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This group is an 'anything goes' group. I like slash so expect to see some of that posted here. I'll keep all mature pictures and fanfics sorted into a separate folder away from the others for those who don't care to see it.

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This is a group devoted to the new Muppets movie. I don't care if you post stuff from old Muppets though, it's all great. I just wanted to make a group for the new one, since there didn't seem to be any yet. All is welcome here, fanart, fanfics, slash, whatever you want.
I'm looking forward to seeing some fanart of Walter, Gary, Mary, Kermit, Animal, Fozzie, or whichever other characters you feel like. Come join us!
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Muppets: One Froggy Evening Ch. 5A few days later, Kermit the Frog returned from his vacation with his nephew, Robin. When he got to the Muppet Theater, he gathered the other performers backstage, along with his substitute (and uncanny look-alike), Constantine, and got right to the point. “So, I got a call from a certain bassist, a few days ago,” he began, making the other frog gulp. “And I heard that you tried to assault his adopted daughter.”“B-But I-...!” Constantine began to protest.“No buts, Constantine,” Kermit interrupted. “I can’t believe you’d stoop so low to harm a kid! “Why did you do that, anyway?” he glared.“W-Well, I…” Constantine gulped.“I’m waiting.” Kermit sneered, again, tapping his flipper.“I didn’t know she was smart,” Constantine blurted out. “And I thought I could get the jump on her.”“He said mean things, behind our backs!” Mickey piped up. “Bad frog…” Animal added, making Constantine gulp.“He called me stupid,” Mickey listed. “Called Zoot a dimwit, and called Floyd paranoid.”“Some of those might be half-true,” Floyd added. “But not completely.”“Oh yeah,” Mickey remembered. “He even tried to put a shock collar on me!”“What?!” Kermit gasped.“He almost gave me a bruise, too!” Mickey went on. “If I hadn’t employed that martial arts move, he would have broken my arm!”Constantine tried to back out, slowly, but Lips stopped him, and growled, “You’re goin’ nowhere, green thing.”“You’re lucky I didn’t use my teeth on you, Constantine...” Mickey growled, as well. “Now, what do you have to say, for yourself?” Kermit asked, turning back to his doppelganger. “Er, um…” Constantine gulped, again. “Taxi…?” At that, Mickey grabbed the strange frog, dragged him towards a cannon, and growled, “I got your taxi, right here, pal!”“Let me go, you stupid mutt!” Constantine protested, before getting stuffed into the cannon’s barrel. “Oh no…!”“Ready, Gonzo?” Mickey asked.“I’m ready!” Gonzo, the resident daredevil, replied, preparing to light the cannon’s fuse. “Do svidaniya, Constantine!” Mickey sneered.“N-No, wait!” Constantine pleaded. “Don’t do this! “I can change!” he shouted. “I can change!”“Prove it.” Mickey sneered, again, lowering the cannon barrel, and allowing him to tumble out.“Yeah!” Animal added.“Uh… you’re not as dumb as I thought you were?” Constantine gulped.“And…?” Mickey asked, not quite satisfied. “And the bassist and sax player aren’t so dumb, either...?” Constantine went on.“That’s more like it.” Zoot nodded.“Cancel the cannon, Gonzo.” Mickey sighed.“Oh, well, I guess I can still use it for my own act, this week.” Gonzo shrugged, pulling the cannon away.“Now, Constantine,” Mickey growled. “Get out.”“Y-Yes, madam!” Constantine nodded, before finally darting out of the Theater, for good.As Miss Piggy watched the foreign frog exit, she smiled, “I love that dog!”“Wow, Mickey,” Kermit observed. “You’re very persuasive.”“That’s my girl.” Floyd smiled, as well, ruffling Mickey’s fur. “Thanks for telling me, Floyd.” Kermit smiled, again.“My pleasure, my little green friend.” Floyd nodded.“Good frog!” Animal agreed.“Scooter?” Kermit went on.“Yes, chief?” Scooter the Gofer asked. “Thanks, again, for keeping the keys to yourself, while I was gone.” Kermit answered.“Of course.” Scooter nodded.“And, Piggy?” Kermit went on. “Thanks for taking over, as well.”“You’re welcome, Kermie.” Piggy smiled.“Oh, you should have seen how she ran things, Kermit,” Mickey remembered. “She did the job as well as you do!”“Oh, wow!” Kermit smiled, back, impressed, before sighing. “But it sure is good to be back.”
Muppets: One Froggy Evening Ch. 4That night, the Muppet crew left the Theater, to go home, for the night, and Scooter locked all the doors leading inside. “Good thing Kermit left me with the keys,” he sighed. “Otherwise that Constantine would be causing some real trouble.” As Mickey helped the Electric Mayhem carry their instruments to the bus, she noticed, out the corner of her eye, Constantine trying to get back into the Theater, even though Scooter still had the keys with him. The little gray puppy quietly snuck up behind the strange frog, and finally shouted, “Boo!”“BWAAAAAA!” Constantine shrieked, leaping high into the air, and landing in a tree.Mickey and the Mayhem all laughed at the frog’s reaction, and the puppy guffawed, “Gotcha!” “Oh, if I had that collar with me,” Constantine growled, hopping down to the ground. “I’d use it!”“Not on our watch, green thing.” Floyd sneered.Constantine only huffed, and walked off, in defeat, while Mickey stuck her tongue out, at him. “Ah, let’s boogie, guys.” Dr. Teeth sighed, stepping into the driver’s seat.Once home, Mickey wagged her tail, and smiled, “You were awesome, Lips!”“So were you, and Animal.” Lips replied, ruffling Animal’s fur.“Yeah,” Mickey agreed, hugging the wild drummer. “Thanks for helping me, earlier.” Animal only hugged her, back, and smiled, in response.After dinner, the band relaxed, while listening to an Elton John record; when the record played the song, “Tiny Dancer”, Janice turned to Mickey and smiled, “Oh, wow, like, I think that could be your song, Mickey.”“Yeah, next time you dance with Juliet,” Floyd offered. “Maybe we’ll play it?”“Oh, I’d love that!” Mickey smiled, wagging her tail.When the song, “Rocketman”, began playing, Dr. Teeth sighed, happily, “Yeah, it was fun, performing with him, way back when.”“You guys performed with Elton John?” Mickey gasped.“We sure did,” Floyd nodded. “We even performed with Prince, once.”“Wow!” Mickey gasped, again.“Yep,” Dr. Teeth nodded. “Godspeed.”When the song, “Goodbye, Yellow-Brick Road”, came up, Janice perked up, “Oh, I remember playing this!”“Man, you guys got to do everything!” Mickey sighed, happily.“Not everything,” Lips piped up. “I wasn’t there, when Elton John was the guest.”“No?” Mickey asked.“No,” Lips shook his head. “I didn’t join the band, again, until about the show’s fourth season.”“Oh.” Mickey mused.“Yep, but when I got back in, they welcomed me back, with open arms, especially Dr. Teeth.” Lips smiled, slightly, making Dr. Teeth chuckle. “They showed me how much they really care.” “You said it, man.” Floyd smiled, back.“Yeah, love Lips!” Animal agreed.“Oh, you guys are all amazing.” Mickey smiled. “You’re cool, too, baby.” Floyd replied, petting her fur.“Fer shure.” Janice agreed, hugging the little gray puppy.After a while, Floyd looked at the clock, and observed, “Hmm, it’s almost bedtime, Mickey.”“But I’m not sleepy…” Mickey yawned, as her adoptive father gently picked her up.“Your sleepy eyes say otherwise,” Floyd chuckled, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. “Come on, Mick.” After carrying her to her room, the hip bassist tucked her in, pet her head, and whispered, “Sleep tight, baby.” He gently kissed her forehead, and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door, behind him. “Man,” he sighed, when he returned to the rest of his bandmates. “Kermit’s in for quite a story, when he gets back.”“Kermit, good frog.” Animal added.“Oh, wait’ll he hears what I almost did to that Constantine!” Lips chuckled, making the others laugh along.“Yeah, and he’ll really get a laugh, when he hears about Mickey scaring him!” Floyd laughed, back.
Muppets: One Froggy Evening Ch. 3As the two searched for Constantine, Mickey and Animal finally found him, brooding; “How did that little doggy figure it out?” he sneered. “Dogs are supposed to be stupid!” When Mickey heard those words, she growled, to herself, and bared her teeth. “Maybe I could get rid of that dim-witted sax player,” Constantine mused. “Or maybe that paranoid bassist…? “Those hippies aren’t smart enough, for my tricks.” the frog chuckled. Constantine’s laughter was suddenly cut off, when he heard a loud growl, and Mickey leaped out from the shadows, still baring her teeth. “Just who are you calling dumb?!” she snarled, making him gulp. “What is your beef, man? “Why do you hate us, so much, huh?” she kept growling.“I’m the #1 criminal, doggy,” Constantine sneered. “I hate anyone who tries to stop me.”“Don’t ‘doggy’ me,” Mickey snarled, again. “I don’t care what you hate! “If you keep this up, I’m calling Kermit, immediately!” she threatened.Constantine only chuckled, and held up a shock-collar, before retorting, “I don’t think they’ll believe you.” Mickey only growled, ready to take action, if anything happened, and Constantine sneered, “Let’s dance, doggy.” “Hmph, can’t put it on me, if you can’t catch me.” Mickey scoffed, before darting to the nearest telephone.Suddenly, Constantine leaped into the air, and grabbed Mickey’s arm, causing her to growl, and bark, hoping to alert someone nearby. Luckily, Animal was already standing by, and he ran into the room, shouting, “Bad frog! “Bad frog!” he growled. “Come any closer, and I’ll destroy her, right here.” Constantine warned.“Hey, what’s all the-...?” Floyd gasped, as he and the rest of the Electric Mayhem ran into the room.“Get your flippers off me!” Mickey growled, still trying to free herself from Constantine’s grip.“You’re a weak little doggy.” the strange frog chuckled.“Weak, huh?” Mickey sneered, before suddenly flipping Constantine onto his back. “I said, ‘let go’.”“Ow…” Constantine moaned, before finally releasing her.Floyd then noticed the shock collar on the floor, and asked, “And what were you gonna do with that, green thing?”“What’s it to you?” Constantine grunted, trying to stand up.Lips then stepped forward, and warned, “I wouldn’t mess with Mickey, or Animal, if I was you…”“What does a trumpet player know?” Constantine sneered.“Don’t test me, frog…” Lips glared, back.Mickey suddenly recognized that look, and also warned, “You might wanna listen to him.”“What a dull bunch of hippies.” Constantine chuckled, smugly. “Dull, huh?” Lips sneered, before handing his trumpet to Animal. “Hold my trumpet.”Animal also recognized the look on the trumpeter’s face, and gulped, “Uh-oh!”“On your flippers.” Lips ordered.Constantine only chuckled, thinking it would be a cinch, until Lips suddenly drop-kicked him, stunning him. “W-What…?” he gasped.“And another thing,” Lips smirked. “I taught Mickey that move. “Now, stay away from my niece.” he warned. “B-But I-...” Constantine began.“No buts,” Lips insisted, making the strange frog shiver and nod. “Stay away.”“I’m gettin’ Kermit on the phone.” Floyd glared.Later on, Miss Piggy took over, and the show went on, without another hitch. While Kelsey Grammer performed “Fly Me to the Moon”, Mickey approached Piggy, and smiled, “I gotta admit, Piggy, you run things as well as Kermit does.”“I try.” Piggy chuckled. “Too bad he isn’t here, now, to see it.” Mickey sighed.“I’m sad that I didn’t see you show that Constantine who’s boss.” Piggy replied. “Oh, you should thank Lips, for that,” Mickey chuckled, modestly. “He’s the one who drop-kicked him.”“And I’ll do it, again, if I have to.” Lips piped up.“Mind if I join you?” Piggy asked.“Be my guest.” Lips nodded.“Mickey, I’m so sorry he tried to hurt you,” Piggy said, before her voice changed tone. “If he tries it, again, I’ll rip his flippers off…”“Thanks, Piggy!” Mickey smiled, hugging the porcine diva. “Where is that frog, anyway?”“Prop room.” Lips replied.“Ah, good call.” Mickey nodded.Later, after Kelsey Grammer performed a Bing Crosby song, Constantine delivered the closing lines, correctly, much to everyone’s relief. After everyone went backstage, Scooter sighed in relief, “At least we weren’t told to do whatever we wanted.”“Why didn’t he say that, I wonder?” Dr. Teeth mused.“I’ll go ask.” Mickey replied.“Be careful.” Zoot called.Mickey finally found Constantine, brooding, again, and piped up, “How come you didn’t ask us to do what we wanted?”“I guess it never came to me,” Constantine replied. “But it is dull, not being able to commit crimes, as I did, before.”“But it’s wrong to do those things, and don’t give me that look.” Mickey retorted. “You know that it’s wrong, and you’ll get used to it. “Besides, it also teaches a few lessons,” she went on, as Constantine scoffed and turned his nose up. “Like, not to mess with any member of the Electric Mayhem… ever.” Mickey then exited the room, returned to the band, and sighed, “He’s still sulking.” “Yeah, but we got quite a story to tell Kermit, when he gets back.” Lips chuckled....
Muppets: One Froggy Evening Ch. 2When Kermit the Frog finally left the Theater, the rest of the Muppets went about, getting everything ready, for the show. Kermit left another frog in charge: Constantine, the world’s most dangerous frog, and #1 criminal, and Mickey Wolf-Pepper was still suspicious, despite being reassured about him trying to be good. “Now, let’s see, here…” Constantine mused, walking off.Mickey went over to the Electric Mayhem’s drummer and her adoptive brother, Animal, and worried, “I don’t trust him, Animal…”“Bad frog…” Animal agreed, remembering the last time he and the Muppets met Constantine.“We gotta keep a close eye on him.” Mickey vowed.“Uh-huh.” Animal nodded.Mickey then turned to Floyd, and offered, “I think I’ll take Animal for a little walk around the Theater.”“Well, all right,” Floyd nodded. “As long as you don’t go outside the Theater.”“We won’t,” Mickey promised, before taking Animal’s chain. “Come on, Animal.”Mickey and Animal quietly followed Constantine, who was browsing some files, and still wearing his sneer. “What do you think he’s looking for?” she whispered. “Don’t know.” Animal shrugged. “Hmm…” Mickey frowned, before pacing the floor. “There’s gotta be a way to get closer.” As she kept pacing, she bumped into a box full of costumes, and a black ninja costume caught her eye. She picked it up, and smiled, slightly, “Say, this gives me an idea.” After changing into the costume, she nodded, to Animal, “Here I go.” The little gray puppy slinked towards Constantine, making sure to remain quiet, and unseen. “Perfect,” the strange frog smiled, after looking through files of the staff members. “Now, to get to work.”“What was he looking at those, for?” Mickey thought, before returning to Animal. “Oh, Animal,” she worried. “We gotta keep following him.”Meanwhile, Scooter the Gofer looked at the list of acts for the show, and he, too, was suspicious about Constantine, even though he didn’t really show it. “Scooter?” Mickey asked.“Hmm?” the bespectacled Muppet replied. “Has Constantine said anything, or done anything odd, yet?” Mickey asked. “I’m trying to keep an eye on him.” “Well, so far, nothing.” Scooter shook his head.“Good to know,” Mickey sighed. “But do you think you could keep an eye out, too?”“Sure.” Scooter nodded.“Thanks, Scooter.” Mickey smiled, in relief.About an hour later, everyone went backstage, and Constantine explained what was going to happen, during the show. To nearly everyone’s surprise, the strange frog didn’t say, “Do anything you want”.When Constantine left, Floyd turned to Janice, and frowned, suspiciously, “Somethin’ is up, I just know it.”“Rully.” Janice agreed.“We better keep a close eye on Mickey and Animal,” Floyd went on. “I don’t want ‘em near that Constantine…”In the meantime, Mickey grew excited, when she learned that the guest star was the one and only Kelsey Grammer, and she eagerly ran up to him, with her autograph book. “Oh, I always wanted to have Dr. Frasier Crane, himself, on the show!” she gasped. “Well, you got him, now.” Kelsey chuckled.“M-May I have your autograph, sir?” Mickey asked, wagging her tail.“Oh, sure,” Kelsey nodded. “And who am I making this out to?”“Mickey Wolf.” Mickey replied.“All right,” Kelsey nodded, signing his name. “Here you go, miss.”“Oh, thank you!” Mickey smiled, still wagging her tail.As the show went on, the Electric Mayhem went up on stage, to perform a rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. As Mickey sang, she looked up, and there was Constantine, walking above them; she didn’t stop singing, but she still kept a sharp eye on the strange frog. Constantine made his way to one of the sandbags, but Mickey still kept singing, making sure not to get in any danger. As one of the sandbags dropped, Mickey instantly got out of the way, not missing a beat, but Floyd appeared suspicious. Mickey was still a little rattled, when the song finished, but Constantine appeared disappointed. “You okay, Mickey?” Floyd asked, once he and the band went backstage.“I…” Mickey shuddered. “I don’t know…”“I don’t know how that sandbag broke loose,” Lips frowned. “But I’m sure you’ll be okay, Mick.” “I need to sit down…” Mickey moaned.As Animal sat next to her, Mickey was still a little traumatized from what almost happened. “Animal, did you see Constantine, above the stage?” she shuddered. “He tried to crush me! “We gotta stop him, before anything worse happens,” she frowned, as Animal growled. “Floyd or Janice might be next on the list, for all we know!”“Yeah, bad frog…” Animal growled.“We gotta find Constantine,” Mickey vowed. “And we gotta stop him, now.”
Sesame Street Martians Discover Ash x Jynx Kissing by bigpurplemuppet99
Kermit the Frog Watches Meme Template by bigpurplemuppet99
My Gravity Falls Cast Meme by bigpurplemuppet99
Belated Birthday Gift by Lizlovestoons12


Opal meets Robin by YuiHarunaShinozaki Opal meets Robin :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 10 2 Opal and Robin by YuiHarunaShinozaki Opal and Robin :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 11 0 sketch-warp star flight by YuiHarunaShinozaki sketch-warp star flight :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 16 2 Eclipsed ilussion? by YuiHarunaShinozaki Eclipsed ilussion? :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 29 2 Untitled by YuiHarunaShinozaki Untitled :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 24 6 A dog girl and a Muppet sketches by YuiHarunaShinozaki A dog girl and a Muppet sketches :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 8 1 Muppet Movie by monstercola Muppet Movie :iconmonstercola:monstercola 28 5 Rachel Bitterman, Jareth and Sam Klubb by YuiHarunaShinozaki Rachel Bitterman, Jareth and Sam Klubb :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 17 0 It's time to get things started... by pluie3et3grenouille It's time to get things started... :iconpluie3et3grenouille:pluie3et3grenouille 23 8
Kermit's lullaby
Kermit was running and panting like a dog,behind him were a large monster, it was dark, had big teets and was guffawing. Its eyes were as red as blood and young Kermit was running as fast as his little legs could but still the monster was too fast for him. The poor frog was caught by one of his leg and he saw the monster open his mouth while guffawing louder and louder  'Let me go! Nanni! Help me!' The mouth opened and opened until Kermit could only see the neverending throat of the moster....
Kermit suddenly woke up crying his eyes out as Gonzo yelled in surprise. 'Kermit,stop! Nanni!' he called out.
Nanni soon was in the nursery. 'What's the matter, Kermit?'
Kermit tried to talk in mid sniffing, 'I (sniff) was chazed by a mooonster!' Nanni was hurted to see the poor frog shaking all over, so she took the young frog into her arms, saying to Gonzo that Kermit was going to be fine.
'Sssh, don't worry, the monster is gone, it was just a nightmare...' She started to rub Kermit's
:iconsampea:sampea 4 6
Walter and Tutter by enchantedKatz Walter and Tutter :iconenchantedkatz:enchantedKatz 35 27 Gizmo the Great by mbaboon Gizmo the Great :iconmbaboon:mbaboon 22 5 Life's a Happy Song by crumblygumbly Life's a Happy Song :iconcrumblygumbly:crumblygumbly 275 21 -It will only do everything it can to support... by YuiHarunaShinozaki -It will only do everything it can to support... :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 7 3 Rowlf by EeyorbStudios Rowlf :iconeeyorbstudios:EeyorbStudios 61 3 panacea2 by Newsiefan panacea2 :iconnewsiefan:Newsiefan 28 8
Kermit Gets A New Girlfriend On New Muppet Show!

Last month, it was widely reported that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy had called it quits. They made the break public, releasing a statement to the press just as their new show “The Muppets” is set to debut this fall. The new series, which is described as a fresh take on The Office, will show the lives of these various Muppet animals and creatures. And as expected, we’ll be getting an . . .

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