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Doing Loving Things to Garnet

More like just doing 'things' to Garnet :P

This one was really easy to make and I admit it is a bit lazy. I used the same drawing for every panel with slight modifications, but I think it's fitting for her. I know some people won't like it, given that the point of these is to make the girl act like your waifu, but I'm of the opinion that Garnet just needs herself (or Ruby and Sapphire to be together).

I don't think I will do a hurtful version, but if I did the viewer would probably end up destroyed. Dealing with Garnet is serious business after all...

Photoshop CS6
TOOLS: Tablet - NGS Cadboy Ultra, USB Mouse
Hard Round Brush
2.5 hours

Art © 2015 Mur Dareik :iconmurdareik:
Steven Universe © 2013 Rebecca Sugar / Cartoon Network
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Aww.. so cute, Now i'm watching you, hey, making a hurtful version, why not? I want to know Garnet's reaction to that.

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you broke my heart.
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(redoing comment)

my reactions:

1. Say something, why don't you?

2. Talk already!

3. It's hard to stop; your hair is nice and soft.

4. Oh really?

5. Hmm, that is a good point.

6. Oh well, goodbye.
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And I thought pearl was salty.
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"You are in lust with me; not love" - This is very likely what Garnet (Sapphire & Ruby) were thinking in the episode Love Letters.
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Lol. That's our Garnet.

She was pretty cold in that episode, but definitely made up for it at the end. She *really* never took seriously the idea that his feelings for real 'cause if anyone knows how real love works, it's her. And also, part of the brilliance of the show is that none of them are perfect, even Square Mom/Mom Squared herself.
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If Garnet loves anyone else... is that technically an affair?
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I think Ruby and Sapphire will figure it out so it would be some kind of threesome or love triangle
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That would probably be the best threesome ever.
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Will you make a Pearl version? o3o
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Not next, but probably :P
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