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It is like HTF picture uploading... 
:P (Lick)
I have HTF friends so I would like to make a picture of HTF. :) (Smile)
I think there are around 100 to 200 friends of HTF. :o (Eek)
There are up to 140 HTF members, but since there were so many, you can enter freely. :) (Smile)


I can paint your HTF picture! :) (Smile) HTF Base (1) by MURAIKAO HTF Base (2) by MURAIKAO HTF Base (3) by MURAIKAO HTF Base (4) by MURAIKAO HTF Base (5) by MURAIKAO ---->
Gold Star Sticker IconHTF-Sky (1) by MURAIKAOHTF-Jiata (2) by MURAIKAOHTF-Gerard (3) by MURAIKAOHTF-Chester (4) by MURAIKAOHTF Ivan S.T.A.L.K.E.R by MURAIKAOHTF-Eddie (6) by MURAIKAOHTF-Star (7) by MURAIKAOHTF-Legendaria (7) by MURAIKAOHTF-Simon (8) by MURAIKAOHTF-Noeli (9) by MURAIKAOHTF-Roger (10) by MURAIKAOHTF-Sarevol (12) by MURAIKAOHTF-Hedda (13) by MURAIKAOHTF-tubby lil cutie (14) by MURAIKAOHTF-RIF Infernus (14) by MURAIKAOHTF-Reddy (16) by MURAIKAOJordan K. (17) by MURAIKAOHTF-Sugar High cat (18) by MURAIKAONoa (20) by MURAIKAOHTF-Kaoru (20) by MURAIKAOHTF-Jey (21) by MURAIKAOXtianz (22) by MURAIKAOOdette (23) by MURAIKAOJazz (24) by MURAIKAOLishty (25) by MURAIKAOHTF Roxy by MURAIKAOHTF gamex2112 by MURAIKAOHTF-Jake by MURAIKAOHTF-Flicka by MURAIKAOHTF-shinrin koyama by MURAIKAOHTF-Crafty the Raccoon by MURAIKAOHTF-Vicky by MURAIKAOGold Star Sticker Icon 
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]Picture of HTFMisc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] ( You choose your favorite HTF OC. Name and photo)
1.:iconsky-noobster: Sky 2.:iconhtfbluefan2012: Jiata 3.:iconmezuppy: Gerard 4.:iconchesterhtfexel150: Chester 
5.:iconblack-valkyr: Ivan S.T.A.L.K.E.R 6.:icontheunlikelyhuman: Eddie 7.:iconblackroselinn: Star 8.:iconz0rdathewolfie: Legendaria 
9.:iconthebluegreenwolf1724: Simon 10.:iconpokefubuki: Noeli 11.:iconthe-legionary1: Roger  12.:iconsarey-raccoon: Sarevol 
13.:iconhedda-the-raccoon: Hedda 14.:icontherougecoon: tubby lil cutie  15.:iconrifinfernus: RIF Infernus 16.:iconhtfmegaman: Reddy 
17.:iconkaplanboys214: Jordan K 18.:iconnativeartest28: Sugar High Cat  19.:iconpolarcatp: Noa 20.:iconpoppyandherfriends: Kaoru 
21.:iconjeythewerefox: Jey 22.:iconxtianzarts: Xtianz  23.:icongoat-nerd: Odette  24.:iconjazzfurryfox420: Jazz 
25.:iconxx-danxyg-xx: Lishty 26.:iconpatientpaint93: Roxy 27.:icongamex2112: gamex2112 28.:iconthetowerofcries: Jake
29.:iconmaitrevoleur: Flicka 30.:iconhtffurry64: shinrin koyama 31.:iconcraftytheraccoonhtf: Crafty the Raccoon 32.:iconblackbird545:  Vicky
33.:iconsugar-doodle: FlapFlap by CheiloQuinones Flapsy

34.:iconmary-volt-htf: :? (Confused) 

35.:iconintoxicgecko: :? (Confused) 

36. :iconanyvillarreal:Anary by AnyVillarreal Anary
37.:iconthejdmguy: Htf Base 4 By Enyathefoxflying2-d5zswok by TheJDMGuy Casey
38.:iconnight-badger: Neeko by Night-Badger Neeko
:iconxyklone: [Ref] 2 years and still no shading by Xyklone Mitch

40.:iconbludiamondhtf1221: :-? (Confused) 

:iconthemysteriouspirate: Mysterious and the Apple by Themysteriouspirate Myst
42.:icond4rthsp4rt4n: HTF Darthy by D4RTHSP4RT4N Darthy
43.:icondoor444: MY HTF OC sammir (New Color) by Door444 Sammir
44.:iconromulus907: Nelly [Art Trade] by MiekoKoruka Nelly
45.:icon42andre24: Persona by 42Andre24 Leila
:iconofficialbloodyvision: BV (ReferenceB Final) by OfficialBloodyvision BV
47.:iconeeveeftwdarkrblxftl: Myself in HTF form (My new pose for 2019) by EeveeFTWDarkRBLXFTL Bea
48. :iconhuihuitheangeltiger: Hiu Hui (request) by Rokarper Hui Hui


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ShyJacobPL Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
Hi dude. ^^
Your request is open?
MURAIKAO Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
of course. :)
ShyJacobPL Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
You can do pixel avatar Pel The Moose, please? ^^ I need avatar, you know. xd
MURAIKAO Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Okay! :D
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Eggman-Nega2013 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey, thx for the watch !
MURAIKAO Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Student Digital Artist
You're welcomes. ^-^
I ceased using my 
:iconkaospce:, my :iconmuraikao: also has TF2. :)
Eggman-Nega2013 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i see and very nice gallery It's Good by Eggman-Nega2013  
MURAIKAO Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! ^v^
MillenniumShadow Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for faving the stamp. :hug:
MURAIKAO Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Student Digital Artist
You're welcomes. :) (Smile)
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