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Creepazoids: Rock N' Roll Zombie Street Racers

...from OUTER SPACE! :omg: Happy Halloween, everybody!  I went all kinds of Halloween cuckoo with this year's set--rockabilly, Ben Cooper and Ghoulsville Halloween costumes, Rat Fink, old-timey Halloween decorations, the works!  Mixed it all up in a big cauldron with some eye of newt and toe of nerd. ;p Hope everybody enjoys the spooky weekend!

I've got a couple big conventions coming up this fall, so this might have be the last Creepazoid set for the year.  We'll get back to it with the big 50th series Fan Zone set!  Till then, have a Happy Halloween and a festive holiday season!
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Flajingman's avatar

Damn these are really clever

loving black jack

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you! I love Halloween, so I always draw spooky things in the fall. ^____^

Black Jack might be my favorite, too! Possibly tied with Ol' Scratch. :meow:

Gamer28's avatar

Gear Head is the most harrowing here.

Tikistein is my favorite of this bunch.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Definitely! He doesn't look too comfortable. ;p Thanks! Tikistein is a fun one. Lots of silly, fun concepts for this set!

432167's avatar

Amazing set, love the colours

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you! I wanted to do a set using all the crazy, slimy Halloween colors. :D

RZGmon200's avatar

This being series 49, I suppose ten series are seen again, so there will be another fan zone, hey, can a user be allowed to have more than one entry for a creepazoid?I remember participating in the second fan zone.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Yes! The big 5-0 will be another Fan Zone set! Unfortunately all the slots are already full for this round, but feel free to leave your idea here and I can use it for series 60! :la:

RZGmon200's avatar

I will send you a ntoa with the description of my creepazoid for the sixth fan-zone.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Sounds good! I look forward to hearing your idea. :la:

Listen, I also came up with my idea for the Fan Zone #5, It was the Invertrilloquist. It is being shelved over for Fan Zone #6.

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Halloween in the area of ​​"The Outer Space" famous for its race and place where our hero is.

"Wow, this neighborhood has changed a lot since the last time I came, Extraterrestral Delinquent was still at school .... and not puncturing the tires of my car with his switchblade."

Car noise was heard

"Yes, the races will start soon."

Our hero then went to the meeting point of the racers, he saw faces he knew.

"But it's Ol Scratch, are you walking on two legs now? Gear Head, the stars of the races everybody bet on you, Miss Queeny Hearts if I win this race, will you give me your heart?"

It was then that our hero heard music.

"... Memphistopheles."

It was then that our hero began to dance ... Except that he was in the middle of the road and the race had already started ... A car got into him and propelled him out of the road, it landed on used tires.

"Huuuuuu, it hurts so bad."

It was then that Sweets approached him

".... this is little Sweets, you have grown up well since the last time."

it was then that she handed him an apple, he took it but did not notice the razor blade.

" Thank you." he bit the apples ..... and blood flow from his mouth

"... You could say it's a bloody Halloween .... Take me to the hospital please.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Ha, ha! Poor guy! He just can't catch a break with these Creepazoids, even on Halloween. ^____^

By the way, sorry for the super late reply! Been traveling and going to comic conventions to sell my comics! I also had some Creepazoid stickers on the table... :D

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Don't be sorry my friend, I understand. You create something that you proud and it's take time to do all the work... And stickers sound cool

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thanks! Yeah, conventions are great for getting my art out there, but they sure are a lot of work! Especially when they're in a different state. :D

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Yeah, when one is over you need to clean everything, drive for a long time and do it again, it can be exhausting

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Totally! I drove over 2000 miles for a show this year! And that's one way. :omg:

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Oohh, that a lots of miles, I hope you like to drive.=)

CxR2zG0's avatar

Wicked as always doc and good luck on the convention thing okay.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you! It was a ton of fun! It went by so fast, and now I have to wait all the way till next year to go again. Dang. ;p

Toychicraft's avatar

Love this set a lot! Quick question: can the Fan Zone ideas be submitted here?

p. s: Seems like Sweets has grown up between sets

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Yes! Feel free to leave your ideas here! Although series 50 is already full, but I can use your idea for series 60! :la:

Ha, ha! Definitely. They grow up so fast--one year they're trick-or-treating, the next they're handing out razor blade apples to kids. :XD:

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Will do, my friend! :D

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