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Hey! I was thinking it would be refreshing to do one art feature time again. 
Please go check these lovely people out,
lets keep supporting each other, okay? :heart:
I hope you are all having a great time!

:star: Breath0fTheGh0st :iconbreath0fthegh0st: :star:
I could die in this moment. by Breath0fTheGh0stWhy hurts by Breath0fTheGh0stPls, stop. by Breath0fTheGh0st
:star: DoveBlossom :icondoveblossom: :star:
Kurumi by DoveBlossomSorry this was so late/kinda sloppy OTL by DoveBlossomAvatar/Sona by DoveBlossom
:star: MaladyNauseous :iconmaladynauseous: :star:
Hello by MaladyNauseousGR8 by MaladyNauseousUgh by MaladyNauseous
:star: ego-boi :iconego-boi: :star:
squad goals by ego-boisink or swim by ego-boiwoah its ego-bois bday by ego-boi
:star: DeadskullBroscircus :icondeadskullbroscircus: :star:
flower crown Summer 2-D by DeadskullBroscircusxxz0mb1e'S OC by DeadskullBroscircusKid With Gun by DeadskullBroscircus
HEYYY-OO Lovely lovely people!
My girlfriend RaatoRotta has her commissions open! 
She's super talented and the prices start from as low as 8USD, she also takes points. 
Go check her out (also give her all the love in the world while your at it!) 

commissions (open) ! NEED MONEY!! by RaatoRotta

Also our art leaflet is still on sale!
We lowered the price to 20euros with free postage,act now we are down to last 20 copys and we wont re-stock after it!
it includes 60 illustrations! Help us start new projects and buy it. haha. I use paypal. 
Every order will get random surprises in them! NOTE ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED,WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. 
pic 1 by MurderDuckpic 2 by MurderDuck
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HELLO! Its time for special feature!
I have finally reached 1000 watchers and eventho most of them aren't active it doesn't matter since,
 at least one point they decided to push the watch button so that's great enough for me!
Haha, but no in reality I just want to feature some of my watchers real bad! So here is 10 of my watchers so go take a look ^^
I think you are all really creative bunch of people and I'm happy you guys support me so this is least I can do. Enjoy and I hope you find new art to like and people to support~ 

1- :iconarsenicflower: ArsenicFlower :heart:
Reflection by ArsenicFlowerMind your backs! by ArsenicFlowerHappy New Year 2018 by ArsenicFlower
2- :iconcowrigell: Cowrigell :heart:
fionna (redraw) by Cowrigellchloe by Cowrigell
3- :iconcannibalchibi-chan: CannibalChibi-Chan :heart:
Contest Entry by CannibalChibi-ChanWinter Kaze (Secret Santa) by CannibalChibi-Chan[R] Maurice by CannibalChibi-Chan
4- :icon12nm: 12NM :heart:
1 by 12NMLucid by 12NMoxygen by 12NM
5- :iconelioenai: Elioenai :heart:
Rei by ElioenaiLast drawing for 2017 by ElioenaiKoruko Shirai by Elioenai
6- :iconevekomix: evekomix :heart:
Yokko by evekomixCongenital Carrion #  Bored by evekomixRandom by evekomix
7- :iconcurruptedcinnamon: curruptedcinnamon :heart:
Teddy Bear Robot by curruptedcinnamonBoxer by curruptedcinnamondemon by curruptedcinnamon
8- :iconamandajulka: Amandajulka :heart:
Finley by AmandajulkaVarian by AmandajulkaVarian by Amandajulka
9- :iconbonananaaa: Bonananaaa :heart:
Layers by BonananaaaHealing Rain by BonananaaaElf woman by Bonananaaa
10- :iconmangomendoza: MangoMendoza :heart:
Mermay! Dancing [Speedpaint] by MangoMendoza Request - Muslimhades by MangoMendoza Green Hijab by MangoMendoza
Hi Everyone! :iconlumipop: LumiPop Won first place on :iconraatorotta:'s contest
with this lovely artwork of Fikki
(its full of detail and look at those colors and I mean AAA its really damn pretty??!):
Raatorotta Contest: Fikki by LumiPop
CONGRATULATIONS!! :heart: :heart:
Go check them out you wont be disappointed! They have unique art style and just lovely and brave use of color!
Go give them the love they deserve :heart: :heart:
Jupiter by LumiPopPhanny 2018 by LumiPopWe Should Be Lovers [Redraw] by LumiPop
Cut - Redraw (speedpaint!) by LumiPopPride by LumiPopSteven and Connie (speedpaint) by LumiPopClothing Swap by LumiPop
Rose Scene Redraw 2 by LumiPopFragments {+ SPEEDPAINT] by LumiPop

ALSO!! They have webcomic called Rainbow shoelaces so if you like comics go take a look: 
(I'm reading it myself U____U) :star:
Hey, I made myself a Ko-fi page, if you like my art or just want to support me by buying me a cup of fresh coffee, click this banner over here:
I can't say how much any help would be appreciated. I'm currently jobless and due to my health problems finding a job is almost impossible for me, on top of that I have a dog who needs special dental care due to his mouth being very vulnerable to infections so that costs me money too. I'm always open for commissions so you can ask about those by sending me a note. Prices such depend on what you want and amount of detail and if you want color or not. :) 

Anyway, Thank you for reading and if you ever want to take me out for cup of coffee you know where to click. Link can now be found from my front page too!
Go share some Valentines day love to these lovely folk over here!!

:heart: :iconsardiini: Sardiini :bulletred: 
HQ!! - Sweet as lollipop by SardiiniWH - The Color That Binds Us ver. 2 by SardiiniWH - Rose Punks by Sardiini
:heart: :iconinked-vision: Inked-Vision :bulletred:
CONTEST ENTER Yokko by Inked-VisionDove (FL0CK) by Inked-VisionHappy Valentines Day Everyone!! by Inked-Vision
:heart: :iconnonirosuu: Nonirosuu :bulletred:
Butch De' fucking Loria by NonirosuuHandsome ass by NonirosuuBioshock Infinite Broken Little Bird by Nonirosuu
:heart: :icontomoe-tenryu: Tomoe-Tenryu :bulletred:
TW - sonur hrafna og sonur ulfa by Tomoe-TenryuGalerians - Oopsie by Tomoe-TenryuGALERIANS | Escape the Second Time by Tomoe-Tenryu
:heart: :iconnellinen: Nellinen :bulletred:
Binding of Isaac: Lilith by NellinenHomesick by NellinenWondering by Nellinen
:heart: :iconmcarthur525: McArthur525 :bulletred:
Melty Girl Dances To Some Tunes by McArthur525Float by McArthur525Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon by McArthur525
:heart: :iconxxmintxx200: xXMintXx200 :bulletred:
Bright Smile by xXMintXx200Young Victor Nikiforov by xXMintXx200[Art Trade] Leyna by xXMintXx200
:heart: :icons4turn22: S4turn22 :bulletred:

:heart: :icondorkysoul: dorkysoul :bulletred:
Vampire Waltz by dorkysoulNatsuki by dorkysoulWater Witch by dorkysoul
:heart: :iconfelisshine: FelisShine :bulletred:

:heart: :icondamn-days: damn-days :bulletred:
Eevee sona by damn-daysTilli by damn-daysYou so f*ckin' precious when you smile by damn-days
:heart: :iconin13: In13 :bulletred:
Sienna and green by In13Waterlilies by In13Turquoise Succulent by In13
:heart: :icondysfunctionalbunny: DysfunctionalBunny :bulletred:
Flowerfell by DysfunctionalBunnyDibujo rapido de Miu Iruma by DysfunctionalBunnyBunny Tradicional Art by DysfunctionalBunny
:heart: :iconzomb1echild: Zomb1eChild :bulletred:
Space boy by Zomb1eChildSpace skull by Zomb1eChildWizard and dragon by Zomb1eChild
:heart: :iconsinnykitt: sinnykitt :bulletred:
PUWEEZTELLMEIIMPWUVEDSNEPPAI by sinnykittGoretober 5: Knifes by sinnykittGoretober 3: Glitch by sinnykitt
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HELLO! My short comic "Irwin" will get its first two pages during next week! 
Go favorite it for future updates,I hope you like it. 
press the banner for link!

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This is my year is ending journal, just basic thinking about it,
reminder of contest and frostbite in the end and few final birthday features!
My text might be some what depressive this year so if you wish to skip it just roll down till you see features! ^^
LE-le-le-lets gooo-oo- So first I had these big plans on what to write here.
But now my mind is kind of blank? I won't go much into detail but this year was kind of bad. 
It started off with the biggest art block and art hate I have had in awhile and whole summer of big depression feels that made me have suicidal thoughts in autumn... So I had to get help because I was my worst enemy. I still am, I will always be. But it got bad I started to make myself feel so sick thinking of meeting my friends was too much to deal with. I'm obviously still very much depressed like always it unfortunately wont go away in a blink of an eye or blink of years worth of eyes either. 
If you feel you need help how big or small the thing is,go get it. 
My step-aunt didn't and we had to attend her funeral just before Christmas. 
...I also had big family fight during the holidays and now I cut off other part of my family out of my life because they were too toxic and I had enough of them.
So if you need to cut ties even with family members to feel better, go for it. Obviously think about it first.
WELL it wasn't all that bad ok?? I mean it has been rough but my girlfriend proposed to me and now we are engaged! <3 
I'm also trying to start to not be so rough on myself, its tough but I'm willing to finally start trying. 
Happy new year everybody,I really hope you are here next year too and all the years after that.
if not watching me then enjoying life on your own ways.

ALSO, go check my girlfriends contest its still on and I'm offering prizes!
<da:thumb id="717032177"/>

I'm also attending Desucon frostbite in Lahti, Finland on artist street during Sunday,
our table number such can now be found on the website.

My birthday is on 3rd January so to celebrate that here is 4 features,go give them love and support! <3
:iconne-r0: NE-R0 :heart:
CHEMICAL RAT by NE-R0The Tolling of The Bells by NE-R0:SHEEP:CAT:DOG:DREAMER: by NE-R0
:iconyonetee: yonetee :heart:
Swamp tree by YoneteeDrugged by YoneteeFishing on the roof by Yonetee
:iconmarsmalllow: pastel1o1 :heart:
Cute nerd adoptable (CLOSED) by marsmalllowCommission for dracolein by marsmalllowCommission for Matcha-Mutt! by marsmalllow
:icongoremermaid: Goremermaid :heart:
*3* by goremermaidOhmygodnigdywincej by goremermaidpeace and love ~ by goremermaid
Also if you already haven't go check out my instagram, I often post doodles and art previews there.
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Its December, and that means Christmas calendar time! So for several years I have been doing x-mas countdown calendar where I feature people from my watch list daily till 24th day, because you are all talented bunch of people and I really like doing it! :heart:
Hopefully you find new artists or art you like trough this! Happy holidays! :heart:

1 :bulletred: MutatedEye :iconmutatedeye: :heart:
Dream Willow by mutatedeyeHelp by mutatedeyeDepressed plant by mutatedeye
2 :bulletgreen: Mizkatt :iconmizkatt::heart:
R U HAPPY? - ACEO by MizkattFEED ME by MizkattSangwoo by Mizkatt
3 :bulletred: Varjoaika :iconvarjoaika::heart:
Marriage is just a 'tradition', right? by VarjoaikaJudal by VarjoaikaAlibaba Saluja by Varjoaika
4 :bulletgreen: junkyard-cat :iconjunkyard-cat::heart:
the less i know the better by junkyard-cat where the hell did the days go by junkyard-cat vulture by junkyard-cat
5 :bulletred: rockbat :iconrockbat::heart:
Lapis lazuli by RoCkBaTSU - Back to the Barn by RoCkBaTLunaala Gijinka - Pokemon Moon by RoCkBaT
6 :bulletgreen: naoch :iconnaoch::heart:
Shiro - Adekan by naochKaneki Ken by naochApollo - Olympos by naoch
7 :bulletred: Midori-no-Usagi :iconmidori-no-usagi::heart:
Visiting Hours by Midori-no-UsagiLittle Nightmares Fanart - Six, A Hungry Child by Midori-no-UsagiPink Lars by Midori-no-Usagi
8 :bulletgreen: Lonelywalker :iconlonelywalker::heart:
How did you get here so fast? by LonelywalkerI won't die here by LonelywalkerJust a look by Lonelywalker
9 :bulletred: Aya-lunar :iconaya-lunar::heart:
Love it up by Aya-LunarUrsa Major by Aya-LunarSaint of the Deformed and Mangled by Aya-Lunar
10 :bulletgreen: ROGUEKELSEY :iconroguekelsey::heart:
11 :bulletred: Danraybeast :icondanraybeast::heart:
Commission Avi by DanrayBeastAkko Kagari Fan Art by DanrayBeastHalloween Special- Creepy Clown Girl by DanrayBeast
12 :bulletgreen: Kiosa :iconkiosa::heart:
NekoZukonyannyannyaa by KiosaHak -  Meadow 4 by KiosaDR AE: Trash king by Kiosa
13 :bulletred: Nanruda :iconferrunan::heart:
N23 by FerrunanMel01 by Ferrunan[YCH] Soze by Ferrunan
14 :bulletgreen: FiestaTB :iconfiestatb::heart:
Juhani ref by FiestaTBgfs by FiestaTBGreen [Pride month] by FiestaTB
15 :bulletred: Littlegrazygirl :iconlittlegrazygirl::heart:
Halloween witch by LittlegrazygirlGood bye, Steven by LittlegrazygirlInori by Littlegrazygirl
16 :bulletgreen: Ghosticalz :iconghosticalz::heart:
Zin Jamin Lee by GhosticalzAddicted by GhosticalzBe happy. Be happy by Ghosticalz
17 :bulletred: influenssa :iconinfluenssa::heart:
SU: Fuse with me by influenssaKLK: Pink nightmare by influenssaCatherine: Hello there by influenssa
18 :bulletgreen: dr-psilo :icondr-psilo::heart:
Batches by dr-psiloStyle Change practice by dr-psilohave some spook by dr-psilo
19 :bulletred: cupcaks-n-rainbows :iconcupcaks-n-rainbows::heart:
Naruto N Sasgay by cupcaks-n-rainbowsPink by cupcaks-n-rainbowsMenma by cupcaks-n-rainbows
20 :bulletgreen: Anael-AnChi :iconanael-anchi::heart:
AnChi-death by Anael-AnChiWill you send me an angel by Anael-AnChiDrunk'n'Drugs by Anael-AnChi
21 :bulletred: ArtBoxonFire :iconsunniicherrie::heart:
Battery by SunniiCherrieTeary And Tired - Guilt by SunniiCherrieYandere Simulator - Hair Down Ayano by SunniiCherrie
22 :bulletgreen: milky-sensei :iconmilky-sensei::heart:
Comission for Reno by milky-senseiShin and Rii-san HP version by milky-senseiFrick off by milky-sensei
23 :bulletred: mastaczajnik :iconmastaczajnik::heart:
Frankenstein's monster by mastaczajnikLegend of Zelda by mastaczajnikHarley Quinn by mastaczajnik
24 :bulletgreen: Yindere :iconyindere::heart:
Necrobie Ref - Koni by Yindere[C] chicaaago by YindereExperimental Bust Commissions - OPEN by Yindere
25 :bulletred: Chaotic-Crustacean :iconchaotic-crustacean::heart:
GORETOBER DAY 11: Crying by Chaotic-CrustaceanNEON CC [ new ID ] by Chaotic-Crustacean[ GIFT ] Pastel Nate for Nawkien by Chaotic-Crustacean
25+ :bulletgreen: Tundradrix :icontundradrix::heart:
A Few of the Many by TundradrixInktober Graceful by TundradrixInktober Juicy by Tundradrix
Happy Holidays :heart:
Thank you all!
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So my lovely girlfriend is hosting her first contest, and you should totally go take a look!
<da:thumb id="717032177"/><da:thumb id="717032177"/><da:thumb id="717032177"/>

There are great prizes and her characters are super nice to draw so its a WIN-WIN! 
I'm also donating prizes such as fully colored bg drawing that will be submitted to your home,so you get the original copy as well. 
Not to mention drawing from RaatoRotta as well other prizes, what am I telling you this for, go check out the details yourself! 
Additional details will be added later if those come up. 

But seriously, we would greatly appreciate your support and hope you have fun on joining! ^^ 
Also sharing this contest on your own journal,poll so on. Is also greatly appreciated! 
I hope to see bunch of lovely entries! <3
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I noticed I have now 600 watchers,and oh boy that's a lot!
SooOooOOoooo.. Since I have all of YOU to thank for this I decided to feature some of you lovely creatures!
I will feature more people during December since like every year I have this lil x-mas daily feature thing.
But yes,Thank you and go look at these really talented people->

Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Poch4N :iconpoch4n: :heart:
Kuso Kurae! by Poch4NScream Queens by Poch4NCarrot-Top by Poch4N
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf Ckirean :iconckirean: :heart:
Apples are good for you by CkireanEddie Boy by CkireanBloody Mess by Ckirean
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf Shi601 :iconshi601: :heart:
Demon by Shi601Shiu by Shi601kitty by Shi601
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf NaoNao-sama :iconnaonao-sama: :heart:
Red oracle by NaoNao-samaYou left me here by NaoNao-samaSebby And Ciel by NaoNao-sama
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf arurelius :iconarurelius: :heart:
starry boy by arureliusOdvunir by arureliusAodiiii by arurelius
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf Tiikeri :icontiikeri: :heart:
Circus Carousel Corset Centaur by TiikeriHilja and the Giant Forest part 3 by TiikeriAlice Hysteria by Tiikeri
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf saccharinetrash :iconsaccharinetrash: :heart:
In Love by saccharinetrashMinister of Chocolate by saccharinetrashLove Me by saccharinetrash
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Bi-HanNoir :iconbi-hannoir: :heart:
Of Bandits and Heroes... by Bi-HanNoirPicklocking by Bi-HanNoir4 meters is surely enough to blow your face off by Bi-HanNoir
:star:  Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf :star:  Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf :star:
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I was tagged by Spacebear-B
001. Real name: Ninni-Sofia

002. Nickname: Ninni.. I have never really have that many nicknames tbh,maybe like Nini?

003. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

004. Male Or Female: Female

005. Elementary: Loser

006. Middle School:  Bigger Loser

007. High School: Loner

008. Hair Color: Blonde, but now as older its ash blonde..kinda..grey-ish and dirty? But I dye it. 

009. Long Or Short: Well it changes its length, ofc,but now its to my shoulders and I don't like it.

010. Loud Or Quiet: Hmh... more Quiet,I think. 

011. Sweats Or Jeans: outside Jeans,inside naked...I mean sweats...

012. Phone Or Camera: Now my phone because I don't have my own camera... 

013. Health Freak: I wish I was

014. Drink or Smoke: DrinkDrinkDrink

015. Do You Have A Crush on Someone: No. Especially not on my girlfriend. 

016. Political orientation: no comment on this

017. Piercings: Septum

018. Tattoos: Two, check previous journals.


019. Airplane: Yes

020. Car Accident: Small one

021. Fist Fight: No,nope,nope.


022. First piercing: I got earrings when I was 6

023. First Best Friend: I guess a girl named Johanna when I was in daycare, then we got awful drama cos I got new friend.

024. First Instrument: Keyboard.. never played,it had auto music

025. First Award: ...

026. First Crush: ...Hmm,gee,I wonder

027. First Language: Well obviously my mother language so Finnish but in school English

028. First Big Vacation: We went to Sweden u_u because,thats basically the top vacation spot for finns XD 


029. Last Person, you talked to: :iconraatorotta:

030. Last Person, You Texted: Probably via messenger :iconchat-mot:

031. Last Person You Watched: ...This question sounds kinda creepy... but I guess pewdiepie from youtube?

032. Last Food You Ate: Tiny tiny nutella jar

033. Last Movie You Watched: some random one from tv,did not pay much attention. at the movies atomic blonde

034. Last Song You listened to: Love for the Ocean by Martin Hall

035. Last Thing You Bought: STICKERS

036. Last Person You Hugged: my girlfriend


037. Food(s): potato and meat mashed together. Tuna and chicken foods too. 

038. Drinks: Coca-cola and orange juice

039. Clothing: my comfy camouflage hoodie

040. Book: I don't read ACTUAL books so fav comics overall would be Magi,gangsta and Haikyuu!!

041. Color: Yellow and red

042  Flower: Sunflowers

043: Music: gloomy sad piano music,chorus songs

044. Movie: Tekkonkinkreet,is my all time favorite. But I love many movies, that's just the easiest to always list when this question is asked xD (like muppets in space is so funny!!)

045. Shoes: my broken shoes I bought with 1euro that I REALLY need to fix

046. Subjects: art


047. Kissed In The Snow: Probably yes.

048. Celebrated Halloween: No,I don't remember I did. maybe watched nightmare before x-mas? I guess we had a party but...

049. Had Your Heart Broken: Not in the last year no.

050. Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone: I don't really understand the question. tbh.

051. Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation: Yes

052. Came Outta The Closet: not big enough closets for that kind of things

053. Gotten Pregnant: I seem to give birth to one or two OC's per year so. I guess.. but real life babies? No. 

054. Had An Abortion: 5 times at least,I have over active womb.. No,no I did not.

055. Did Something You've Regretted: Most likely so. 

056. Broke A Promise: I won't make promises I can't keep,but who knows if I did.

057. Kept A Secret: Probably. 

058. Pretended To Be Happy: Every year xD

059. Met Someone Who Changed Your Life: Hmm.. Nooo? Don't think so.

060. Pretended To Be Sick: hehehe,heck yes.

061. Left The Country: No, but I would really like to.

062.Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it: Nothing comes to mind.

063. Cried Over The Silliest Thing: Not sure are we talking about this year till now or last year,but my memory is so bad that I'll just pick one from this year so I cried over the fact that we don't have warm enough summers... 

064. Ran A Mile: ugh No. I can't even run couple meters without wanting to die.

065. Went To The Beach: No.

066. Stayed Single: I stayed in relationship


067. Eating: Tuna and cottage cheese

068. Drinking: coca-cola zero

069. Getting Ready To: die

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: relax and go for a nice rainy walk..maybe scan some old drawings

072. Waiting for: playstation game to download but it always crashes at the end I'm kinda done.


073. Want Kids: No. No. Noooo. 

074. Want To Get Married: It would be nice, but if it won't happen, I'm fine with that too.

075. Careers in mind: Art,comics..the jizz. 


076. What Do You First Notice In Another Person: eyes,smile,..good butt

077. Shorter Or Taller: Taller

078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: ...hmm..hard really? Romantic

079. Nice Abs Or Nice Arms: nice arms

080. Other Person's Personality: Kind,forgiving,funny,dark humored

081. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship

082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Hesitant... I don't really like when people don't think what they are doing....


090. Yourself: No. one of my biggest issues really. I only believe my destiny is to fail. 

091. Miracles: No... I wish I did that too but not really. 

092. Love At First Sight: No. I think its called physical affection or something,which usually means you just like how they look or act.. I would not call it love.

093. Heaven: No. 

094. Santa Claus: Nah No to this too.

096. Magic: ...Noooo... am I starting to sound like a boring person yet? 


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Sure.

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: No.

099. Do You Believe In God: No. Why is this question on the truthfully section and not in the one the heaven question was?

100. Post As 100 Truths and tag 10 people: so its like click bait? I'm so done with this right now so everyone who got this far. DO IT. yes,not asking nicely here.

price is 25euros,Free shipping and because I really need this help. (thank you bills that I really can't pay right noooow)
 I'll put free of charge some random older prints and sketches. MAYBE EVEN STICKERS!!? 
the leaflet itself has works from me and :iconraatorotta: and has 60 pages! 

pic 1 by MurderDuckpic 4 by MurderDuckpic 2 by MurderDuckpic 3 by MurderDuck
This one you get free: Luuul by MurderDuck Send me note! PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL! Also if you are interested of commissions send me note about that too! Also if you have ways of how to rob banks,thats A-OKAY too! haha. 
I just hit 400 watchers,so thank you all,
its okay if it drops to 399 because of this but I wanted to take this moment to thank you all and share great artists to you!
So here is a little feature and my answers to an old Tag. Yeah I might take long while to sometimes answer to tags but I try to remember to save them on my bookmarks to eventually do them. ^^ 

ANYWAY check these awesome people out!-->

Harkill :iconharkill: :heart:
TV Room by HarkillGlittery snow by HarkillGood ol Oliver by HarkillSunny Days by Harkill

MilkyMichi :iconmilkymichi: :heart:
Neel by MilkyMichiDamien by MilkyMichitweekxcraig by MilkyMichiPretty boy by MilkyMichi

amaicreama :iconamaicreama: :heart:
Jellyfish Prince by amaicreamaColour and Donny by amaicreamaMissing you by amaicreamaRain by amaicreama

And I was tagged by Spacebear-B Thank you :heart:
This time I will only answer the 13 questions she made for me and disobey every other rule HA-HA-HA.
 that's what being an adult means. Avoooiiidiiing ruuuleeeeeeessss...
  1. Have you pulled an all-nighter before?
    - Yes,and every time I regret it in the morning.

  2. Have you ever been to a drive through?
    - Yup. What a magical experiences those were

  3. Video games or music?
    -Ah tricky tricky, but I would have to go with video games..
    but is there music in the video games after I take off music? Anyway,still video games. 

  4. What’s your astrology sign?

  5. Do you have a favorite pick up line? (write it!)
    - Heeeelll nooo I don't.. maybe something kinky.. Idk,let me make one up right now.. "Ever wanted to visit a rain forest? I might not have a whole forest but I have really wet bush" omg.. okay okay, NO,forget it. 

  6. How many times a day do you daydream?
    - when I have time between self loath and money issues xD 

  7. What is your pet peeve?
    -I have bunch but.. leaving toilet seats up? 

  8. What kind of fashion aesthetic would you wear?
    - Messy punk rock type of clothes, the bum look! 

  9. Slippers or fluffy socks?
    - ...n-n-neither??? Ugh,fluffy socks I guess...

  10. Oceans or lakes?
    -LAKE, ocean is salty and big

  11. If you had a theme song what would it be?
    - I would like it to be something made by Akira Yamaoka,actually. But I bet it would be something like a comical relief enters the building kind of song,but if I could decide I would ask him to make me one. 

  12. What medium of art do you suck at? (For me it is typically painting xD)
    - Digital,totally Digital

  13. Most ridiculous thing you have ever seen?  
    -MY FACE,BOOOOOM! ah,but really,nothing comes to mi.. no our neighbors parking skills,that's really ridiculous they always take two spots!!

Hey. First I will begin with the other info, I applied for both Desucon (Finland) and Tracon's artist alleys,and did not get a spot on either one of them,better luck next time. All print orders,postcards,art leaflet,commission things are still available online,like always. Just note me if you need further info about it.  I will come to both conventions tho, but I will just be cosplaying. 

Then the tag. 

I was tagged by this sweet person: Aya-Lunar 
:bulletblack:Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
:bulletpurple:Write 13 things about yourself
:bulletblack:Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and makes your own 13 questions.
:bulletpurple:Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
:bulletblack:Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
:bulletpurple:It is forbidden not to tag anyone  

13 things about me:
1:bulletblack: Someday I want to go to other country's convention to sell my art. Someday. 
2:bulletpurple: I would like to won a lottery so I could travel the world and go see my friends
3:bulletblack: I'm honestly and insecure wuss...
4:bulletpurple: ...But I would still like to think of myself a pretty funny or a nice person
5:bulletblack: I'm 165cm tall 
6:bulletpurple: I love stickers and tape.. I accidentally ordered over 50 decorative tapes,no wonder I'm poor (they were cheap tho!!!!) 
7:bulletblack: I like talking to people but at the same time I'm scared of people,like literally scared of them. 
8:bulletpurple: I love napping, and I can and could sleep around the clock if wanted
9:bulletblack: I moan and complain a lot,don't mean I wouldn't be grateful 
10:bulletpurple: I take thyroid medicine every morning like a good girl (sometimes I forget) 
11:bulletblack: I want to publish my comic online,but its in my opinion pretty bad so for now I wont. 
12:bulletpurple: I always feel happy to find out people like my art, and I don't think I will ever feel different towards it
13:bulletblack: Stairs still scare me,if I can avoid walking stairs elevator is my thing. 

Aya-Lunar's questions for me: 
1:What is your utmost guilty pleasure?
-....sponges,like bath sponges. 
2:What is your best artwork in your opinion?
-...I really don't know,but from all the current ones in my gallery in here maybe this one then:
You're just the shell of The boy that you've been by MurderDuck
3:What is your age
- I'm 24 years old
4: Do you like horror movies, games?
- Yes I do, I like them both. I have watched horror movies since I was very young and watch my mom play horror games around the same age too (7 years or so) so its really hard to find GOOD horror movies,which is a shame. I'm not scared of horror movies at all but horror games still make me scream like a baby most of the time because they are so full of jump scares.
5:Is there anything you intensely hate?
-Yeah, the list is actually pretty long so I rather not go into details. but shortly; yes.
6:What song makes you cry?
7:Have you ever gotten into a fight?
- only into word to word,bitching fight. But not into a fist one. 
8:What are your pet(s) names?
- I have a dog called Pepe
Pepe by MurderDuck
9: Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
- I have septum piercing, Eye tattoo on my middle finger of my left arm and
on my right angle I have a bunny made by Fukari
Hhh by MurderDuck
10:What was the longest relationship you have been in?
- my current one,Three years now with RaatoRotta
11:What is your favorite thing or topic, colors to draw/paint etc?
-I like drawing my Oc's the most,cartoony eyes,stars and moons.
And my favorite color to do everything with is either Yellow or red.
12:Have you ever hurt yourself intentionally?
- Yes, I have. But then I realized I hate pain and it was rather pointless
13:What name do you hate the most?
- Names that people I don't like have. 

And I'll tag these person's (if you don't want to do it,its OK) 
:iconraatorotta: :iconbeweme: :iconalinashard: :iconfudgelius: :iconchat-mot: :iconcorianten: :iconnekomira: :iconradiumiridium: :iconyonetee: :iconka-thea: :iconlaitma: :iconuniversedeer: :iconnaulex:

My questions: 
1: taste or smell that reminds you of childhood? 
2: If you could life outer space,would you? 
3: Do you have a dream job? what? 
4: Your current worry in life? 
5: Your current favorite game/book etc.? 
6: If you have original characters your own top 3,you like. If you don't have any any favorite 3 characters are fine!
7: Favorite eye and hair color on people? 
8: Favorite animal? 
9: Next dream travel destination? 
10: Any other art sites you use? 
11: How many members you have in your family? 
12: Are you happy with your life? 
13: Do you believe in Karma? 
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Our floors need to be changed due to water damage so I really need some positivity into my life right now..
so,I featured two people and managed to answer one old tag. (more of the water damage in the final question of the tag) 
Go watch these peep's art. They are both very talented and nice people! :heart:

:iconnexivi: Nexivi :heart:
city by Nexivinie oddam krokodylka by NexiviOver The Garden Wall by Nexiviwaiting for youuuu by Nexivi

:iconbeweme: Beweme :heart:
Share this drink with me by BewemeLady Wildflower by BewemeThe Swamp witch by BewemeThe five by Beweme

...And now to the tag part,enjoy these random infos!
Rules !!

Tag 12 answer 12 and make 12 of your own questions.
Questions I got from Spacebear-B Thank you for tagging me,sorry for late reply. 
1-If you were in a horror movie which character would you be?
- I would be the one in the beginning of the movie who is like "HAH,there is no such thing as ghosts" *dies* Or the side character who no-one believes who is way too protective about everything who is only shown in the beginning and end like "YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED HER"
2-What’s your favorite genre of movie?
- horror. Also animation but is that a genre?
3-Do you have an irrational fear?
- hahaha..ha..ha.. uh... maybe..I might have couple.. Like open toilet seats,okay,its not a fear really,its just disgusting okay?? 
4-Would you rather endure super hot summer or a super coldest winter?
-super hot summer... Since super cold winter is too daily in here during winter anyway,so let me try the summer for once. XD
5-What is the oddest dream you have ever had?
-hehe.. my dream's are pretty odd quite frankly. But one definitely was when there was a zombie apocalypse and then I found this LARP group who were dressed up as zombies and just pretended it was zombie apocalypse even there REALLY was and I almost killed them..
6-Favorite board game?
-Walking dead board games are hella fun. 
7-Would you rather live through a zombie apocalypse or a hostile alien invasion?
-Zombie,always a zombie. Especially if the zombies are literally brain dead who can't run. 
8-What would be the first thing you do if you discovered magic was real?
- WELL,I would start learning it and hope I could use magic.. if not then I would cry since it would be so unfair. 
9-What would you do if you suddenly lived in the world of a shonen anime?
-HMMH,depends really much of the anime,but I think I would roll with it.. expect if I would be the poor side character who dies on the first episodes then I guess I would just die.. crying..dramatically.. saying dramatic last words that hold no meaning until the last episode like "...Carry your destiny head hold high..ughh your..father did.. BLERGH"
10-Is there someone from a show or movie that you would date?
- Bunch of really! I have many people I would date but easiest answer right now with not a lot thinking required would be Daryl Dixon from twd XD
11-What did you/do you enjoy the most about school?
- When I was in school I enjoyed most about interesting subjects and free lunch.
12-How is your day going? (Hopefully well ^w^)
- ...ha-ha-ha. Actually shit XD Yesterday we noticed that our dishwasher has been leaking and now our floors need to be dried,taken off and changed. Nice little process... Today we managed to move all our furniture to balcony... And nothing will be done until Tuesday thanks to Easter Holiday season.

I'll tag no-one right now,but if you did read this far,answer this for me: Hows YOUR day and spring going?
Also like always commissions and prints and so on are always open,just ask! 
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Sorry for super late replies around here lately..
I am currently struggling liking my own art so that's part of the reason for my inactivity.
(trying my best to fix that)
Thank you all for any kind of support you have given me! I appreciate it all!! 

Also I really wanted to feature this person right here--->

:icondefutura: DeFutura
He is really talented photographer and super nice and supportive!
I really do appreciate your support. Don't think I wouldn't. 
Luna III_01 by DeFutura12-12-12 by DeFuturaFlower of Revolution by DeFutura
More cheerful journal this time. In Finnish tho.
Niinkuin luvattuna täällä se on,turha Desucon Frostbite 2017 ilmoitus journali! Eli olen tulossa kaikkina kolmena päivänä. Perjantai,lauantai ilta (luulisin) ja sunnuntaina näytän enemmän tai vähemmän vaan itseltäni. Perjantaina ei ole suunitelmissa mitään, mutta sunnuntaina olen taidekujalla henkilön RaatoRotta kanssa joten tulkaapa käymäämpi. Ja jos satut lukemaan tämän ennen conia niin minulle saa puhua ja jos en kuule jotain älkää loukkaantuko, taidekuja on myyntipöytä salissa joten olettaisin äänentason olevan suhteellisen korkea. Teen myös "headshot" tilaustöitä,eli hartioista ylöspäin olevia kuvia viidellä eurolla sekä myyn printtejä,pinssejä,kortteja ja niin edelleen. Tasa raha on suositeltavaa,kuten aina vaikka vaihtorahaa löytyykin. Olisin halunnut liittää tähän niin sanotun TÄSSÄ MEIDÄN PÖYTÄ ON LALALAA,kuvan mutta valitettavasti en tiedä sitä vielä itsekkään..
Lauantaina olen enemmän tai vähemmän official cossissa eli Alma Karmana D.gray manista mutta niin sanotussa fan-art versiossa. \o/
Ilmoittakaa toki onko kukaan tulossa,haha! See yah there. 

And if you red this far and you did not understand a word I said and it made you sad,I'm sorry. Its about a convention I'm going to go sell my soul on the artist alley. 
I want to open up to you guys about something... If you think talking/writing about personal issues and problems are pain in the ass or attention seeking,you should stop reading right about now because this time its all about that.
There is this thing that has been eating me up A LOT this year.. and will continue doing so for the rest of my life.
Its something I get really emotional talking about but I feel like I need to get it out of me to try and accept it better and not start crying about it every other day, haha. The thing is... I'm losing my eyesight. I have never seen with my other eye (only colors). And this years summer I visited eye doctor to see if I could get glasses because walking down stairs has gotten really scary because the shapes sometimes gets together and I don't trust where the stair really is. Well the answer was "no" because the problem is not really in my eye its on my brains and because of that the older I get the weaken my other eye that I can still see pretty normally with, starts to get similar to my other eye and I can't fix it with glasses or even surgery. 
So... at some point I can only see blurry colors anymore. 
its...really scary... and I get really beaten down because of it because I start to think things like I want to travel NOW and see the world and have that kind of art and comics I would be satisfied with but.. I can't and I don't have that..what if I run out of time? I know you can die any day or get in accident but knowing it for sure is just shitty. 
Like in the beginning this is not attention seeking,I just needed to write about this.. I will probably delete this soon when I get embarrassed over it.. I just.. I hope I can keep doing what I'm doing as long as possible. 
Have great holidays everyone!! And happy new year <3 Lets stay positive and strong 
I decided to put my character tags in the same journal with each others. Also I added new ones that no-one asked for XD haha. I'm going to make more of these of the rest of the characters so its easier for you guys to get to know these guys a bit more. Also it gives myself excuse to think about them too. So Enjoy the round 1~

Sometimes I find that broken is cute by MurderDuckBad Blood by MurderDuckLittle flower child by MurderDuck
-red hair-green eyes-boy- 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf His father brainwashed his mother to think he was a monster (explained later) and left the family. His mom blamed his son about this and wanted to kill the whole family, only killing Allie's big sister Alessa who forced her brother out of the window to safety. 
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf He learned to play piano on orphanage because he did not want to talk with the other children even when the other children did try. 
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf (explained now) Allie and his father are/were both blood benders, which mean they can control the blood on their bodies and also others. His father was actually scared of him because he felt his powers would be much better than his. 
Which he were right..
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Allie's confidence level is really low.. Sometimes he gets courage to like himself a bit more and stand for himself and others (mainly for others) but he is easy to push down with words for a long times to come. (He is my oldest character and was made when I was bullied at school,that's were he got this personality from at first) 
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf Allie's best friend is Alice who he met on hospital therapy group for children who has lost their siblings. Allie did not talk much to Alice back then but they slowly began friends because Allie secretly liked how Alice was not scared to speak out his mind.. Also he was the only one in the group who tolerated his behavior. 
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf Allie had a toy bunny when he was a kid, bunny reminds him of those times in good and bad which made him start to wear cute hoodies/clothes with bunny ears time to time which gave him a small nickname of a bunny. Also he blushes like no tomorrow and would hide his head behind you like a silly bunny anyway. At the moment he mostly wears something baggy as a shirt and slim pants. 
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf He is extremely skinny (underweight) and mostly likes eating ice lolly's and rice. He doesn't want to eat much because he doesn't want to get fat,he doesn´t deserve to eat much and also because he just don't want to eat. Its also no surprise he is/has been very suicidal and self harming.. He is trying to work on it and love himself more. But his both parents hating him made him feel like he isn't worth much and is indeed a monster with awful abilities to kill.
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf He wears a choker on his neck all the time. He doesn't remove it when people are watching, the reason for this? Who knows, but I'm sure he is hiding a scar under it that he wish he hadn't tried to do..
Toss Me Money and Boss Me Around by MurderDuckMemento Mori by MurderDuckNose treasure by MurderDuck
-blue hair-yellow eyes-boy-
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Alice has a past of doing porn on while he was still under age. He had a crush on this older man who exploded his love on him and took advantage. Alice learned nothing and continued to fall in love with guys much older than him with money and power.
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf Alice is 154cm, so pretty short for a boy. He hates being reminded of his height but is starting to accept it as years go by. 
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf He had a twin brother who died when they were 10 years old. His name was Amber. He drowned and now Alice has a fear of water and he never learned to swim. 
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf He has green tongue, his mother has purple and his brother had blue one. its just genetic,no logical explanation. 
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf Alice likes playing video games (like tekken) but he isn't very good at them which pisses him off. He also likes to run on a track field and is actually second fastest character I have. He also likes to go dance in clubs and can move those hips. 
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf Alice's most popular nickname is "dog" since he barks so much but sucks at biting. He also has other qualities you could think dog would have. Mostly like chihuahua, small who barks a lot but backs down quickly when the real fight begins. 
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf  So yes, Alice has a real potty mouth. Especially when he is in a bad mood a swear word can be every other word he says. His temper over all is also very short and he gets frustrated easily. 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf He loves the color yellow and jackets with hoods covered with fur lining. He most of the time always speaks out his mind which causes him end up in too many fights that he did not mean to even happen.

DEADEADEADEADEADEAD by MurderDuckTrust Me? by MurderDuckParasite by MurderDuck
-dyed pink hair,originally brown hair-brown eyes-boy-
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf He died when he was 21 years old, He had taken drugs and alcohol and was raped and tossed along side of the road during winter where his body froze to death. 
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf He found his way back to the living world trough David who had bought hair pin form magic shop that attracts spirits. So he kind of possessed him and made friends with David. Who later began to hate him because Danil constantly made wrong choices and betrayed his trust. 
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf when he first met David,he had been dead for over 200 years so he had forgotten even his own name,so David named him "Solan". Even tough Danil now remembers who he was and is, he still likes the name Solan because it reminds him of the time when David was still his friend. (yes he had a tiny crush on him) 
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Danil has a neck tattoo (grey flower thing) that he took only to piss off his parents. 
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf He also has a gap between his front teeth, he lost his front tooth in a fight,which he obviously lost. 
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf He is very talented singer and wanted to do that as a career,but his parents never approved so he went to business school and working under his father instead in an office. 
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf He is not mean or anything,he just attracts wrong kind of people by doing wrong kind of choices.. Maybe he is just a bit dumb outside school (or unlucky) 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf When he was dead and in the spirit world he also met this ancient wizard who taught him about using his voice with magic. And now he has the ability to mess with people's mind with his singing. This also is problematic since he does do all the wrong choices and uses his talent for all the wrong things. He still tries to learn, the wrong and right in the world. 
Fathers precense by MurderDuckDancing Alone Again by MurderDuckFrogs like to jump by MurderDuck
-light blue hair-light green eyes-boy-
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Olli's mother died at child birth which caused his father to blame him from his mother's death and use it as an excuse of being a bad father and make him do the house works and run his mouth at him. 
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf When Olli was 9 years old his Father sold him to a cannibal because the cannibal promised him money and fame. The cannibal did not eat Olli tough but treated him like a pet and made him eat human meat.
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf His biggest joy's in life is eating mandarins and doing origami's. He also enjoys reading books and learning new things.
(He is one of the wisest characters I have) 
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf One morning the cannibal had left and never came back leaving Olli by himself. He then traveled around until he arrived at Mora's magical shop and started to work in there. He does not get paid but Mora lets him sleep on the attic. 
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf Olli's real surname isn't babafemi, its actually his friend's/boss surname that he just took for himself since he did no longer wanted to be part of his own family tree. Mora, whose surname it is,does not mind it at all.
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf Olli doesn't enjoy wearing pants, he just never felt the need for it. Sometimes he does tho when its cold. But he absolutely hates wearing shoes and would rather walk even on snow bare feet than wear some. 
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf The reason he hates shoes is because he can see the surroundings with his feet. For instance he can tell for several km where a certain person is and what is that person holding on their hands. He rarely uses his talents for anything special...
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf ...Sometimes he hunts people with his talent tho. Because he still has the pleasure of eating human meat after all these years. Olli isn't very strong so he usually follows his prey and waits for the right moment. Who would suspect someone without pants and shoes to want to eat you anyway? 
Table Dancer by MurderDuckStuck with you by MurderDuckYour body is my coffin by MurderDuck
-Purple hair-one yellow/black,and one blue eye-boy- 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Touko committed suicide when he was 20 years old. He took a drug over dose on a buss because his girlfriend had cheated on him with his brother. If you ask now if he has a brother the answer is "no" because he is just that dramatic over it. 
Bulletpink by Wooded-Wolf He was brought back to life by this child like scientist Kaimi,who wanted to test new stuff out and mixed his dna with a toy duck,yes a toy duck.. it did not go as planned so he had to use a real duck too. That's why he has a feather "tail" and wheels on his legs. 
Bulletlilac by Wooded-Wolf Touko does not drink alcohol,smoke or eat meat. He does not care if you eat meat but he does kind of judge you if you drink or smoke when he is in the room. 
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf For him looks are very important. If you look like trash it means you are trash,right? Best way to anger him is to say he looks bad.. Because secretly he thinks so too. But it would take so much for actually make him crack that much that he would ever tell you that. You probably die before that.
Bulletcerulean by Wooded-Wolf Touko is very good at using his knife... He is very fast from his legs and can jump high so if he is after you with his knife,you most likely will end up dead. Yes,he does kill people... And yes its usually because of something they said. So in a way he is very sensitive? 
Bulletcerise by Wooded-Wolf He hates swearing and people who do! He was raised in a family where you had to act a certain way and get good grades from school and so on. So if he sweared at home he got punished. Sometimes he does swear but he always tries to correct his words right after when he realises he made this horrible mistake. (killing is ok,swearing is not)
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolf Touko is only book smart and did get good grades at school but other than that,he is not very smart. He is actually very very very stupid. Don't proof that tho because you might get stabbed. Especially if you tell him that in un-polite way. 
Bulletpurple by Wooded-Wolf Touko tells everyone he does not love or believe in love anymore. Actually he does,but he has a serious trust issues. He can sleep around but his partner should not. a polite asshole. He has tortured someone over the fact they told they loved him and took back their words. big no-no.