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By munkyinkr
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T-shirt Design contest!!

Munky invites artists to participate in a design competition. Since this is a global competition anybody who wants to participate can do so. There is no age restriction on creativity either.

People first register for the competition on his website

- Confirm their email address, log in and download a design template with instructions where it says SUBMIT UR INK

- Create design (any design they like hopefully no offensive images or language)

- Save your file as: png Size: 500x500 pixels Color Scheme: RGB DPI: 72; all colors are allowed for design but make sure it's no more than 8 colors total

- Do not use any gradients or transparent layers

- Do not place ur INK on the shirt's collar, seams, and sleeves

- All art is original content and no copyrighted works

- Upload it!

For more info visit:…
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I submitted a while ago...anything come of it?
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what was the username you used? we have been making many changes to the site lately.
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