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Hey, hey!  Anybody going to Wizard World Chicago this weekend?  Stop by Artist Alley, table C45, and say hi! :la:
Greetings, humans!

Just wanted to thank everybody who stopped by my Artist Alley table at C2E2 a few weeks ago!  Meant to post this sooner, but it's been a bonkers month! :omg:

In other news, I just completed the first trade paperback for my comic, The Revival!  It collects the first five issues and has a bunch of bonus stuff, and I had a ton o' fun putting together!  I'll post some pages from it so you guys can check it out.  It's not available through my publisher yet, so for right now the only place to get it is at my table at comic book conventions.  I'm gonna try to change that! :hmm:

Part of the bonus content for the trades is a fan art section, so if anyone would like to create some fan art for The Revival, I'll include it in the second trade!  You can draw a character from the comic, or even make up your own character based on some other '80s toy I haven't included in the story yet.  Just have fun with it!  If you've got something you'd like to share, email it to me at, or send me a note!

What else?  Oh, right--the robot invasion.  Um... it's been moved back to next year so it doesn't interfere with our giant robot softball league schedule. ;p

Over and out, my malchickiwicks! :D
Hello, Earthlings!

Who else out there loves themselves some podcasts?  I listen to them all the freakin' time while working on stuff, but I've been looking for some new ones lately.  Here's a list of some of my favorites (not a paid endorsement... ;p ) and I'd like to hear what yours are! :la:

I'd love to get some tips on any good toy podcasts out there--been having a hard time finding ones that are nerdy enough, but also funny and entertaining.  I'm also looking for good ones about movies, history and art--heck, just anything that's fun!  Let's hear'em!

The Earwolf Network

1. How Did This Get Made?
    Comedians make fun of terrible movies

2. Comedy Bang Bang
    Comedians improv silly characters in a spoof interview show

3. Raised By TV
    Two '80s/'90s-kid comedians reminisce about TV and pop culture

4. Hard Nation
    Spoof political radio show with comedians playing political figures


5. Edumacation
    Kevin Smith learns about science from his learned buddy Andy McElfresh

6. Hollywood Babble-On
    Live show featuring Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman making fun of Hollywood news
Is anyone else playing Cuphead?  Oh my sweet holy crap, is this game AMAZING. :omg:
Hello, humans!  Anybody going to Chicago this weekend for Wizard World revelry?  Stop on by my Artist Alley table, C20, and say hi!  Or say howdy, ahoy, salutations, or ricky-ticky too-too.  I'll know what you mean. ;p

Many thanks to everybody faving and watching!  You guys are totes cool. B-)

End transmission,
Greetings once again, Earthlings!

If you guys are going to be around the Chicago area this weekend, why not check out Mighty Con down in McCook, IL?  I'll be sitting behind an Artist Alley table, looking like a dork. ;p The con is small, but it's certainly MIGHTY!

In other news, for those of you following my comic, I think Hound is finally releasing issue 8!  I apologize for all the delays--I'm not sure why it took them so long.  Also, issue 9 is done!  Making all my final tweaks this coming week and then (hopefully) it'll be available not long after.

Also, Stern Pinball just released their latest game: Aerosmith!  Here's a short making of video, where you can see some of the animation work I did on the LCD display:  

It was a lot of fun!  I got to design and draw most of the mode backgrounds, weird monster characters and vehicles, mimicking the style of cabinet artist Dirty Donny (kind of a Rat Fink/'70s pulp comic look).  RAWK!

As always, thanks to everybody faving and watching!  I've got plenty more wackiness in the works... :la:

Over and out,
Hi-dilly hey, neighborinos!

I got my table placement for C2E2 later this month, so if you happen to be in Chicago the weekend of April 21st, stop on by in Artist Alley, table I-2 and say hi!  I'll be sharing the table with my buddy Will Haun, who writes and draws his own comic, Weird Weird West.  You can see that and more crazy art on his site:

My other buddy, Alex Riggen (of Sega Addicts fame, if anyone here is familiar with that podcast) is also spearheading a cool new project called Bookshelf Adventure, teaching kids about classic literature through interactive games and cool art!  Check it out: 

And thanks so much to everybody faving my art and watching me!  Sorry I haven't had the time to thank everyone individually--I'll just be lame and cop out and count this as an official thank you. :D So, THANK YOU!!! ^____^

Also, issue 8 of the comic's been done for a while, but I'm still waiting on a release date from Hound.  I'll post again when it's out!  In the meantime, I'm halfway through issue 9!  Gonna keep chuggin' along...

More to come!  Thanks again, and stay tuned! :la:
Howdy ho, gang!

For those of you who enjoy my Creepazoid sets ( murderousautomaton.deviantart.… ), I was thinking of doing something different for series 9: it'll be made up entirely of characters thought up by my fellow dA artists!  Do YOU have an idea for a Creepazoid?  Leave your idea in the comments or note me!  It can be a vague description, detailed description, sketch, poem, haiku, interpretive dance, or whatever!  

There are nine slots for characters, so if I get more than nine suggestions, I'll pick the ones that sound the most fun to draw (and I can save others for a later set, too).  There are no real guidelines for the characters, and you can make up the name as well, or leave it up to me.  Your call!

Lookin' forward to this one!

Over and out,
Howdy do, everybody!

Anyone going to be in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend?  I hear they have a pretty spiffy Wizard World con out there, and a certain robot dork will be there in Artist Alley!  If you make the show, stop on by and say hi!  I'll have some new artwork on hand, as well as the latest issue of The Revival!  And, y'know, there's probably some other cool stuff there, too. ;p

I'll also be at Wizard World Chicago this August!  It's been a fun year so far--thanks to everybody who stops by my tables to check out my work!  And thanks to everybody here who's faving my art and following me!  You guys rock.  Like, so hard.  More art's coming soon!  Making some strides with the Cintiq, so I'll be posting some preliminary work from a fun new project soon!

Tune in next time for another exciting adventure!

Over and out,
Greetings, humans!

As a mighty robot overlord, it should come as no surprise that I'll be attending Mighty Con in Wheaton, IL, this Saturday and Sunday!  Stop on by for raucous robot revelry, as well as free bookmarks and postcards!  Hope to see you there!  ...what am I saying?  I'm a robot overlord!  You WILL be there! ;p

Roger dodger,
Will what play in Peoria?  What is he talking about?  Is he using another stupid phrase that nobody uses anymore and makes him sound like an old dork?  ...Yes. ;p

But for good reason!  If you find yourself in Peoria this weekend, why not check out the Artist and Comic Expo (ACE) at the Lakeview Recreational Center on Saturday and Sunday?  I'll be there, along with a bevvy of other artists, plus comics and toys and all manner of nerd revelry!  Stop on by for some free bookmarks, postcards, and probably to hear me drone on about 80's toys. :)

Hope to see you there!  And as always, thanks to everybody who's watching and faving!  I'll have more to post soon.

End transmission.
Greetings, Earthlings!

C2E2 is upon us!  If you're checking out the show (which I highly recommend you do, because it's awesome!), drop on by Artist Alley and say hi!  I'll be at table F3, alongside my ol' college buddy Will Haun, who writes and draws his own comic as well, Weird Weird West.
I have a new banner and set-up this year, so for those of you familiar with my gray and black robot banner, it's been replaced by a giant cut-out of Rainbow, from The Revival!  I'll also have some new prints this year, as well as some sketchcards, and of course free postcards, bookmarks and high fives.  And even low fives.  Should be a blast!

Over and out,

Happy New Year, puny humans! Wink/Razz

Wow, is it really 2016 already?  I feel like I hit a time warp between Halloween and January.  I apologize for not posting anything for the last two months--the holidays and sassy new deadlines kept me busier than expected!

Big things are coming, though!  I finally bought a Cintiq tablet and some new animation software, so I'm going to be playing around with those soon, and posting lots of silly sketches, practice paintings and test animations!  Lots of new techniques I'm looking forward to learning over the coming year, and I hope to apply them to some fun new projects down the road!

And I apologize for all the delays with my publisher, but issue 6 of The Revival is finally out!…  Still plugging away on issue 7, and it should be ready early this spring.  I was also fortunate enough to have some of my work featured in the book Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years  It showcases the work of many Dieselpunk artists (many of whom are active on dA) and gives some insight into the style and its culture!  Special thanks to :iconstefanparis: for letting me be a part of it! :D (Big Grin)

That's it for now, but there's more to come!  Thanks again to everybody faving and watching--I'll have more for you soon!

Over and out,
Greetings, fellow spooky-bots!

First of all, Happy Halloween!  Hope you're all enjoying the season as much as I am. :pumpkin:

I also wanted to thank everybody who stopped by my table at the Salt Lake City Comic-Con late last month!  The show was absolutely bonkers awesome!  For anyone who hasn't been out there yet, you gotta see it!  It's about twice the size of Wizard World Chicago or C2E2, just to give you an idea.  But anyway, I met a lot of amazing people and got to rub elbows with some awesome artists.  Hopefully I can do it all again next fall! :la:

My next show (and probably last for the year) will be Mighty Con in Wheaton, IL, on Halloween day!  How cool is that?  I'll have some spooky new prints on hand, and maybe even a bowl of candy on my table.  SpooooOooOOoooOOooky!

Also, Stern Pinball just released their new game based on Game of Thrones!  Check it out:…  I did a lot of storyboarding and some animations for this game, and the whole thing's looking really cool!  It just debuted at Pinball Expo this weekend and got a great response.  I still haven't had a chance to play it yet, but soon... soon........

And of course, thanks to everybody faving and watching!  You guys rawk!

Hello, my fellow giant killer robots!  ...I mean, humans.  Fellow humans.

Lots of stuff going on and no time to blab about it!  But I figured it was finally time to share an update of all the recent shenanigans.  First off, I finally started a Tumblr account, at , if you wanna check that out.  I'll try to post more sketches and other silly things that I don't usually post here.  And, like, holy crap, Tumblr's fun!  There's a lot of cool stuff on there!  I'm hooked.  All the retro sci-fi I can handle... :wow:

Also, I'll be setting up shop in the artist alley for the Salt Lake City Comic-Con this coming September 24th-26th!  If you'll be at the show, head on over to get free bookmarks and sparkling conversation. ;p Word is this is supposed to be the second largest show after San Diego, which sounds bonkers.

Issue 6 of my comic is done and waiting for a release date, and issue 7 is well under way!  Also, all current issues are up on Comixology!…  I've also got some other stuff going on that I'll share more about later--lots of wackiness is ready to ensue!

As always, thanks again to everybody faving and commenting!  You guys rawk so hard.  Oh yeah, and check these fellow Deviants out, too.  They also rawk: :icondeimos-remus: :iconcatbyrne: :iconstargamerworld: :iconbws:

That's all for now!  End transmission.
Hello, People of Earth!

C2E2 is right around the corner, and I'll be hanging in Artist Alley all weekend!  Stop on by to flip through new issues of The Revival, see some shnazzy prints, and grab some neat-o free stuff!  I'll be splitting the table with my good friend Will Haun, who has a keen comic of his own, Weird Weird West.  To see more, check out his site:

Sorry for being MIA for so long--I'm trying to be on dA more this year, but it's not always easy with deadlines. ;p With any luck, I'll have more art to share soon!  And thanks, as always, to everybody faving my stuff and watching me.  You guys are the best!  I'll try to get a better handle on comments and thank-yous, too.

Over and out,
Greetings, humans!

First off, sorry for the recent dA neglect!  My robot armies have been busy in other galaxies, plundering and squashing puny mortals.  You know how that goes.

Secondly (and not to make every point in this journal an apology...), for anyone attending Wizard World Chicago who was going to stop by my table, sorry I wasn't able to make it!  Turns out my publisher didn't attend, so I had no booth space.

HOWEVER, I will be signing comics, selling artwork and giving free high-fives Wednesday, September 17th at Graham Crackers Comics in DeKalb, IL.  I'll be there from noon till probably about 8:00, and I'll have plenty of free bookmarks and postcards on hand to give away.  Hope to see you there!  Check their site out:… If you've never been, the store is fantastic!

We'll be featuring the recently released issue #4 of The Revival at the signing, and you can see more on Hound Comics' website:… And, as always, thanks to everybody faving my art and watching me!  I'm still trying to find time to thank you all personally. :D

Over and out,
Greetings, humans!

Just wanted to thank everybody who stopped by my table at the Special Edition: NYC convention in New York City on Father's Day weekend!  The show was a blast, and The Revival got a great response!  The 80-minute train rides every morning were totally worth it. ;p

Next, my cold robot sights are set on Wizard World Chicago, this August 21-24 in Rosemont.  I'll be unveiling issue 4 of the comic, as well as giving out free high fives, while supplies last.  On that note, issue 4's official release date is July 2nd!  For more info on the comic, visit:…

As always, thanks to everybody faving my stuff and watching me!  I really appreciate it.  Sorry I can't respond to you all personally, but duty calls. :D And hopefully I'll be posting some new stuff soon!

Over and out,
Wow, has it been that long since I've been away?  Sorry for another hiatus!  Issue 4 of The Revival took forever to finish, but it's finally done!  I'll have an official release date soon!

Thanks again to everybody who's faving my art and adding me to their watch!  I promise to actually post art again at some point. ;p Sorry to everybody who's waiting for a reply on comments, too--I gonna try to get back into the swing of things soon.

If anybody's going to be in New York next weekend, I'll have an Artist Alley table at the Special Edition: NYC comic convention at the Jacob Javits center on Saturday and Sunday (the 14th and 15th)!  Stop on by!  It's a new show, and it sounds pretty fun--sorta like NY Comic-Con on a smaller scale, focusing on up-and-coming creators and smaller companies.  I should feel right at home!  Check out their site to learn more:…

And over at Stern Pinball, we just finished our newest game, based on the Ford Mustang!  Check out this trailer to see the game in action (including some of the dot matrix animations I did for it): 

That's it for now!  Over and out,
Hello, people of Earth!

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is next weekend already (April 25-27)!  I'll be there in Artist Alley, table K3, so stop on by and say hi!  I'll have copies of The Revival on hand, a few new prints, and of course free bookmarks and postcards.  Nice.

Hope to see you there!

Over and out,