to this day!!!
TitaniumMadMan's avatar
Way to give MC art on this site a good name, dude!
TristanJourney's avatar
Dang son! Love this lighting! Did you use some sort of modifier on the blocks or did you extrude that yourself?
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Subdivide by five. Bevel modifier with three lines per bevel and really tight bevels, displacement modifier using the original texture as the displacement, then another bevel modifier. This is ridiculously inefficient and probably multiplied my render time by ten. Extrude by hand for better results.
How many samples did you use?
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I know this said rendered in Cycles, but I very clearly remember doing this in Blender Render. Weird. I'll fix that now.
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Hi Krist! Love your work!
Btw, I just wanted you to know that I've used your image for the banner of my youtube's channel :…
I've credited you in the "about" section ;)
MusaFuchs's avatar
Hey that's awesome. It looks sweet. I like the vingette effect you put on it. Thanks for crediting me properly!
pokemon-epidote's avatar
Thanks a lot ;)
That is the least one can do, you're welcome!
Akaize3D's avatar
Damn........ I want to play this game lol (Laugh)
MatRider90's avatar
Oh my god! i love it! it's amazing *^*
i hope to see a texture pack like this image soon *___*
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the ores are upside down...
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