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This time I'm presenting you something different. My first try at making an infographic. I had this idea about a week ago while walking back home, just with the chart and the pyramid parts planned. After some days I came out with the learning curve part too. I've been all of this week trying to develop it at full. It wasn't an easy task...

I don't really have any pretensions with this other than entertain and encourage people to improve and express themselves.

I also used this one to try a couple new things on PS. I used some airbrush for making the background less bold. The drawings for the artist chart are pretty bad, ikr :P but I'm quite happy with the composition and the general presentation. Whatever you tell me :)



pls don't unwatch ;_;


Photoshop CS6
TOOLS: Tablet - NGS Cadboy Ultra, USB Mouse
Several (Brush + Vector)
12 hours (+1 week of procrastination)

Art © 2015 Mur Dareik :iconmurdareik:
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I guess I'm the adept.
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I has the dorrah, top pyramid master race
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I have no idea what group I'd fall under... guess unfortunate?
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Only if you are either broke or have serious family problems.
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Wow, very informational! :D
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And that is artists in a nutshell.
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I feel like I relate to the adept, but I also relate to the rough diamond and somewhat with the unfortunate. I have a ridiculously easy time learning skills if mentored but also already ahve a decent skill for mimicking designs of characters, but currently I can't quite afford everything. It felt nice seeing something so obviously explained, makes you realize you aren't truly that bad.
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Glad to hear that :D

I myself think the most important thing is to keep trying. Most people never 'succeed' or get good/better because at one point they stop. Talent is a gift that can make things go faster, but work is essential.
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Totally agree! I am relieved my sculpting skills has landed me a secure employment as a pastry decorator, I believe a lack of stress ahs been a key component to my fast learning. Perhaps one day I may take classes in comic book writing too, I used to love the medium.
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THIS is a very very very interesting analysis !! POWA!!
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Nice interpretation
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Fascinating stuff.
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Holy hell, that moment when you notice you're a unfortunate. I hit a point at which I just don't understand how to go further nor do I have the funding/time to do so. As for learning this skill, I would if I had time and money. That I don't.
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Don't worry, being an unfortunate is just being on a transition state. Nobody stays there forever. Better times will come to you :D
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Thanks for the positivity, I'll look forward to the future :)
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