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-}{- Heathens (Part Songfic) -}{- :iconmunran:MunRan 5 2
Mature content
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha: Part 10 }{}{}{ :iconmunran:MunRan 8 5
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha: Part 9 }{}{}{
    It turns out the dorm room Luffy and Ace mentioned is more like a studio suite. Ace explains how it was common practice for those who didn’t have a home to go back to would live on-campus in the more apartment-like rooms while drying you off. Luffy generally chats about everything; it was difficult keeping track of what Luffy was talking about.
    “And then I told him-“ Luffy stops midsentence, looking off in a daze. Before you can ask him what’s wrong, Luffy snaps back into focus. “Wanna come meet one of my friends?”
    “I don’t know. It’s already pretty late, and I’m sure Uncle Shanks and Uncle Jinbe are worried sick because I’m missing,” you say.
    “C’mon! I wanna show you my friend!”
    “Besides,” Ace says. “If Shanks and Jinbe were looking for you, they could just cal
:iconmunran:MunRan 9 2
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha: Part 8 }{}{}{
    “I did notice a few people who seemed to be stalking (name). However, I certainly wouldn’t kill-“ Jinbe cuts off, suddenly very quiet.
    “But you know who would.”
    No response from Jinbe.
    “Uncle Jinbe?” you ask.
    He still doesn’t respond. You sigh, reaching out and hanging up.
    “Uncle Jinbe forgets that his new phone doesn’t hang up when he puts it away. Chances are likely he’s here.”
    Not even five seconds after you finished, the intercom blares to life.
    “Shanks, are you expecting somebody?” Buggy asks.
    “Not initially. Let me guess; Jinbe?”
:iconmunran:MunRan 3 0
Beginning of Closure
~ Clarissa ~
Dear Mother,
    I can’t help but get a sense of irony about writing letters to you. You’ll never see them, and I’ve even told my therapist as much. She reminds me that this was the best she could come up with for my treatment given my issues. As a means of support, she also asked Auntie Julie and Nate to write letters to you as well. Personally I think my therapist wants to help Auntie to process some of her own feelings. And Nate has his own trauma he needs to make peace with.
    It feels so surreal how long it has been since we’ve seen each other, never mind how long since we’ve lasted talked. I know we didn’t talk to each other frequently when I was in college, but I should have tried reaching out to you more. Mr. Byrne tried to convince me to call or visit, but I was a stupid young adult who thought I still had plenty of time left to do so. Yet here I am writing a let
:iconmunran:MunRan 1 0
Mature content
Ink :iconmunran:MunRan 1 0
To Whom I'll Never Meet
~ Nate ~
Dear Aunt Olivia,
    Hello. My name is Nate, and I’m your adopted nephew. And then here’s where I’m supposed to write something sappy about my relationship with you. But we’ve never met. I don’t even understand why I’ve been told to write a letter to you as well. I could just write a letter of nonsense, seal it in an envelope, and call it a day. I did most of that, actually. I changed my mind about following through after reading some of the other letters Julie and Clarissa wrote to you.
    Shit. Since I don’t know you very well, what else is there for me to write about? From what I’ve been told, you’d probably come up with a nickname like ‘Inter-Nate’ and refuse to call me anything else. I’d regret being a programmer at that point. But nobody will learn about this nickname. (I’ll burn this letter if it means saving myself from eterna
:iconmunran:MunRan 1 0
Mature content
Rescue :iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
Mature content
From the Sea of Letters :iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
Mature content
Regret :iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
Funny How Things Happen
~ Julie ~
Dear Vivi,
    I’m sorry I never tried to contact you after that day. I can’t regret that decision enough. Had I known then what I know now, I would have embraced you instead of freeze when you hugged me. I feel like there’s so much that I need to tell you, but I guess I will have to share it with you the same way you ended up sharing your life through your letters.
    I’ve always wanted to tell you that you were the reason why I worked so hard to become a prosecutor. Even though you wouldn’t have known, there had been multiple nights where I argued with our parents about you. They would attack your every action, while I took the stance of countering what they said. I think you would have been proud of the person I’ve become.
    I know, somewhere up in heaven, you’re laughing at me now. I remember our conversations about if we’d have k
:iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
Mature content
Adoption :iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
~ Clarissa ~
Dear Mother, 
    I never thought things would turn out the way they did. Even though I could tell something was wrong when we talked, I didn’t want to think that you were suffering. You were always my upbeat mom who always had a story to tell.
    Today we’re putting you to rest in a cemetery in Ann Arbor. Auntie Julie wanted you to be buried somewhere close to home. Since meeting her, I’ve learned a great deal about what you were like when you were younger. I know I’ve asked you before, but you would always avoid the subject. I think you would’ve been happy to hear that I met Grandma and Grandpa Nesser. They were shocked that they’ve had ‘such a cute granddaughter’. I’ve moved in with them, since I want to try and make up time with them before they eventually pass.
    I still meet with Auntie Julie and Nate every couple o
:iconmunran:MunRan 0 0
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha: Part 7 }{}{}{
    You’re suddenly snatched midair, the impact cutting off your scream. It takes you a moment to realize that you’ve stopped falling, though that was of little comfort. In the next flash of lightning you see a pair of large wings sprouting through the back of what looks like a person’s shirt. You’re stunned. Is the demon trying to save me?
    Even if he was, the both of you were far from safe. The demon is trapped in the barrel of the wave, with the water slowly catching up behind him. You can hear him furiously flapping his wings, which sound like a wet flag violently swinging in a strong wind. In another flash of light, you notice the shadows of sea monsters in the wave above you. You wanted to scream, though you were afraid of startling the demon and causing the both of you to die. You hear the splash of something leaving the water, and you’re certain one of the monsters left the wave to try and
:iconmunran:MunRan 4 0
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha: Part 6 }{}{}{
    Law decides it would be best to use a shortcut back to the clinic instead of taking you there the long way. You protest, but Law briefly mentions Dr. Kureha and you shut up. Bepo and Chopper had to run to catch up to you before going through a random door that’s been connected to the clinic. Once everyone was through, you quickly turn back to the door and open it again. However, instead of going back to the hallway you just came from, you find a regular closet. You cause Law to chuckle at your antics, though he refuses to tell how it was possible to have come from one place through a door and the door not leading back to where you had been.
    You’re now in another examination room in the clinic, however there’s more medical and demontological equipment here. You shift nervously on the bench with your arms crosses.
    “Feeling a little anxious?” Law asks.
:iconmunran:MunRan 4 0
}{}{}{ Ten Yaksha (AU!) Part 5 }{}{}{ break into sudden laughter and exclaim, “I remember!”
    Law’s not sure what to think of your somewhat vague exclamation. For all he knew, you could be remembering all of your past, which would lead you to suddenly shut up once you remembered the night of your parent’s death. You might be remembering the various misadventures you took him and his sister through, or you might only remember one scene that played out just about exactly as this one did. You may only vaguely remember something that is filled with so many holes that it barely made sense at all.
    Bepo and Chopper glance back and forth between you and Law. You were still laughing profusely, tears streaming down your face. On the opposite end of the emotion spectrum, Law appears so grim it would seem like someone just told him his parents were terminally i
:iconmunran:MunRan 4 0


Hell's Nursery~Reader's Secret Adventure (Request)

    Waking up, you look around your room, a small pout coming to your lips when you find that you were by yourself. You weren’t sure who you had cuddled up with, but you figured they had had to go to work at some point in time and would probably be back soon. Huffing lightly, you slide from the bed, making your way into the living room. It was dark, meaning it was probably the middle of the night still. A loud grumble makes you look down, patting your stomach. “I hungwy.” You mumble, going to the kitchen. Nothing there interested you. Frowning you think for a few seconds before smiling brightly and wandering out of your home through the maze of hallways to a semi familiar office.
    Looking up at the bookshelves in front of you, you grin, pulling yourself up carefully and trying not to fall. Coming to the shelf you were after, you giggle, reaching for the jeweled cookie jar and p
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 71 9
Lost and Found // Oikawa Tooru x Reader 1/_
It was a strange feeling.
    You don’t remember much about what happened. One moment you could sense everything—the fire, the pain, the sirens, being lifted into the night air, someone holding your hand. You think it was someone important because when he tried to let go, you held on.
    You don’t remember a lot, you were unconscious for most of it. Whether it was from the trauma or induced you would never know, not that you would be able to tell the difference. Not that it would matter. But your friends told you that they were there for all of it.
    It was a strange feeling.
    Because one moment you had everything
    And then the next moment…
    Absolutely nothing.
/ | \
    “Paralysis from the waist down?” Bokuto whispered. “That really sucks—”
    He grunted as Akaashi elbowe
:iconbookerror:bookerror 50 30
2k Watchers Celeb. Day 2 - Request Raffle [CLOSED]
I put everyone who faved and commented on this journal into an Excel spreadsheet and then used a random number generator to draw three winners. Congratulations to:
Congrats guys! :D Please note me with your oneshot requests once you've decided on what you want! :heart:

I hope you guys are enjoying this week so far! It's time to kick off Day 2 with a request raffle!
This one's easy. All you have to do to enter is:
1. Be watching me
2. Favourite this journal
3. Leave a comment below stating which character you would request if you won!
I will add your name to the (virtual) hat and at the end of the celebration week, I will draw three winners who may request a oneshot (1000 - 3000 words) from yours truly ^^
Just a few rules:
:bulletred: Fandoms I can write for include One Piece, Attack on Titan, FFXV, Fire Emblem (Awakening and Fates),
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 26 54
Purr-suasion (Doflamingo x Reader)
He should never have let her bring that stray back to the palace. [Name] had found the little cat wandering in the flower field, limping and covered in mange, and he had always found it impossible to say no to her. Especially not after she reminded him that he himself had been wont to bring home stray children in the past. He couldn’t deny his Queen. He never could.
And so here he was, babysitting the fur ball as if he, the King of Dressrosa, had nothing better to do. She could have easily asked Baby 5 to take care of it, but for some unfathomable reason [Name] had decided spending time with the small creature would be good for him. He had no doubt she’d noticed the jealous looks and sullen pout every time she diverted her affections from him to the little cat. It just wouldn’t do. She was his and he would allow no one, not even a cat, to be the focus of her attention but him.
With a book splayed open in his hand, he eyed the feline over the r
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 131 32
Love Is Blind (One Piece Oneshot)
As always, the sun bathed the island of Dressrosa in a gentle warm glow. Not a cloud was in sight, allowing the rays to flicker across the ocean surrounding the tropical paradise. Doflamingo Donquixote enjoyed days like this, usually spending them outdoors by his pool surrounded by beautiful women and his crew. That particular day, the gentle melody of a harp could be heard playing behind him. It brought a soothing feeling, wrapping him in its calming notes as he lounged and watched the women play in the pool. Tilting his head slightly to the side, he gazed behind him at the musician responsible for the lovely sound.
She was short, barely reaching his chest should he stand directly before her, and had the foggiest eyes he had ever seen. Her light pink hair hung around her shoulders, the ends tied into a simple yet equally elegant tail. Two chunks of bangs hung on either side of her slim face, one chunk tucked neatly behind her right ear while the other was left to hang freely by her fa
:iconthe-little-ragdoll:The-Little-Ragdoll 10 2
Severed Ties (Crocodile x Reader x Doflamingo)
WARNING: For mild allusion to past abusive relationship
A small continuation of Sand in the Wind

You don’t have to do this,” he’d said.
I know,” you had replied. “But I want to.”
And now here you stood, alone before the gates of Impel Down where the former king of Dressrosa awaited you in chains.
“I’m here to see my husband,” you said, your voice unwavering. You felt a swell of pride in that, but it did little to quell the fear churning in your gut. You settled a hand over your swollen stomach to soothe you. You silently wished Crocodile was by your side to give you the strength you needed, but you knew you could never ask him to return to this hell.
“Follow me,” the guard said, interrupting your train of thought.
Your heart leapt in your throat as he be
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 76 14
Reincarnated as Dogs
Reincarnated as Dogs
Title: Reincarnated as Dogs
Rating: T
Fandom: One Piece
Summary: [Reincarnation AU] The Donquixote Brothers were reincarnated. However, they are now dogs…that get adopted by the Trafalgar Family…
Tags: Reincarnation AU; Crack-fic; Dog-Cora; Dog-Doflamingo; OOCness
                Two golden retrievers lay next to each other in the pound. “No one wants to adopt us…” The younger of the two brothers said.
                “At least we’re still together, Rocinante,” Doflamingo reminded.
                “Yeah,” Rocinante nodded. “I’d hate to be separated from you. I’d be all alone,”
:iconshuichi-akai:Shuichi-Akai 4 0
Love, Doflamingo x Reader Prologue
Doflamingo looked up from his desk as a crisp knock rung out. “Come in,” He called, turning his attention back to the paperwork on his desk. Viola opened the large door to Doflamingo’s office and stepped inside.
“You called for me, young master?” She asked. Doflamingo grinned and placed the papers down as he stood up.
“Fufufufu~ Yes I did. I had almost forgot I had another little job for you, Viola.” He chuckled. Viola raised an eyebrow but kept her mouth shut as he walked closer to her. She could feel how distressed he was, he was doing his best to hide it from her but his mind was swimming with worry and images of a girl she couldn’t quite make out. His grin grew dangerous as he reached her and it took him wrapping a strong hand around her neck to tell her he had noticed her intrusion. “I should punish you for not knowing your place by now. But I need you to put your Giro Giro no mi to good use for me.”
“. . . What do
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 39 7
kaito by Wes80 kaito :iconwes80:Wes80 61 10 My babeh kittas by brittbratt1989 My babeh kittas :iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 18 18
sing these old flames down | kuroo tetsurou
kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
warning: profanity
college au
i don't know your name or who you are, but i think i'm in love with you, so hey, can i kiss you?
He's at a bar for Bokuto's birthday.
No surprise there, really, except Kuroo would much rather be at home and watching a shitty history documentary about the Mongols or something and not here, in a dark, sweaty hellhole filled with so much sexual tension he could spread it like peanut butter.
But it's Bokuto's birthday and he likes bars, so Kuroo grits his teeth and bears it because as much as he hates huge social gatherings, Bokuto is still his best friend.
He sits at the bar, his ass aching from the stiff leather of the jewel-encrusted bar stool he's planted himself on, and sips his whiskey, because what else is he supposed to do? Kenma's disappeared off somewhere, probably to make out with the cute bartender that'd been giving him bedroom eyes since they'd gotten there, and he's pretty sure Bokuto's smashed at this point
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 125 40
Worth Writing [Oikawa Tooru]
Dear Diary, I want a life worth writing about. -Me
    You shut the leather-bound diary, glancing at the loose birthday wrapping paper, before dwelling on why your mother had purchased such an odd gift for you. What would you do with a diary? Write pointless gossip only to worry about it getting in the clutches of your absolute worst nemesis? It was amusing what you could picture her thinking about as she handed this to the cashier.
    Despite that, you kept it always, in case something was worth writing. Maybe there'd be something good in the mystery meat served at lunch, then you could finally dwell on how nobody threw up. Of course, moments would arise that you'd think would be material for a bestseller. Nevertheless, anybody could write pointless gossip about the cheerleading squad cutting inches off their skirts.
    "Where the hell is that diary..?" You grumbled as you dug through the contents of your backpack, annoyed, students glanci
:iconblatanthope:blatanthope 67 25
Secret Garden Doflamingo x reader (2)
    It had been years since Doflamingo last visited your garden, though you had not strayed far from his mind. 
  "Come by and play again... Doffy." That was the last thing he'd heard from you, then he thought of how such a beautiful, golden garden suddenly turned to a burned wasteland, had he been imagining it? 
  "Doffy, we've reached the island?" The 19-year-old looked up when his name was called, peering at the green island approaching, it had been 8 years already and the land had already reclaimed what was destroyed growing even greener than he'd last seen. 
  "Prepare to dock." He said moving away from the railing adjusting, the goggles on his hand holding back his hair from his face a pair of purple-tinted glasses hid his eyes void of any emotion minus for the grin that spread onto his lips. The foliage crunched under his feet as he walked, choosing to once again walk on his own, letting his feet guide him over the familiar bro
:icon5anarchy:5Anarchy 29 4
Cosplay Glasses Tutorial by WiredintoSpace Cosplay Glasses Tutorial :iconwiredintospace:WiredintoSpace 36 2 MMD Newcomers Doflamingo,Corazon And Law Royal by 25animeguys MMD Newcomers Doflamingo,Corazon And Law Royal :icon25animeguys:25animeguys 18 3



I'm thinking of branching out. However I'd like to get people's opinions on things before doing them or not. I separated the questions into two rounds, since each group is different from each other. I'd appreciate it if you would answer all the questions, although you don't have to. 

First round-
Would people be interested in commissioning me to write them fanfics? If so:
  • What kind(s) would you like?  (E.g. drabble, one-shot, multi-part story, etc.)
  • What type(s) would you want? (E.g. fluffy, humor, romance, angst, etc. I'm saying this upfront- I will not do lemons, limes, or NSFW. If those elements end up becoming relevant to a story, they will be implied instead of described.) 
  • What style(s) would you like? (E.g. original world, western AU, victorian AU, sci-fi AU, etc.)
  • Would you be more interested in commissioning me if I am willing to write outside the OP fandom?
If I offered to be an editor-for-hire/beta reader, would you be interested? Would you pay in points, real money, or both?

Second round-
Would anyone be willing to do trades? Would anyone be interested in collaborating 
with me to write a story? Would people like it if I held competitions? If I made something like a monthly writer's guide/tips, would you be interested? Is there anything else you would like me to offer?

Thank you for reading over this journal post!


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