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December 4, 2013
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By Murph3
A little comic I did for my wife for Christmas.  Our son Max is autistic, and can only say a few words. That doesn’t stop him from trying to communicate with us through his laughing, his crying, and his awesome hugs!
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As he grows, your acceptance of him will mean the WORLD.

God gave me dad or god is dad €Leconfuscion
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This is wonderfully done!
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So true and beautiful~ 
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Oh my gosh! I LOVE this. We have three boys on the spectrum and our youngest has apraxia as well and is nonverbal. We've found the same thing - he finds so many ways to speak to us!!!!
I have a (very loving) son who is on the autism spectrum. I am a sensitive enough guy, but I don't outright cry very often. This left me in tears. Thank you so much for sharing.
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As a (soon to be) speech-language pathologist, this warms my heart :)
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We have an Autistic son who is now 7, and he didn't speak until he was 4 (Even then it was only scripting). I can entirely relate to this and it's wonderful for families like ours to see our children portrayed in beautiful art <3
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I can totally relate with my autistic daughter.  Thanks to remind me of her youth.
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That's a beautiful gift :)
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This is so heart touching 💕
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He seems like such a normal kid despite not being able to talk.
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I nearly criedHeart Heart Waaaah! 
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Expressive and lovely
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This is the most best thing I have ever seen ;w; 
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This is so sweet! :happycry: Your artwork's so beautiful! :love:
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My brother has the same problem :C
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