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Hello everyone,

Please take a look at my new website :

You can find anything you want there: digital drawings, paintings, crafting and quilling. Everything!

I'm open to any forms of commission, don't hesitate to contact me. 😉
I have reuploaded all commission works I have done till today :)
I will not show you all the high quality image with some changes of color and a big signature in it, when it takes on a commission... I am sorry, I just think it is right.
It is fair to people that have asked me to draw for them.

Currently I am working on a full information about commissions, so everything will be on one web page with cool pictures and stuff...
This post is just about reuploading commissions...
Goodnight :D
People are keep asking me about request and commission info. 
So, I repeat. 
I am always OPEN for commissions.
I am always OPEN for requests.

There is a different between commissions and requests. 
Please take a look, this might be interesting :D

SO, you want a Request .
What next?
  1. Your request is cool. I love your ideas, because I love to draw for people.
  2. If the idea of your request is good enough, I will do it till three days, I will color it, give it a high quality and I will be happy :)
  3. If I don´t like the idea much I WILL DO IT ANYWAY  but you may have your request next month, not even colored but pretty enough. Cool? COOL.
  4. I think... I have the right to choose which request will be done faster, so obviously you are waiting...Wait what 
And what about a Commission?

First of all...
  1. You are the king.King 
  2.  You have the right to describe what scene supposed to be on a picture with details. 
    Commissions will be usually done till three to five days. (unless something unexpected happened, I always communicate)
  3. Digital drawings prices are:
  • 10$ for color digital drawings, high quality
  • 8$ for color digital drawings, smaller quality
  • 5$ for black and white digital drawings, high quality
  • 3$ for black and white digital drawings, smaller quality
  • 1$ for doodles and sketches, any quality you like

  1. if you want to ship the drawing to you on a real paper, you may concidering that I am living in Europe (Czech republic, yeah, that small smth right near to Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria), so the prices are already with shipping
  2. Prices are shown from the biggest paper format to the smallest. 
  • 50$ color|A3
  • 40$ black and white|A3
  • 25$ color|A4
  • 15$ black and white|A4
  • 10$ color|A5
  • 7$black and white |A5

You may choose the materials for drawings. You may want to describe what scene supposed to be on a picture with details.

How to pay?

There are three ways:

  1. PayPal is a good choice. It wants only an email from you and attached credit card. My PayPal :
  2. You can support me on Patreon here:
  3. Ohterwise you can send me the payment on my IBAN account: CZ3061000000001013962449 SWIFT:EQBKCZPP And you must choose CZK currency, before sending.
  4. We can always talk and decide the best way for us both!

    That's all :D
I hope it's quite understandable, if I have missed somethinf or did a mistake, please tell me, I am here only for you!

Have a wonderful day,

MurLik aka fuzzywuzzylittletail 

Untitled Drawing by MurLik