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My Little Pony Study

Obsession is a scary scary thing. I noticed that I was drawing the characters I've been submitting off scale, and while they were still awesome pictures, it was DRIVING ME INSANE. So, this is my self designed Pony Guide, to help me draw ponies more accurately. If you have any suggestions for correcting or improving it, I would greatly appreciate it. Comments are requested, because I can't improve without active commentary! SAY STUFF! There, got it out of my system.
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Very Thanks for your blue print

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Starting to realize just how off the side views of the heads look on official ponies. Yours seem a lot better.

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Genial eso me va hacer muy útil gracias :3
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Looks good, can't wait to see you improve.
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Oh, it may help me a lot. Thanks ^^
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Maybe bring the bottom of the lower jaw up a bit? I don't know. The bottom jaw looks like it's bigger than it should be in your side view. Maybe it's just me but it looks a little weird, like a large chin. Other than that everything looks good!   =^~^=
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I like this. It's v comforting to look at for some reason (drawing ASMR???)
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the back/neck can be improved greatly on 3Q right and 2d right. Full faceview hind legs need to be placed more in the middle unless the pony is in that position on purpose.
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oh this is awesom!
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Thank you for this! I really needed to learn an easy way to draw MLP characters, and this is just perfect. :D
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Cool, maybe I could learn something from this piece of drawing, because I unfortunately discovered, that I'm not so good in MLP style.
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Wow that's amazing may I use it as a preference in my drawings? 
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I reference to draw the body 
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Hi. :) Luckily I improved. :D But I haven't uploaded my pics yet. They were only scetches.
Cool stencil drawaing! I'd love to use this to draw my own pictures of MLP! However, I still think that you should look closer to the characters of My Little Pony and double-check the models, e.g For some strange reasons, the nose doesn't seem right to me.
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Omfg i search this since like an eternity
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