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Raining Umbrellas by MahmoudElkourd
My little Goatie pink by Sleetwealth
Akai Kaze2 by mooki003
Winter Warrior by shellz-art
Traditional Art
Fireweed by hbpaintings
Flower 1 by RPARABERE
. . . Heights . . . by ChIandra4U

Mature Content

LaetitiaCasta by Strooitje
Digital Art
Portrait | Concept Character by PedroArcanjo
Girl and Dragon | Original Art by PedroArcanjo
Unburnt by PelechiAM
Touch - Thomas and Manfred OC-pageant 2019 Theme 2 by iisjah
Mixed Media
SleepingBeauty by Strooitje

Mature Content

Fragile by Unsorteddots
ImagineFX | Issue 165 by shellz-art
The little match girl by Quentinvcastel
Aerith | Final Fantasy VII | Fanart by PedroArcanjo
Sketch - Luke Skywalker by DaemmonArts
Alita: Battle Angel by Straban
RAGE by Strooitje
Flame by Mishkina
. . . Winter lines  . . . by ChIandra4U
7449 by sumarlegur
Moody Morning Trees II by Val-Faustino
. . . Bleed It Out . . . by ChIandra4U
. . . Reaching out . . . by ChIandra4U
Moon Goddess Chang'e by AlexandraVBach
. . . End of time . . . by ChIandra4U
[Commission] Adjustable Bearded Dragon Bracelet by craftsbyblue
Coral Dragon by SweetSign
Goblin ball (FOR SALE) by OwlPolaris
Teapot in hummingbirds by Xantosia
Reality - timelapse video by weroni
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Group Info and Rules

:pointr: This group has quality standards (medium to high quality). Meaning we won’t accept any monkey’s foot scribble. Except if it’s done by an actual monkey’s foot – we shall seriously ponder in that case.

:pointr: We only accept written works in English and Portuguese. Sadly we cannot accept works in other languagens since we don't understand them. We apologize for that.

:pointr: Hop on in! Anyone can become a member. Join requests are automatically approved. :meow:

:pointr: Members can submit up to 3 deviations per week. So mind the calendar.

:pointr: Submitted deviations will be approved or not by the admin.

:pointr: If your work was declined, you may go ahead and politely ask the reason. We will do the best we can to answer! :) Rude people will be kindly told to plant cabbages. Those who don’t like the idea of seeing their works declined, can simply Watch the group. Although that seems kind of boring.

:pointr: Every artwork must follow DA rules.

:pointr: We do not accept rude people, so be polite to everyone. I believe no threat is needed, we’re all civilized here. Purportedly.

:pointr: Art theft, tracing or any other kind of copyright infringement is absolutely forbidden and we will block and report the user.

:pointr: Members may not submit works into the Favourites (but feel free to submit other people's works if you feel like it, but on the Gallery). Basically, we don't see the need to have the Favourites when we already have the Gallery, and our main focus is on the gallery works :meow:

:pointr: Any spam posts in the comments will be hidden! If you wish to promote your works (like commissions' prices, contests, etc etc), please sent us a private note and we will make a proper announcement on a journal, so other members can see it. ;)

:pointr: Check the :star: Folder's Rules :star: to know what you can submit in each of them.

If you have any question or suggestion, please let us know.

Hello dear members!

If you're not aware of this situation yet, please consider reading this journal.

The website WallPart (intentionally not linked to) claims to be "the world's largest online shop of posters... with over 10 billion images." But if one searches around this place, soon will realize it's filled with stolen and copyrighted works.

However, it seems this website functions as a scraper, taking results from Google Image search and sticking the images into a store-like template, as so people aren't really sure if any images were actually sold there, and if you search yourself, some of your works will appear (tho we highly recommend you to not do so).

Of course, the main course of action of many artists when they found out about their works was to try to contact them immediately and demand that they remove the "stollen" works from the WallPart database by filling a copyright/DMCA claim, but the truth is, as explained in this excerpt taken from this site, that their "Report Violation link is actually a 100% phishing form. If you fill it out, no matter what you put there, you will be sending them a LOT more than you anticipated. This is actually the main purpose for the site’s existence".
You also risk yourself to potentially infect your computer with malware by doing so.

Having this in mind, what can you do?!

First of all, do not fill out the violation report. As a matter of fact avoid going to that site at all (avoid it like the plague!!!! :stare:)

Secondly, you can sign this petition to shut it down.

Finally, share this with other people. The more people who knows about this the better.

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ChIandra4U Featured By Owner May 21, 2018   General Artist
My submission did expire.
Is this group non active ?
ChIandra4U Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019   General Artist
I am leaving the group.
If it becomes back active,
note me and I gladly return.
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi! Submissions are expiring again, everything still good here?
sumarlegur Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
VITOGH Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Thank you for letting me join this lovely group :)
ChIandra4U Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018   General Artist
My submission did expire.
Is there a problem ?
Is this group still active or not ?
sumarlegur Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry, people are just absent! feel free to submit again.
ChIandra4U Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018   General Artist
thank you for the answer
I will do so
ChIandra4U Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018   General Artist
The problem is the limit of 3 submissions a week.
So resubmitting if one has an evarage of 2 a week is almost impossible.
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi there, I've noticed my submissions are starting to expire. :nod: Hope all is well.
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