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Thumby Weather Rainmeter

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THUMBY WEATHER by murasaki55

Finally, i finished this skin.
Didn't know there are 48 weather icons to design. :|

This is the 8th skin for the Thumby Rainmeter skins.

[link] <---- No. 7 | No. 9 ----> (Coming Soon) :eager:

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oymen84's avatar does not give any xml source now. Is there any update?

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svecoHobbyist Photographer
 I think they deprecated xml weather feed. All weather skins depending on it stopped working. I'm using feed, but it requires change in code to make it work and free API key.
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HarmoniousFusionHobbyist Digital Artist
It stopped working for me a few days ago, and no amount of rebooting or refreshing has helped. Has something on's end changed, do you know?
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I can't seem to find the code to use for my area, whenever I enter go to the page for my area it shows a complicated URL unlike the simple ones I see in the notepad, and even if I set my primary location it won't change the default page which seems to have a code
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Nevermind I'm dumb, I figured it out
I just googled "how to find location codes"
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nice job m8.thx
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shineeanHobbyist Writer
Did I do it right? 

;Please replace your location code of below, e.g: Taipei is TWXX0021.
;You can check it on or Google.
;And you may also delete "&unit=m" if you prefer the Fahrenheit Scale.…
Font=Segoe UI

It doesn't seem to work though. :c 
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Thx for the great skins. Im using all Thumbys :)

I have one question tho : i want to replace all the weather texts in my own language using the substitute formula. I presume it's under [MeterDesc]. Is there any other line i need to add to make it work ?

FontColor=14, 42, 38
FontFace=Segoe UI

Thanks for your help.
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I reply for myself : To change the weather conditions and put them in your own language, you need to add the substitute formula under [MeasureWeatherDesc]. such as :

Substitute="Fair":"Beau","Sunny":"Ensoleillé" and so on ...
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ivica221Hobbyist Interface Designer
how to change location?
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You should pack them all when they are finished and offer a black version.
Good work indeed!
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MidoSpaceHobbyist Interface Designer
It's simply amazing
Thank you a lot .. I'm so using it :D
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I like it!
Thanks 4 sharing
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arduouz Interface Designer
this is so great. thanks for this
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pshyco-ninja-monkeyHobbyist General Artist
If i cant use the damn thing why did you post it
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ProllgurkeHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice one, i like it.
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are there smaller versions of this skins?
they shows beautiful bot are little to big for my desk :(
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Jayem13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude you suck! lol JK you rock I love you
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thank you very much murasaki55 ;)
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Amazing bro :clap:
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Hey I like this alot I just dont know how to get the weather from my local area. Help please?
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-go to and find your location
-after you found it, click the RSS button located on the left side, now you will see the code in the address bar. something like: "TWXX0021"
-now open the config of the rainmeter skin by right-clicking the skin and selecting Skin Menu>Edit Skin
-locate this line: "URL=h ttp://*&unit=m&dayf=6" and replace the bold text part with your code.
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Tavarez11Hobbyist Photographer
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