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" Not Every Bulb Shines "

this is something political about my country's prime minister selections and about a party which has " bulb " as their logo :thumbsdown:
hope you understand this way

thank you

thanks to: Çağdaş Pak
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. . . I saw that guy in the cantina yesterday, I think.

the bulb needs to be bright.
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u live in The darkness now .. 
Thank's to Allah That i'm muslim 
all religions call for hijab and now you say that hijab is darkness 
The mother of jeuses was wearing hijab 
u have to give me a logical evidence for what u say 
not like some birds repeat what people say 
and I think u r christian and I'm ready to give u The evidence from your book That christianity calls for hijab 
go on what u do because your work is uesless 
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Awesome concept & realization . . . ! Clap 
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fantastic idea but there is something unlikeable that seems to be put across in your delivery. 
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you not your
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The onley darkness I can see here is inside your heart and in your mind <<<< I'm soory to say
maybe if you start trying to get out of the cave you're in and light a candle you'll be able to see better around you so you can understand Hijab and respect religions
hope you find your way out off the " darkness " you're living in
I feel sorry for you
It seems that all your "bulbs" are broken and burned
I'll pray for your to find the good way
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biçimsel olarak ta anlam olarak ta çok başarılı,tebrikler
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too good love it ......
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its dummy ! HEJAB are not lame bro ! you just not understand it
and also YEAH NOT EVERY BULB SHINE .like lots of selfish unrisenabol believin like you SIR
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beautiful picture!!
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simply amazing. love it
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Excellent - great idea
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I have my own political view on this cause in my country government forces women to wear black hijab and that sucks and suffocates women
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Your work is amazing,and really well thought out,I'd say.Like this one,gives the feeling of darkness but has a lightbulb for a face,very ironic but smart.As is the one with the hand/cigarette choking the guy,so brilliantly thought out and such an eye opener.Respect.
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Exelento! the idea, but oh my god what a strong Implementation !
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interesting idea and strong work!
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