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Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Rock 'n' some of the subgenres within, jazz, a bit blues, a bit reggae, and a bit electron
Favourite cartoon character: Sam & Max
Personal Quote: "Does it involve wanton destruction?"- Max "Jag hatar folk!"-Mesko
+ What's your character's name? +

+ How old is he/she? +

31 or something

+ Is your OC a boy or girl? +


+ What's his/her race? +

Some sort of koala? Huh?

+ appearance +

Koalesque? Duh? He has got a big grin (adorable!) and a small cute wrist band thingy with those killing-spikes on it. Yeah? Well I don't know what they're called! I'm gonna get chocolate milk...

+ If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get? +

Cute bimbos would come and pet him and he'd ask them for a glas of O.J.

+ Is your character considered normal in his/her own world? +

Well a walking, talking, hyper-active koala with his friend Murray, a crocodile-moose hybrid, in a world with humans? Yes.  

+ What would be his/her most recognizable feature(s)? +

His cute nose-snout--trunk-big-button-thingy, his grin, his gun (the metallic one), and his wrist band with killing spikes. Also he usually has a papercup o' coffee with him.

+ Would you consider your OC as attractive? +

No, but cute.

+ personality +

Hyper-active. He drinks a lot of coffee, he loves his friend Murray in a morbid sort of way, and he just hates criminals (yes a politically correct mad koala...)

+ Does your character ever get depressed? +

Well no, exept for one time when he was put and enclosed inside a can o' food... What was your question again?

+ Leader or Follower? +

Follower, follows his friend Murray pretty much everywhere. Luckily, Murray can wipe his ass himself.

+ What is the main aspect of his personality? +

Hyper for God's sake.

+ history +

He was born... Some years later he met Murray at the kindergarten and they played, then Murray stuffed Butch's mouth full of sand. Now they're best of friends.

+ Does your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive? +

They might be alive, yes. But Butch's real family is Murray (naaaw!!) and his right foot.

+ Is your character out on his/her own? If so, why? +

Very seldom. Only if he want's to get coffee and Murray stays inside the apartement.

+ Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events? +

I mentioned the can, right? Oh, once he got his head blown of, but he doesn't remember it now though.

+ What was probably the best time in his/her life so far? +

Going to the ice-cream bar on his birthday and biting of his tongue.

+ romance +


+Single? +

No doofus, only when he goes to get coffee and Murray stays inside the apartement.

+ Has your OC developed any romantic relationships? +

Hmm... Maybe when he hit a burglar in the gut.

+ Does your character like flirting?

If you mean biting women, yes.

+ symbolism +


+ What animal would you accociate your OC with? (Sorry, no creatures of myth and legend allowed!) +

Koala, do you suffer memory loss?

+ Musical Instument? +

Homemade blowtorch.

+ Element? +

Yes but he has his furr to keep him warm though.

+ Planet? +


+ showing the Love +


+ Do you draw your character? +

No I hire poor people. Duh.

+ Do you write about him/her? +


+do you use him/her in any rpgs?+


+ What other ways have you appreciated your OC? +

Dunno, he makes me laugh.


+ Is your character wanted for anything? +

To eat the rotting fastfood from the bottom of those freezers at grocery stores.

+ What are three weaknesses in him/her? +

De-Caf. Don't remember the rest.

+ Strengths? +

Physical, and precision with gun, verbal too.

+ Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)? +

Drinks coffee, don't know if he's ever tried smoking.

+ What's one quirk about your him/her? +


+ Does your character have any phobias? +


+ What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage? +

Give him de-caf or just put my finger in his left ear.

+ Does your OC like chickens? +


+ The Final Question +

+ What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like? +

I love him, he doesn't know that I exist. Oh the humanity!


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