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We need you to keep marching!
Keep spreading the joy of Murk around!

Think of it this way, if each Murktastic Marcher convinced 5 friends to join right now we'd break the 1000 mark.
You've got to have at least 5 friends... right :P

Thank you so much for all the help and fun had so far!
In the last day we quadrupled the amount of marchers

:iconmurky-waters: :heart: Murk's Murkies

The Smexy version of MurkHellsing's journal:


The Murk March is on!

October 31st is here, and that means for the next 48 hours, deviantArt will be trolled, stomped, burned and pillaged by a horde of...well...murkies!

Remember, to successfully pull off this Murk March, we need everyone to wear the avatar for 48 hours from when this journal is first posted.  So don't take it off just yet!

Step one
Go to :iconmurknight: and get your avatar of choice!
Or hurry up and make your own!

Step two
Make sure you add MurkMarch08 so we can keep track off how many marchers we've got.

Step three
Head over to #TheThousandMurkMarch and chat with everyone else who is taking part!

Step four
Round up
1000 marchers!
Currently we're 761 away</b>

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2008, 3:00 AM

The Murky Games

Competition 1 / :star: Murks World Tour  :star:

Print out your old pal Paper Murk… , and take a photo of him!  

He might be drowning in a local river; being licked by your cat; or hiding in the Halloween candy - whatever you can think up!

The best photo will win a deviantArt print, courtesy of MurkHellsing.

2nd Place wins a Commissioned Art Piece from SquatchArt

3rd Place wins a Journal Feature from Dancing-Naked


Competition 2 / It's Alive!


Create a new avatar for The Thousand Murk March.

1st Place
:star: 1 year Subscription donated by PurpelBlur

2nd Place
:evillaugh: 3 Month Subscription donated by MurkHellsing

3rd Place
:zombie: 1 Month Subscription donated by PurpelBlur

There is already some awesome contenders for first place!

Competition 3 / The Thousandth Murk
This year our goal is getting people involved. It's all about community spirit, freaking out the n00bs and so with that in mind

If we DO reach 1000 Murks this year, several deviants have agreed to give out prizes to random marchers.  This includes;

One Year Long Subscription donated by pommy-girl
One Commissioned art work by SquatchArt
Three 3 Months Subscription donated by PurpelBlur
Journal Feature by Helen-Baq
Journal Feature by Dancing-Naked

- so you may win something just for taking part!  
:eyes: Thanks guys!
Feel free to offer other prizes.

Competition 4 / Scare Tactics

This one is easy!  Go scare some n00bs, and I'll give spot prizes for the funniest, most Murktastic, and cleverest ways you did it.  deviantArt is the cage so lets rattle it!

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