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Noctis and Luna


Made a FFXV fanart ft. Noctis and Luna for the #UnbreakableBonds promo for the Uncovered event!

This was for few weeks ago and I gotta say there were lots of good submitted fanworks o.o I’m a long-time fan of the Final Fantasy series but this is my first fanart for it ^^;

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Wow! Extraordinary.
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Fantastic art!
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Such beautiful artwork. It is splendid. The coloring, the details, everything. Magnificent! Clap Clap Clap 
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thanks a lot~ ^^
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Stunning work as expected from you!
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Awesome art! like the motive on the background.
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Really loving the artwork here. I can't help but see Sasuke on the right even though I know it's Noctis. I love the way you use colors. You gotta teach me how to do that. ^.^

On a side note: Are you Filipino???
I'm Filipino and  I noticed what looked like Tagalog. 
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very nice, can't wait to play the game
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I Don't Care What They Say But I think Having Luna Instead Of Stella Was A Good Idea Now Rumors Say That Stella Might Be In FFXV But So Far Nothing, I Wish They Had Both Luna And Stella Like You Know As Sisters But It's Square Enix. Still Having A Character Like Luna I think Is Good For The Final Fantasy Series Cause They Rarely Have Female Characters Spiritually Strong Rather Than Physically Strong But That's Just Me
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i like how the colours are kinda muted :3
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That's really nice one and I like it ^.^  Yeah there were lots of great fan based artwork and I can only admire all those who participated in that event. It is really nice to see how many people are supporting Tabata and whole team and keep following their progress. Hopefully yours is going to make to their special project what we have been waiting for La la la la  
Sasuke and Lucy Heartfilia
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more like Eli from love live.
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akala ko si sasuke XD
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ahahahaha pag nasearch mo pangalan nya sa Google, may suggestion na sasuke :)))
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