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THANK YOU ALL FOR FAVORITES AND BADGES AND STUFF! I am really REALLY bad at thanking people individually but I do try to post it on my wall every so often and I'm gunna post it here as well!

The guy I thought I was working on ZetaTale with randomly just kinda...apparently blocked me for no reason because it won't let me reply to the conversation...
I feel like honestly since I did most of the work on it it should now be mine to work on as I please....he only came up with the initial concept and I did pretty much everything else from there
Funny how invested he was at 1st and then he just kinda stopped for some reason.
Regardless, I still like the idea and may continue playing around with it. He barely seemed interested at the end so I doubt he's still gunna bother with anything in it.

-Why Has Art Slowed Down?-
I'm working on a rather large project that's taking up a lot of my time, which is why I haven't been posting as much art lately. I will keep more info coming for it, but if you're curious about how it's going here is the facebook page: 7 Minutes to Paradise

-Old Projects-
I also intend to slowly work on a couple of my other projects as well. This could also include other writing stuff, so if you're curious about that follow my Wattpad below :D

I must post this again, especially if I decide to pick it back up again, I have a lot of photoshopped pictures/posters that are merging a bunch of pictures I find in various locations. I do not own any of the images used for them unless I state in the description that I drew them.

I do still wish to continue the World of Rap thing, as I need to get back into regular photoshopping and not just only doing art (for reasons of other possible projects later down the road)
This project is with Hetalia characters...if anyone knows rap songs that mention any of the following please comment: Countries, Country Capitals, anything that country (Character) may say or do, World events (NOT from the school Channel 1 Flocab week rap up thingy!!) *PLEASE no OCs!*

If you guys care enough I may bring back Gradstuck. I know it wasn't getting much attention which is why I left it alone.


EnderwingsThePony for being willing to help me out with this Zetatale AU thingy! eriously, though, get back in contact so we can work on this together again lonely

plantgem for making amazing art and an amazing species which you should totally check out here [link] Also for being a neat person in general

happilyobsessed cuz she's squishy and needs all the love~ Give her attention plez

Autobotgirl97 dis my cousin, and I loves her much. In a totally platonic way. That goes without saying XD

Ipeerownu thanks for putting up with me and my messed up friends! Also for helpin with all this techy stuff I am dub at XD

Creative-Shadow dis chick know how to art, do give it some attention! [link]

Hiero: I don't think they gots a DA but I can send you to their FB page here! [link]


Yeen-Qxeen  You guys like my pictures of Magmutts? This be the one who made them! GO GET STUFF MEOW! [link]

ChibiSteph She's a neat person that's gunna be working on a project soon too~


SterlingSilver46 Yer art has improved so so much, keep it up! The only way to go is up!


ChickenSmoothie: Seer Of Doom
Wattpad: GreedHateEnvy
FreeRice: Agents of M.A.R.K
Fanpop: Zutaradragon
Fanpop Group: ZSPP
Steam: MechanicalInsitnct
Interested in the Undertale AU: Zetatale
Interested in the Species I've Made: HMF
Interested in my Pokemon Region: Mariposa Region
I've got a Facebook Page Now: CreatureLover
Like Markiplier and Doing Good Things: Markiplier's Acts of Random Kindness
Wanna Support the Show i'm helping With: Lizard Pecks


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Tory Holmes
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United States
I draw a lot of different things with a lot of different styles. I don't like to stick to one style because I don't really like the limitations.

"People understand me so poorly that they don't even understand my complaint about them not understanding me" ~Soren Kierkegaard


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