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Creepazoids: Online

Welcome to the World Wide Web! ;p 

For you youngsters out there, this is what websites looked like in the mid-'90s.  It was a dark time. :XD: And man, this was fun!  I've been wanting to get to this one for a long time!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go surf the net on the information superhighway. Outie 5000!
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Glad to see Java found a cure to whatever was making characters in Insomnia into noir-people

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Ha, ha! Totally. He just had to get out of that city. ;p

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Oh, good to know... but that raises a little question considering....Noir's position

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Ah, good point! You mean what his motivations could be in that dark city? Some say he's there to clean it up... others think he wants to take over... ;p

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Coming back to this, it honestly feels like Java ended up going back to a forum more similar to his original appearance

Compared to his 2.0 form which was in the Insomnia Series, and fit the more Noir style of that

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Yeah, totally! That's the nice thing about version 3's--it gives me a chance to experiment and go in a totally different direction with a version 2, then maybe bring them back to their more traditional look later on. It's fun to play around!

And for this set, I had to include him--there are few words more mid-'90s than "java", both because of the coffee craze and the prevalent programming language. Also, for this version of Java, I modeled his head after a Bialetti coffee pot! :XD:

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Nice :)

Clip does fit here too of course

But he's got a slight cause of tencule hands

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Ha! Totally! He's leaning a bit more toward abstraction this time around. :D

By the way, sorry for the long delay! September really flew by! :omg:

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It's fine, I've been busy with school anyways

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Totally! Busy is the name of the game nowadays! :typerhappy:

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Oh god I'm getting flashbacks to my primary school computer. Love the fact that zero, clip and java are in purple since they have had multiple versions

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Ha, ha! Totally! The nostalgia hits hard with this one. I was already in high school when websites looked like this. And I only had internet at school! My computer at home was only for word processing and the Paint program. Can you imagine..? :XD:

But yeah, I originally just had random characters with the purple "clicked" links, but my brother had the idea of using it for the previous versions, which is perfect! They've already been "clicked on". :D

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Safe to say Java hasn't kicked the juice yet.

But hold up, Java 3.0? Did I miss Java 2.0? Where... unless... he changed his name to Postal for PrimeTime?

Maybe he's switched to decaf after all.

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Ha, ha! Yeah, that's for sure! His head's even shaped like a Bialetti coffee pot. ;p

Nah, but that's a good guess! He actually got a beatnik makeover for his appearance in series 22! He's barely recognizable. Thought I'd bring him back to his '90s roots for his third version! :D

Java 2.0 is in Creepazoids Series 22: Insomnia

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"Wow, so this is Creepazoids: Online, there are so many things to discover and people to meet."

Our hero moved forward and met new people living in this world ... but they looked at our hero strangely because he was dressed as a surfer.

"What, after all I" surf "on the internet"


"... nobody uses floppy disks anymore, Hax !!"

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Ha, ha! Heck yeah, man! Surfin' the net is radical! :XD:

I want "world wide web" to become my go-to phrase for the internet again. I think we should bring it back. ;p

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Our hero still in "The World Of The Internet": "OK, OK I apologize my joke was not funny and sorry to have yelled at you Hax."

But everyone looked at him strangely again because this one was dressed as a spider

"What? After all this is the 'World Wide Web'

And yes my friend, we should bring it back.

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Ha, ha! Oh, dear. He's not winning any more points with them, is he..? :XD:

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

No, I thing that it would be better if everyone put him in the trashcan and delete him🤔

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Ah, bummer for him! He just lost his domain. :XD:

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

In the depths of the trashcan, just next to spam and errors, there are shadows.

"... Well, it's not that bad here, it's a bit dark but overall it's better than nothing."

Rumbling stomach noise

Our hero looked up at the trash.".... friends, if possible you can delete some pizza please."

Hardware: Could please stop dressing up weirdly?

Hax: Yeah, like, OMG, you’re so embarrassing

eBait: I currently have some really nice clothes auctioned off.

Clip: Oh, brother 🤦🏻

Toaster Head:*toasts out a toast that says “srsly?”*

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