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October 16, 2007
If I were a fish... by ~murkithefrog is a fun and fresh painting that captures fleshiness in an accurate, striking way.
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If I were a fish...

as well as some other pieces.

This was fun. For painting class we were just focusing on flesh. Lips are good and fleshy. The lighting when I took the photo reference made some cool colors come out in my skin too! Done February '06 oil on canvas, 30''x30''

Hello everyone! I wanted to just send a shout out to all fans of my lips. You guys are wonderful! I thank you all for your great comments, I appreciate them. I dont always log on deviantart very often so I can't keep even keep up with all your comments so don't be offended if you leave me a comment and don't get my feedback. I try to read through what I can when I can.

On another note, I've gotten several print requests for my lips and I have since closed my print account so if you are really interested in getting a print of my lips contact me: and write "Lips Print Request" in the subject. I have also gotten requests to buy the original... feel free to make an offer but keep in mind it is currently my prized master piece, very close to my heart.

I really must get painting some more... hopefully make more masterpieces!
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This is incredible!
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This is beautiful!!
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I can't wait to see what else you've come up with! This is beautiful with your tones and realistic feeling to it.
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My friend did a cover of this awhile back- only now do i find the original. Great work! <3
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Someone has stolen this and is using it on I recognized it immediately on pinterest. Calls it I'm a fish
hi sara have you got a mail another mail adress? i cant access you from ' ' about this painting
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Much skill; the colors are incredible. It shows a sense of humor from being a little kid making "fishy faces" all the time 
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awefiojasl;dkfj. this is so incredible i love it so much! aggh! the colors and highlights are so interesting!
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I had reached the end of the line I took my chances with this now I make all the calls just picture the possibilities
I found something that could change how you live. Take a look at this
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[link] Seems like Scott Rohlfs has gotten a bit too inspired by this piece, and from what I've heard this isn't the only time he's been a little too inspired by other artists. I don't want to induce any drama or anything but I thought you deserve to know.
LevityGraphics's avatar
Wow, that's pretty blatant.
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oh wow, this is just so amazing : O
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Yes, I want a print!
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good work ! interesting subject :)
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This remind me of In The Court Of The Crimson King artwork, really nice.
Matbuk's avatar A free artistic contest in Milan.
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