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open: Custom adoptables.

Other examples can be found here:…

Fill out this text and write it in the comments or as a note.

Color palette (optional):
Size: (optional):
Additional information:  (optional)
Clothes: (optional)
Do you already have a name? If not, should I give it a name?

* If it is a fantasy creature with no mythical reference write down "Monster" as species and decribe it. Also, write down Anthro cat if you want it to walk on two legs. If you only write "cat" you would get a four legged animal.
** You can upload a color palette to stash, or just give me the link. Or you can write down the hexadecimal code of your colors. Or just write down blue and red (for example) if you don't care for the exact shade of this color.
*** Additional informations can be something like: He has a scar on his left arm that looks like a triangle. Give me as much information as you want.
**** Does your character have clothes? How do they look? You can also give me a new color palette just for the clothes if you want.
***** If you already have a name write it down. It may help me with ideas. If not I can also think of name for you. (But only if you want) If you don't want I will leave it unnamed so you can name it yourself.
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I am interested in another custom adopt. I am low on points, but could I please do art as payment?
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What kind of adopt do you want?
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Hey! I would really love a custom adopt. :D (Big Grin)  Do you mind telling me how much the custom would be, so I can see if I have enough to get it? Thank you!
Species: Anthro Wolf 
Gender: Female
Color palette (optional): Pastel colors
Size: (optional): Tall
Additional information: Wears a bandanna, Tough, Brave, Always keeps a knife in her hoodie pocket, Wears a hoodie
Clothes: Bandanna, hoodie, Yoga pants, sneakers 
Do you already have a name? If not, should I give it a name?: Surprise me and give her a name
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alright, I would do it for 110 points. Do you want me to add scars? She seems like a person who gets into fights.
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Yea, that would be great if you could add scars. 
I'm about 6 points away from getting enough to buy it, so, i'll tell you when I have enough points. ^w^
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I can lower the price a bit so that you only have to pay 104 points.
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No, that's fine. I can wait a little bit to get all the points I need. 
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Species: Monster (cat/feral) 
Gender: Male (keep it SFW though)
Color palette (optional): browns/greys with some green and pink thrown in
Size: (optional): Around Grizzly bear size
Additional information:  (optional) A reptile-like creature with six legs, four main legs and two smaller legs just in front of the back legs, with a long tail and a mouth at the tip somewhat like a snake. I'd like for it to have no eyes anywhere, a somewhat stocky but long body, a wolfish head but with no mammal nose, instead a more reptile nose and big ears, sort of like a bat. I'd like for it to have somewhat long toes to allow for grabbing, but still on the paw side, with small claws.
Clothes: (optional) No clothes
Do you already have a name? If not, should I give it a name? I have a name for him (Raoq)
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I will do it. But since I have to design a creature like this from scratch it will cost a bit more than a 0815 dog ;)

I would say 300 points. Do you accept?
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300 points is fair, though I don't have that much I'm afraid... What would be the best way to lower the price a bit? Simplify the body type?
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Hm,how much can you pay? If it isn't too much that is missing I can make an exception and just lower my price. (and you wouldn't have to simplify anything)

Simplifying the design can help to lower the price too but the most expensive part is the fact that a creature like this doesn't exist in (not even in mythology) so I have to design it from scratch.

But maybe you can also pay a part of the price with a drawing of my mascot (the puppy), at least if you draw it yourself without using a base.
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Sadly I only got like 57 points, I don't wanna jip you like that. 

I was thinking more that I could simplify it in a way as pick a existing animal and add a few details instead of it being it's own thing, like a crocodile or something

I am more of a writer but I guess if you want I could link you to my main account and you can see what I've drawn digitally. 
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Ok, that is a bit low. I can make you a four-legged dog or cat or something similar for this price. (with or without eyes) And maybe add the snake tail. But it wouldn't look as exotic as the first version.

But you can show me your links
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It's alright, I can wait a bit and save up. I plan to make some more adoptables and try to get them sold

Here is the link to my main gallery, some of it is pretty old so mind the dates…
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alright, just note me once you've gotten more points
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Species: Anthropomorphic monster
Gender: Female
Color palette (optional): No idea. Your call. Just nothing bright, 'xcept for the eyes.
Size (optional):Behemoth
Additional information: (optional) Basically, i'd want an ant/dragon  hybrid, bolstering a huge tail instead of an insectoid abdomen and of her legs. Also two pair of wings, either like moths, or membranous, the lower pair being smaller.
Clothes: (optional) Your call. Keep it light, prefrerably.
Do you already have a name? If not, should I give it a name? No and no.

Does this works. And if yes, how much it'd cost me?
murloc82's avatar
Anthropomorphic? So you want her to walk upright?

Alright. I can try it.

However, the price would be 250 :points: . Unlike a Manticore (for example) a creature like this doesn't exist in mythology. Which means that I have to design it from scratch. And therefore it costs a bit more than a 0815 mythical beast. But I'd also add clothes.

So, do you accept the price?
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I do. Points sent.
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Alright, I'll start as soon as possible
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How much would a character like this be?

Species: Manticore (feral)

Gender: Male
Color palette (optional): Something like this:… with orange eyes to compliment?
Size: (optional): Big. Really fricken big. 
Additional information:  (optional) Kind of shy and lonely
Clothes: (optional) //No
Do you already have a name? If not, should I give it a name? No, and no thanks :3
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Sometimes a Manticore is shown with wings, sometimes without. Which version do you want? And do you want a lion's face or a more humanoid face? There are different pictures of Manticores so I just wanna make sure I pick the right version.

About the price:

with wings: 110 points
without wings: 100 points
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Without wings is fine, and a more lion face please! Where should I send the points to?
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You can use the donation pool or just the gift button.
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