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Minecraft Rails

By MusaFuchs
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SUPER Edit: As always, made with love in Blender!

Updated Version: krist-silvershade.deviantart.c…

A while back on reddit, someone posted a rendering of a somewhat simple 3D Minecraft rail. I thought "I can make a better rail than that!" Then I found out that the rails looked rather lonely, so I made some curves. HRmm.. still pretty lonely, so I made powered rails. Stiiiilll looking kinda simple there, Krist. So I went hog-wild and rendered a full scene!My goal was to make the rendering look realistic while still keeping the modular-pieces spirit of Minecraft. Hope you enjoy!

Question/Answer session on reddit!…

EDIT: Holy carpe-diem, you guys managed to get this on the "What's Hot" page for today! many thanks!

EDIT EDIT: I've been doing my best  to respond to all of you, but there's just so many comments! My absolute-most thanks to everyone who likes the piece, and I shall do my best to field any specific questions!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I guess I'm replying to too many of you, becaue the DA spam-filter is blocking all of my current responses! I promise I'm reading every message I get, I'll respond to you in the morning if the filter has let up! Many thanks again.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added a watermark cause ohmygosh so many of you are viewing this, I encourage re=posting but would like a way for people to find their way back here!

5Edit: Some people have brought to my attention that the Iron-Ore is upside down and that Powered-Rails cannot curve! Thank you! When I do a second edition of this piece, those issues will be corrected.

You may use this piece as you wish, under the stipulations that:
When you upload it, you post a link to my gallery and mention me as the original artist
You send me a link to your finished piece so I can see what you've done

HD inspired-by texture pack krist-silvershade.deviantart.c…

Commission Pricing Info:
~$50. This piece only occupies a couple chunks and utilized easily reusable and highly-popular art-assets, the cost is reduced because it is quicker to produce the art than normal.
Image size
1920x1080px 2.19 MB
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Is this even Minecraft anymore?
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Wow! well done!

It's always good to see some good blender work on deviantart
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how do you favorite something
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To the right of an image should be a button that says "Add to Favorites".
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Aw man I wish MC looked like this!
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Hahhahah me too! 
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Well, with shaders (Using optifine) and this ressource pack he used as inspiration, you can get pretty close
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1. she*
2. Was the other way around actually. I made the texturepack after making the render here. Also, that texture pack is really out of date, and kind of really bad for making minecraft look like good, since it's lacking things like normal and displacement maps.
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I'm sorry if my "he" hurt you, didn't want to. It's just that when I don't know the gender of someone on the internet, I use he. Since English is not my first language, I don't know if you do it like that but in my language, when you don't know the sex of someone (or something (In my language, a barn is female and a boat is male, etc.)), you use the equivalent of he
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Nice! :D 
Tho there is so much to learn with Blender! :3 
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Looks so 3D!May I reproduce your pictures?Giggle 
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What do you mean by reproduce?
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Well , I guess it's like make retransmissions to other places . It is the best way I could explain .=) (Smile) 
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Without a better explanation it sounds like you just want to re-submit my work, so I'm going to have to say no.
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Thank you all the same .:D (Big Grin) 
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Almost . But not in this website .
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Which website?
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A Chinese website .Do you know about tieba?
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I am not familiar with this website. What is it?
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Wow looks amazing, looks like you used a 3D resource pack with shaders
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Nope. Modeled and rendered with Blender.
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That must've taken forever to render...
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I really don't remember how long this took to render. I think a couple hours, at least? But I largely didn't know what I was doing, the models are all highly unoptimized.
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