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Together We Plow
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Published: February 15, 2019
This thing here was supposed to be less work than my last comic, but proved a worthy competitor! Making this had its ups and downs, including a computer crash which obliterated all the first 6 panels at one point, which had to be re-drawn from scratch. Yes, almost everything here is hoof-drawn, including all the backgrounds. Of course the reference for those came out mostly of S01E11 "Winter Wrap-Up", making me notice all over again how simplistic the S01 backgrounds are when compared to newer seasons. Didn't make the re-drawing any easier, for I'm still a beginner at backgrounds ;P
For the ponies' winter gear I let myself be inspired mostly by "Best Gift Ever". As I said before countless times, I prefer my ponies unclothed, but some of this winter stuff actually does look pretty cute :D

This comic was born out of basically two separate ideas. For once, I wanted to do something with Winter Wrap-Up for a while now. Second, I wanted to do something with Starlight and Trixie, whom I have grown to adore quite a bit! So the thought was, why not combine both? Story here is pretty easy and straightforward, centering around another one of those little slices of pony life. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed drawing!


These people supplied me with some awesome vectors as reference and guidance:

And those were responsible for all those Cutie Marks you see (as well as the Weather Team patch):

Some of the ponies have been released as a standalone pic in my Portraits gallery as well!

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Pff... "Friendship". Sure, and those blushes on their faces is just heat stroke. Just shut up and take all the shipping fuel! Shut Up And Take My Money 
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Twilight and Amethist team up, yay!
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One of my favorite comics, bar-none.
Mundschenk85's avatar
Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thanks for the praise! But I think there are many many comic artists with much more talent and experience out there :)
JibberJams's avatar
I don't know much about art and comic structure, but I know what I like. And I like this.

See, what matters most, to me, is the heart that goes into each piece. You've got plenty of that, without a doubt. You're a dedicated artist, and all of us deviants show our heart in many different ways. Mine, for example, is providing uplifting comments and occasionally writing accompanying short stories.

I like your art. Period. I definitely look forward to seeing more.Love 
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Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
And it's comments like this which can brighten up an artist's day! I really, really appreciate it :happybounce:

There is more to come! I'm currently working on a new standalone pic featuring more Winter Wrap-Up, and got ideas for 3-4 other pics and at least 3 comics waiting on the shelf... :D
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More like the magic of Love, or FedEx. :XD::XD::XD:
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They would be so adorable together. Super cute!
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PacificGreenHobbyist Digital Artist
Obviously it's the magic of shipping. :P

It'd be interesting if they maybe did some Winter Wrap Up revisit in Season 9, or even in a YouTube short.
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Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've heard that from a lot of people over the course of the last days. Seems like the fans would greatly appreciate another Winter Wrap-Up episode (me included) :D
Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if they made the season/series finale centering around the Wrap Up. Let's see everypony working together and using their talents to get things done. A good opportunity to highlight everypony one last time. I'd prefer that over just another run-of-the-mill villain battle...
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BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, Starlight have to avoid the suspicious, as you know, the job should go to Earth ponies. If not, the temptation to use magic is high.
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age3rcmHobbyist Filmographer
these are soo sweet
cajobif's avatar
Great comic. Only one more month until actual Winter Wrap-Up
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Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
My plan is to do 1-2 more pieces revolving around Winter Wrap-Up until then. No more comics though, just some standalone pics :nod:
cajobif's avatar
Ah okay. Can't wait for Spring after that snow we've got here the last two weeks.
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Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
We've got our fair share of snow as well here, since the beginning of January. Fortunately it seems to get warmer now :)
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Then cold again to freeze all that water from rain and melted snow into a nice hard cold ice.
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
I was expecting Starlight and Trixie to use magic and fail, instead I got a rather clever subversion where they succeeded. I'm impressed!
Mundschenk85's avatar
Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
Having them use magic would have been too... predictable. After all, we're talking about Starlight (who has got a nasty habit of instinctively using magic to solve uncomfortable situations) and Trixie (carefree attitude, always eager to use magic of any kind, though lacks the abilities in certain areas). No wonder why Twilight gets suspicious in the end.

Plus, those two have formed a quite unique and close friendship. I can definitely see them pushing that plow together, but they would never get this idea on their own in the first place... and they would never freely admit it to anypony afterwards :D
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That was adorable and cute.
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:icontrixiecutenessplz: Trixie's booties are ADORABLE!!!! Trixie icon 
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Mundschenk85Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes they are :D
I thought she'd be used to travelling with her wagon even during winter, so she would surely use some kind of warm hoofwear :)
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