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Finrod and Andreth

By Murrauddin
A scene from "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth".

-Then ,Lord -said Andreth, and she looked up in wonder-you believe in this Hope?

- Ask me not yet. - he answered. For it is still to me but strange news that come from afar. No such Hope was ever spoken to the Quendi. To you only it was sent. And yet through you we may hear it and lift up our hearts.

IT IS A NEW PICTURE. I've been too much praised of late, that's why I am so bold as to try my hand at drawing this scene!
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© 2007 - 2021 Murrauddin
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I was wondering if I properly cited you if I could use this for a geek website that I write for
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You can use it all you want, it's not copyrighted
this is beautiful
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Where is this story because I've seen a few pictures of Andreth and Finrod before, but I haven't read it. Could you sum it up for me? What happens with these two characters?
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I'm sorry , I have no time to write a detailed summary of this story...

The scene and quotation are taken from "The History of Middle-Earth" by Cristopher Tolkien, volume 10 "Morgoth's Ring", part 4 "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth". In this philosophical essay King Finrod and Andreth the wise-woman of the house of Beor meet in Dorthonion and discuss the difference between the souls of Elves and Men,the problems of death, immortality and the possibility of love between Elves and Men ( on the example of Andreth, who has loved Aegnor in her youth).
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there is something wistful in your work that draws one in...The stylized style fits the First Age well and the characters are spot on, Andreth with her sorrow and Finrod lost in thought.
I love this.
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It may be so, because I've been "drawn in" J.R.R. Tolkien's books, especially "The Silmarillion", since I've read them for the first time. Like I've found something I've been waiting for... and just had to draw these scenes.

Thank you ever so much for seeing and understanding the mood and the characters!
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Memorized the Silmarillion years ago myself. Always a big fav over Lord of the Rings that slightly bores me nowadays.
I would love to see more Silm stuff from you in the future.
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There will be more, for sure. Although I'm not a real artist
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You ARE an artist. :) You inspire me to read these stories even more! I've only read The Hobbit and LOTR allthe way through, and more than once. But the SIlmarillion, although I love reading it when I get the chance, I have not finished!

You definitely ARE an artist. Even if you are a humble one. lol
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Thank you very much! The world of Tolkien's books is great, there are many unfinished parts in the History of Middle-Earth, sometimes rather difficult to read, but very inspiring...

I've meant that I'm not a PROFESSIONAL artist and don't have enough skills - just trying to express what I'm "obsessed" with, drawing the scenes I like.
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I know exactly what you mean about not being a pro artist. :) I'm not one either. But I too have that obsessive need to express! But spatially on a page, I can't get near what you do with making the scenes!! You are SO welcome.
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I just can't not fave this. I've *never* seen art of this particular piece of writing, and it's one that has been dear to me ever since I first read it - especially this particular part.
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So nice of you. Thank you kindly!

The "Athrabeth "is one of my favorite works of Tolkien too. I've tried to illustrate this particular part of it because:

1) I wanted to draw it as a "heart to heart talk of two intellectuals in the kitchen"(as someone has called it) - discussing the problems of Life and Death, of Men and Elves and their relations in Arda.
2) I didn't dare to draw Andreth crying - when she remembers her love.
3) The scene of action is Belemir's house - so I've tried to make it look different from Elven palaces and to put in as many details as possible.
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i really do envy your use of colour...bold but not loud!! ><
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Thank you very much!

It is just easier for me to make colored drawings, because I have the combinations of colors already in my mind, when I imagine the scene. The important thing is not to use too many different colors at once, and not let them contradict each other.

But colors are colors... Maybe they even draw the viewer away from the general mood of the scene ?
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It may be, but why exactly?
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