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United States
Current Residence: Florida, bby ;D
Favourite genre of music: Visual Kei
Favourite style of art: ANIME/MANGA :D
Operating System: Windows 7, peeps
MP3 player of choice: Apple~
Favourite cartoon character: Ulquiorra <3
Personal Quote: Touch him and I shall keel you. :D
In my mind, I like to narrate everything I do. I know that's a little weird, but hey. We're all weird in our own little way. But my thing is, when I narrate my actions in my head...I delve deeply into my imagination and make it something that isn't even happening. I suppose that, since writing is an art, I will write about my life here. The life that I imagine myself to have, a life of adventure, magic, and a whole heep of trouble. :) Technically, a life that is not, and never will be, MY life. xD

    So, imagine that someone knows your deepest darkest secret--a secret that would turn the world upside down, and not just your own. Not someone you know, either. Just some random person you have vaguely heard of around school. This would give you a really good reason to be mad, right? Because I was angry. Very, very angry. Everyone in the cafeteria could tell from the seething look on my face that I was mad, and they gave me a wide berth. I would like to think, however, it was their instincts that kept them away from me, that they could feel the danger emanating off of my skin and they could smell it, just as the cafeteria filled with the stench of uncertainty with a tad bit of fear.

    Now, if you looked at me when I wasn't in my unhappy place, I would look quite harmless. 5 foot 4, with thick, curly blond hair brushing my shoulders, bright, jade green eyes, pale, fair skin...I wasn't skinny, either. I was...pleasantly plump, I'd like to say. Where as all these things are somewhat common in the human world, in my world they meant something completely different.

   Kayla cast a seemingly furtive glance in my direction, and though she sat nearly 7 tables away from me, I could feel her as she stiffened. It helped that she and her friends were the closest people to me. (Yes, 7 tables away and still the closest. I did say everyone was giving me a wide birth.) At her glance I felt my temper rise, white hot, within me. Some kids who were very sensitive to the supernatural whimpered at this, and not wanting to cause an uproar, I choked it back down.

    How dare she look at me like she thinks I won't notice? I thought to myself. She knows very well I could chop her pretty little head of right here and now.

    I watched her and her friends mutter to each other about me for some time, Kayla denying anything about her knowing why I was giving her such a deadly glare. Which was smart, because I WOULD chop off her head the instant she tried to reveal my secret.

    After awhile, the tone that signaled the end of lunch sounded. I remained seated. I was unsure whether my powers of compelling actually worked on her, but either way she did what I wanted and remained seated as well, even while her friends gave her incredulous looks and filed out of the cafeteria with everyone else.

    In less than five minutes, nobody was left in the cafeteria except for Kayla and I. I released Kayla from my hold, but she remained seated. This made me even more uncertain if my power worked on her, for surely she would have run screaming out of the cafeteria once I had released her. Right? Any sane person knowing of my powers would run away.

    Just as I was about to compel her to do something--anything--she rose of her own free will. She did it in a very calm manner, keeping her hands on her table as if she would fall without its support. Then she straightened herself, turned toward me, and walked. I couldn't help but stare at her curiously. There were two ways to do this--the easy way and the easier way--and I couldn't believe she chose the easier way. Of course there was still the possibility she would run after she heard what I had to say.

    But what was there to say? There was always the option of killing her, but I was so lazy and didn't want to have to clean up the mess afterwards. Perhaps I could compel her to forget what she saw? I didn't know if I was even able to compel someone to do such a thing. I'd never been in a situation that called for it.

    "Just kill me," she said abruptly, pulling me out of my thoughts.

    Her words made a smile spread across my face, one that I didn't want but couldn't help. "You're a smart one, aren't you? Wanting death when the person who would deal it doesn't want to give it."

    My words made her take a minute to process them. " aren't going to kill me then?"

    Laughter escaped me, and my eyes turned bright. This girl was brave, I'd give her that! Coming to me of her own free will thinking I'd kill her. "I like your spunk."

    Kayla's face twisted into something of confusion and fear. "What does that mean?"

    "It means," I said slowly. "I'm giving you two options. I'm hoping you'll pick the less messy of the two."

    "And the options are...?" she prompted after a moment had passed and I remained silent.

    "Work for me, as my personal assistant, or die."

    "I thought you said you weren't going to kill me!" she exclaimed.

    "Obviously I'm not going to kill you if you choose to be my assistant. And I said that I didn't WANT to kill you, that doesn't mean I won't if I have to. I'm assuming that statement means you want to die, then?"

    "Of course not! I'll work for you. What does your personal assistant have to do?"

    I hesitated. I wasn't really sure how to answer that. "Everything that I don't want to do," I replied, after a couple seconds of thought. "Paperwork, dealing out punishment, and when you're trained, battle."

    "Whoa, wait, what?!"

    "You don't think I'm invincible, do you? I tire. I need someone brave and faithful to be able to take my place when I'm injured."

    Her mouth hung open in astonishment. Or some emotion similar to it, anyway. "What the hell would you BATTLE?"

    "Beasts, demons, things like that." She just stared at me after that, and I figured she was too stunned to reply anymore, so I shrugged and stood. "Let's go then."

    I held out my hand, summoning my sword, and it appeared in my hand without hesitation. Immiker (my sword) was what humans would call an old world weapon, something resembling a sword from the King Arthur days. The hilt was gold and had an intricate trellised, floral design with emeralds peeking out in some places. The blade was made from a combination of pure silver and titanium. The silver gave it a luminescent shine, and the titanium made the sword light and extremely strong. It was beautiful and powerful, and a very important part of my life.

    Not wasting any time, I made a simple strike in the air with Immiker, a black line in the blade's wake. This line then widened until it had become a round portal, big enough for one person to go through at a time. I stepped aside and motioned for Kayla to go first. "After you," I said pleasantly.

    She gave me a skeptical look. "That looks like you cut out a perfectly round piece of black paper and had someone hold it up. There's no way that's real."

    I stuck my arm through the hole, and the surface rippled. My arm couldn't be seen beneath its liquid surface. "Now, after you, my assistant," I said impatiently after removing my arm.

    The look she gave me now was a startled one. I could almost see what was going through her mind--the fears of going to a different world, one with monsters and demons and such. It was almost as if she thought that I came from her own world at first, when I was telling her about the things she would battle.

    Lucky for her those things didn't exist here--well, they didn't COME FROM here. Sometimes the monsters escaped my own world into this one. They were the cause of my "natural" disasters.

    Swallowing her fear, Kayla stepped forward hesitantly and slowly stuck her arm in. Realizing it wasn't wet, a tiny bit of confidence filled her and she plunged herself into it. I followed her in, not expecting my portal to drop us off in a place where all hell had broken loose.
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