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Creepazoids: Battle Royale

Nine enter, one leaves!  Who's your money on? :D

Pretty loose theme this time around--I really just wanted to redesign a bunch of old characters!  It was a lotta fun!
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Damn, man, these are some of the best toy designs I've ever seen.

Would of killed to have these as a kid.

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Thank you so much! I would have, too. ^____^

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In the Battle Zone, a new Battle Royale was about to begin.

You could hear the crowd screaming their names, the names of the poor fools who would fight to the death for temporary glory until the crowd found a new champion.

10 participants enter the arena, all with different backgrounds and reasons for this fight.


And while everyone was fighting, a man stepped aside.

No one knew where he came from, what his name was or who he was, but the most surprising was his weapon, an old guitar covered in stickers from all over CreepazoidsWorld.

He took out a chair out of nowhere and started playing with it, which unsettled the other fighters, that's when he spoke.

"Hey everyone, what's the fight? Listen to that little song I wrote for you." He said in a sweet voice full of charisma.

"Ahem, ..." He was about to start singing

"... let's walk hand in hand"

"Helsinki is the capital of Finland"

"We're all friends here."

"And I know William Shakespeare !!!!!"

So what do you think my friends, the most important thing in life is to be nice !!!!

Everyone was looking at him in the arena, there was no more noise. It was then that Red Velvet approached our hero, took his guitar and smashed it on the ground.

"... This is not very friendly."

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Ha, ha! Serves that hippie right. :XD: Though I kinda like this guy... maybe he could be a Creepazoid himself down the line! :D

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After his guitar was destroyed our hero received a blow from Red Velvet which shocked him.

A little while after the fighting our hero woke up in chaos and dust.

"Ahhh, my head, what's going on?"

Raising his head, our hero discovered the horrible fate of the poor souls who were animated by combat.

-Warren Worlds was out of his "Domination Top Hat."

- From Smith remain only the "apple".

-Brawler see his end credits scroll before his eyes.

-NOS-Feratus had a toothache because his lower jaw was on the ground and he was three put away.

-Hell Of Wheels was no longer on tracks ... because his legs were shatter.

-Willow Wisp continued to float in the air ... Her legs only. "

-Edward had disappeared in a puddle of black and white inks and liquids.

Our hero got up with difficulty when he was thrown to the ground again when Red Velvet threw Baron Barbarix to the ground before removing his vertebral cologne with all his might.

"Oh my Gypsy Tamborine, that was incredibly dispensable and extremely dangerous."

it was then that Red Velvet looked at him, walked towards him ... Before falling to the ground ... A sword stabbed in his back.

Everyone was shocked by this turnaround.


Some time later

Creepazoids Hospital

All of the fighters were in their beds, all being plastered, had IVs and other bandages to cover their bodies. When suddenly our Hero arrived with the trophy of the greatest fighter. Lifted it in the air then put it on the ground ... before pulling out a guitar and singing.


"We are all comrades"

"In the Arthurian legend the most virtuous knight of the Round was Galahad."

"Let's stand side by side"

"The poisonous salt used in electroplating and in photography is potassium cyanide"

The End

Thanks you and this would be to honor my friend

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Wow, he came from behind to win it!!! :XD: A happy ending for him after all!

Yeah, it'd be fun to include him in a set! Did you have any ideas on what he should look like?

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

Thank you my friend, I will try to describe it as best as possible.

To begin with, he is an easy going guy who sees the good in everything, he is like a child who is always smiling, he is very naive and he often has problems.

- For his look: His face is covered with small wounds (cuts, bandage), he likes to let his blond hair float in the wind.

- He wears a denim jacket a little too big for him, this one is neon green (It's his favorite color) and this one is covered with sticker and the badge of all the places of Creepazoids that he has visited.Otherwise he's wearing blue pants and a MonkeyBussiness keychain hanging from his belt, he's wearing cowboy boots because he likes to feel like a coyboy.His T-shirt has holes in it, but it doesn't bother him.

I tried to describe it as best as possible, thank you again my friend.

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Wow, sorry for the huge delay! September ended up being a crazy month! And it went by in a blur. :omg: But thank you for the description--he'll make an awesome Creepazoid!!! :la:

HerefortheGoldskies's avatar

It's okay my friend, sometimes crazy things happen to us and we doesn't know how to handle it. I glad you okay and that you my friend.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you, my friend! Yeah, this fall is really flying by! I already lose track of time too easily... I'm afraid I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be Christmas already! :XD:

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Warren has one of the best villainous mustaches I've ever seen on a machine.

I love how Hell on Wheels has finally cut out the middle-man in the train-and-damsel relationship XD

Barron looks great, and probably stands a good chance in the royal, but it's going to be too easy for someone to backstab him once he starts monologuing. Actually, Barron, Wheels, and Warren all look like top tier monologuers.

Edward's looking a bit off for sure, but I desperately want to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was teleported into the royal before he was fully dressed.

You know what? Putting my money on NOS. Brawler and Velvet have clearer protag vibes, but NOS has potential for the Hellboy-esque reluctant hero we end up cheering for.

This set as a whole has been an especially cool collection of designs.

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Ha, ha! Thanks, man! Yeah, there's a lot of old-timey villainy going on here. Monologues are inevitable. :XD:

Ha, ha! I like your take on Edward, but I think this is his Sunday best. I modeled him after Marilyn Manson in his heyday in the '90s. Edward must be a big fan. ;p

Good call! NOS looks pretty competent--I think he could come from behind, and having vampire powers doesn't hurt, either. Especially because nobody else seems to have garlic or wooden stakes handy. :XD:

formula78583's avatar

My money is on Warren!

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Good choice! Alien tech is hard to beat. :D

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Money is definitely on brawler getting definite main character vibes from his colour palette not to mention he looks very double dragon meets street of rage

Nos I could see pulling out a cool finisher where he runs someone over in a coffin/hearse themed hot rod monster truck

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Totally! And he looks like he's definitely ready for a fight!

Oh, that would be cool! Not sure that's regulation, but in a battle royale, you make your own rules. :XD:

My man Barbarix is back! Smith looks excellent as well

MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you, sir! Those are two I've been wanting to draw again for a while!

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I love the idea of a series that only involves versions 2, and that air of the hunger games.One detail that I like is how we see a remake of each Creepezoid from the first nine series in order.

Here I have a list of the series still do not have any creepezoid with series 2 or will get series 2 later. (Dont know if the three Fan zone series counts):

-Indie Monsters

-Teal Steel

-The council of Skullduggery


-Just deserts

-Prime time

-The destroyer robots

-War on christmas


MurderousAutomaton's avatar

Thank you, sir! Yeah! I really wanted to do version 2's of a bunch of old Creepazoids, so this was the perfect way to do it! Maybe I can do a "Battle Royale, Round 2" later down the line, and pick 9 from sets 11-19! :la:

Ah, nice list! I actually thought there would be more than that! And yeah, I probably wouldn't count the Fan Zones, since they're not really my characters to mess with.

I'm not sure how many of these will get a version 2... some of these sets feel kind of self-contained, like Teal Steel, Just Deserts and The Destroyer Robots. The characters are so theme-specific that I don't know if I'd want to include them in another set. But we'll see! I thought the same thing about Black Cat the first time around, and he actually fit even better into Insomnia! You never know what the future will bring... Stay tuned! :D

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