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hi again.
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reminds me of pokemon black and white.
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very nice concept! only one thing, you should fix the banding in the background wit some noise;) (the left one)
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delicious cactus flavor!
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Interesting concept, I understand why the mic is there but whay was the idea behind the cactuses?

Great job though :)
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this is awesome! great work :)
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super genius!! :clap:
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damm...its so coolllllll!!!!!
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I liked how you added "lick" on the microcone.
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çalışmalarını tebrik ederim
şans eseri buldum sizi ama geç kalmışım malesef yaptıklarınız harika :) çok beğendim =)
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very perfect
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They're both so vibrant and creative.
I really like the Lick & Stop, though. x3
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...mommy.....i dont like icecream no keeps electricuting me, and leaving un wanted percings in my tounge....

some times my pircing even have pockey things still in them and i have to pull them out....

icecream dosnt taste to good eather now, i only said yum, because i was in denile..... (lol, lol)
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Mind. Blown. Congratulations on killing me with awesome.
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