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Clouds (The Great Gig in the Sky)

So, one day I was listening to Pink Floyd's :iconpinkfloydplz: when it came that song, the Great Gig on the Sky. Getting it out of context, this is what I imagined that day. It was gorgeous... :iconfluttershyblushplz:

I compiled this composition of vectors in order to recreate that moment. Nothing special if you ask me, but I want to have it online. Also it is an acceptable Wallpaper.

And yes, I think I was high as hell (I don't even remember when, lol).

P.S.: NEEDS MOAR PLZ ICONS :iconinsanetwilightplz::iconinsanetwilightplz::iconinsanetwilightplz:


30 Minutes

Art © 2012 Mur Dareik :iconmurdareik:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro :iconhasbroplz:
Created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:

Special Thanks to:
:iconmlp-vectorclub: for the background, and the Rainbow Dash vectors.
:icongrendo11: for the various cloud vectors
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© 2012 - 2022 MurDareik
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Is there a version without Rainbow Dash? If so I would love to use it!
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Yes, you can see it here:
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Thank you very much :)
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its a beautiful song
ahaaah haaa yeaaaah hahahaaaaaaaaaaaah  ahhhaha ohhhh ohhhh ohh ohoh
MurDareik's avatar
Actually, the best written interpretation of the song I've ever seen.
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Used and credited in
Thank you :3
TM2-Dinobot's avatar
Hi, can I please please please use this for a PMV? I would obviously give you credit and a link in the description. :)
MurDareik's avatar
Absolutely! Also, please provide me with the link of your video when you finish it ;)
TM2-Dinobot's avatar
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This is absolutely gorgeous! Great Job!
CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
Fits even more since I'm hearing the song itself =w=.

Great job though :D.
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Glad you like it =)
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This just goes to show how everything on the internet leads back to ponies. I was just looking for stock for a completely non-pony related video that I'm making. I typed in "clouds" on Google Images and found this. Well, at least I got an awesome new desktop wallpaper.
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That's amazing! But I'm looking for it by myself and I can't find it :P
Also thanks :)
Precioso, hermano, PRECIOSO!
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Can I use this in my art, you will be linked and get full credit for this image, would be very helpful if you would allow me :)
MurDareik's avatar
No problem with that. Go ahead :iconfluttershywinkplz:
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