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Mermaid by MurasakixHime Mermaid :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 24 3 Seph by MurasakixHime Seph :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 24 7 Aura by MurasakixHime Aura :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 2 0 Valoria by MurasakixHime Valoria :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 4 0 Sephiroth by MurasakixHime Sephiroth :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 61 7 Hades Aidoneus by MurasakixHime Hades Aidoneus :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 26 2
No Escape (Incubus!Stripper!SebastianxReader) Pt.3
“Spill the beans, (Name).” Alois demanded with a hand on his hip as eager icy blue orbs studied your features carefully, trying to catch any change in your expression.
Alois was your coworker, the two of you worked at a small coffee shop near campus. The boisterous blonde quickly grew on you and you enjoyed his company. He wasn’t the most dedicated worker out there, but his looks brought in many customers, males and females alike. If it weren’t for his popularity you were sure Elizabeth, your boss, would have fired him ages ago.
“It’s really nothing, Alois.” You concentrated on rearranging the pastries in the display case, purposefully avoiding eye contact with the prying blonde.
“That’s bullshit. You’re glowing (Name)!” The blonde gasped in surprise as a thought struck him. “Did you get laid!?”
“Then what?”
“Does Lizzy know you’re wearing booty shorts to work again?&
:iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 19 10
No Escape (Incubus!Stripper!SebastianxReader) Pt 2
Before you continue reading make sure you read part 1!! DA took it down so here's the link  

Sebastian held a cigarette in between his lips as he brought a lighter up, flicking it open with one hand and shielding the flame from the breeze with the other. He closed his eyes as he took a long drag and sighed contently.  
It had been another typical day at work, patrons throwing money at him and begging to let them touch his pristine body. Truthfully, this was the perfect job for an incubus, who fed off of sexual arousal and of course, sex itself. He had his pick of women to take home, the job provided many, eager to please the demon.  
A huge crowd like tonight gave off a rather large aura of desire and lust, feeding the demon, although it wasn’t enough. He was ravenous. The young woman, (Name), gave
:iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 29 8
(Levi x Reader) Queen of Procrastination Part(2/?)
The only warning for now *ahem* is going to be vulgar language from reader-chan's sassy ass.
You still in absolute terror as you heard an all too familiar voice bellow down the hallway from the direction of your office.
Hanji squealed as her eyes flew open in terror, the sound of footsteps stomping towards her office caused you both to freeze in panic and your minds to race a mile a minute trying to come up with anything that would get you out of this mess.
“I want to be cremated.”
“You’’re noooot going to die (Name).”
“Make sure they spread my ashes over the lake next to the cherry trees.”
Hanji grabbed you by your shoulder and hastily tossed you into her broom closet only seconds before the door to her office flew open.
“Ow!” You landed harshly on your ass before you were engulfed in darkness and the smell of musty old cleaning supplies.
“Where is she?
:iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 26 31
(Levi x Reader) Queen of Procrastination CRACK
Warnings for language! (There will always be a warning for language on my fics btw)
(Levi x Reader) Queen of Procrastination CRACK Part (1/?)
It had been a ridiculously long long day for Squad Leader (Name). A ridiculously long, paperwork filled day. You huffed in annoyance, trying to blow a pesky strand of hair out of your eyes for the 10th time that hour, but alas, today was not your day and it fell right back where it was. You groaned as you eyed the mountains of paperwork scattered over your desk ( and the floor), hoping they would burst into flames if you glared hard enough. Of course, you wouldn’t have had this much paperwork if you had done them when you were supposed to, but as the self proclaimed Queen of Procrastination, you couldn’t possibly let a few due dates and the very real possibility of Erwin and Levi tearing you a new asshole intimidate you. You took your title very seriously.
You glanced at the clock, causing a permanent scowl to etch itself on yo
:iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 34 16
Genesis Rhapsodos by MurasakixHime Genesis Rhapsodos :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 22 0 Genesis Rhapsodos Lineart by MurasakixHime Genesis Rhapsodos Lineart :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 1 0 Erza Scarlet by MurasakixHime Erza Scarlet :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 13 4 Sebastian and Ciel by MurasakixHime Sebastian and Ciel :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 76 7 Kuroshitsuji OC: Keira by MurasakixHime Kuroshitsuji OC: Keira :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 17 18 Sebastian~ by MurasakixHime Sebastian~ :iconmurasakixhime:MurasakixHime 46 10


Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,452 215 Blue Haven.Noctis Luna. by sakimichan Blue Haven.Noctis Luna. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,673 397 Noctis .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Noctis .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,171 245
Crimson - Chapter 8 (Vincent Valentine x Reader)
Chapter VIIILucrecia Crescent Was Her Name

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” _Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
You were lying tiredly on the couch, flipping absentmindedly through the channels on the small TV screen. Your eyelids drooped slightly as exhaustion weighed on them; it seemed that your body hadn’t recovered yet from the occurrences of the past few days. You scowled as a sudden thought sprang to your mind. ‘My boss must be furious, for sure. I haven’t gone to work since the day of the accident. Oh man, he’s so going to kill me!’ You grimaced at the different scenarios that presented themselves in your head of the things that your boss might do to you or the very colorful choice of words that he might use to humiliate you for not showing up at your job, even when you hadn’t done so intentionally. &
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 45 43
Masseuse!Levi x Reader - Misjudgement
An excruciating hour of searching was how long it took you to find the address that was printed on the business card. After weaving through countless small alleyways and backtracking at least a dozen times, you finally stood in front of the drab two-story building with a neon-flashing sign that read “S.C Massage Parlor”.
“This is the place,” you mumbled to yourself as you double checked the name on the card.
Tucking the card into the pocket of your faded jeans, you took a deep breath and pulled the door open. The aromatic scent of candles was the first thing that greeted you, eliciting a hacking cough from your irritated lungs. You had never fancied things like perfume or bath scents – the smell was just too much to bear.
“Welcome, madame!” a middle-aged man at the counter called out to you.
You cracked a hesitant smile and walked over to him, still debating whether you should just abandon this impulsive plan. But you shook away your negative t
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 102 60
Sephiroth X Reader : Illusion of Strength - CH 17
    Oh well hell, I cursed to myself.  Not even noon and look at the trouble you’re in.
    It didn’t help that I’d gotten almost no sleep last night.  And what little sleep I had gotten was riddled with guilt-laden dreams about Kunsel.  So it wasn’t any wonder that my mood today was far from cheerful.  Throw in this unexpected meeting from hell and what happens?  Okay, so maybe I had some concerns about the mission.  But did I find a tactful way of raising them?  No.  I jumped right in there with the most abrasive means of expressing them.
    Which was how I ended up standing here- alone, before the 1st Classes.  Likely about to lose my spot on the mission.  Even if I was right.  Somehow, I doubted an apology was going to do me any good.
    The door closed behind Zack, and I resisted the need to side-step away as Sephiroth circled
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 17 5
Sephiroth X Reader : Illusion of Strength - CH 16
    Despite the late hours he’d put in last night, Sephiroth had arrived early this morning.  He wanted to be sure he was here before Genesis.  Knowing his friend, after the last few days of no demands, an early morning was the least of his priorities.  So it didn’t come as a surprise when half the morning passed without any sign of the man.  Just the unending parade of Shinra’s underlings.
    The later the hour became, the more annoyed Sephiroth grew.  He had better things to do than stand around.  And definitely not in the crowded Shinra lobby.  Finding a discreet corner concealed him from the majority of the visitors, but he still garnered far more unwanted attention than he liked.  Thankfully, a few withering scowls turned away anyone who might have thought to approach him.
    The clock over the reception desk read quarter to eleven.  By the time Genesis arrived, everyone would be leaving
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 18 14
singing siren seduction |siren!levi|
Startling bright blue orbs watched the young woman with telescopic eyes. The intensity of his gaze watched and recorded every moment that the female being made. Her fingertips gently reached for the surface of the blue liquid, gently swirling around it's contents with her point finger. She plopped down onto the sun-warmed rock, continuing to interact with the water as if she had never seen it before, yet he could tell that her mind was somewhere else.
He thought that she had come to get away, and think.
The blue orbs dilated with confirmation, and pale pink lips slowly parted to release the sweet, soft, melodic tunes and sounds that were encapsulated within.
The female's eyes shot up ahead of her, only to be faced with the calm waves slowly forming on the horizon. Confusion clouded her (e/c) eyes and filled her head, but so did curiosity. Suddenly, her vision clouded entirely, as if she was in a trance.
Which is exactly what he wanted.
He snaked through the current, staying as low to t
:iconmurfpie156:MurfPie156 84 72
RQ: SebastianXPregnant!Reader
The two demons battled each other fiercely on top of the lake, neither holding up on their attacks. Eventually the one dubbed “Raven” had the “Spider” at the mercy of his knives, holding them closely against his neck while speaking in a threatening tone.
“So what will it be? Will you back off to live another day? Or will I have to put an end to you now?”
The spider demon only narrowed his eyes, not answering but his eyes speaking volumes.
“I see. So that’s your answer eh? Well then,” he raised his arm to prepare the strike that is to finally end this, “Allow me to put an end to your existence!”
“And cut!! That’s a wrap everyone!” The camera crew sighed in relief, having done this scene out in the cold night air so many times that they were sure they’d gotten hypothermia despite the jackets they were wearing. The actors faired no better, only wearing butler outfits.
“Finally,” the actor
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 138 17
(AU) Help From Three Devils: SephirothXReader
There’s nothing a high school student loves more than the weekends (besides summer and winter break of course). For many, it meant two whole days of freedom with no worries over school and homework. However, none of this was so for a certain silverette who was subjected to the task every older sibling dreads: babysitting his younger siblings.
(y/n) was just lazing around on the couch with a bowl of her favorite chips, engrossed on her favorite t.v. show. Since all her friends already had plans for this weekend, she thought this would be a good time to take it easy and relax. Little did she know that her ringing cellphone would be putting an end to all that. She picked it up and smiled when the caller ID read “Sephy”, one of her childhood friends.
“Hello?” she greeted cheerfully, but that smile turned upside down when (y/n) heard shouting in the background.
“H-hey (y/n),” Sephiroth’s voice strained to sound normal rather than annoyed.
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 22 11
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Pt 11
"So..this is where you two had run off.."
You yelped and quickly grabbed the sheets to cover your bare body as Yazoo stepped inside. Kadaj however; didn't care about how he appeared.
He glared back at his brother.
"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"he growled. Yazoo titled his head a bit, keeping his glare.
"We're suppose to be looking for mother. Not plunging ourselves eight inches deep in some human flusey."he spat.
"Hey!"you spoke up. Kadaj stood, approaching his brother as his clothes began to form on him once more.
"Do not refer to her like that in my you want me to kill you..?"he growled at his brother. Yazoo narrowed his eyes at his brother then at you.
"I just don't understand why you picked this one.."
"That's none of your business. Your role was to gather those children, not to pester me about what I do on the side."
"I already have."He looked back at his brother. "Me and Loz were doing our job while you were in here fooling around like a teenager."
Yazoo turn
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 28 14
Mature content
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Prt 10 :iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 20 8
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Prt 9
You and Marlene watched as Tifa and Loz fought. It was hard to tell who had the upper hand in the fight but at the end, it seemed Tifa was the winner.
You sighed in relief and smirked as you walked over.
"You know, I could have handled him."you tell her. She smirked as well and placed her hands on her hips.
"I know, but it's been so long since I had to fight. Plus, you just got done dealing with that freak. You should take it easy."she says. You rolled your eyes and looked over at Marlene who was happily running over.
However, a loud sound made you all pause. Loz, who had been sent flying into the ground and buried within a pile of debris, had now pushed it all off as he stood.
The sound was coming from him. No, his phone. He growled as he flipped it open and answered.
The three of you watched, you and Tifa were ready for anything that came next.
"She's not here!"Loz shouted over the phone. "I'm not crying! Yeah I got it!" He looked back at you and Marlene. "Okay, I'll bring the girl..
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 24 13
CloudxReaderxKadaj-A Soldier or A Monster?Pt.8
"Yay! _______'s back! _______'s back! Cloud is back too!!" One of the orphans that lived with Cloud and Tifa, cheered as she skipped around you happily while Cloud escorted you to your room.
You smiled at Marlene, the orphan girl that cheered. Her brown braid swayed with every movement she made as she skipped. You smiled at her and she quickly hugged you.
"Good to see you again Marlene.."you tell her. The girl looked up at you and beamed.
"I thought we would never see you again! But Cloud brought you back home safely, just like he said he would! He's such a hero!"she exclaimed. You look over at Cloud who was glancing away, before shifting your gaze back to Marlene.
"He sure is. Cloud's a soldier and he rescued me from a monster."you giggle.
"Marlene! Can you come down here and help me with something??"You heard Tifa's voice call from downstairs. She was out when Cloud brought you back and hand't realized your return yet.
"Coming!!"Marlene called back. She nodded you a goodbye and quick
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 23 1
Mature content
GhirahimxReader-Obsessed pt1 :iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 20 9
Protector [Takeo x MH!Reader]
4:05 AM.
Your eyes seemed peeled open, and your mind continued to spin.
No chance of going back to sleep at this point.
With a yawn and a stretch of your neck, you tossed your legs over the edge of your bed, still heavy with fatigue. Your muscles twitched a little as they adjusted to your sudden movements. Rubbing your face with your sweater sleeve, you finally rose from the warmth of the your bed and shuffled to the window. As you lifted the curtain, the white rays of the moon streamed through the glass. Bits of frost glittered along the pane beneath the silvery, delicate flow. Your breath feathered the limpid portal, leaving behind a transparent cloud.
A shiver quickly shot down your spine, and goosebumps prickled along patches of exposed skin.
Ah, the joys of winter. Folding your arms over your chest, you attempted to prevent any more body heat from escaping. Such a futile attempt against the heavy hand of winter.
Something soft and heavy fell around your shoulders. You gasped at su
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 34 10



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