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glasklart for android

By mundm
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Glasklart Icons for android - cyanogen mod

It's a metamorph theme. So you need metamorph and cyanogen mod on your phone.

You can't use this if you do not have both. It's not for flashing.
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thank you,,my favs !
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where i can only download glasklart icon collection? where's all those 6500+ icons in one archive? please help me...
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Can you share that wallpaper
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But it was for my g1 so it might be a bit small, will see if I still have a bigger version.
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thanks! beautiful icons!
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:thumbsup: great set of icons. I use them on my Defy :D
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"desktop visualizer " for change every icon (png) in your desktop [link] or search it in the market
thanx for png
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Do i have to pay for the stuff, cause i cant find it in the market on my phone :/
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I have to update the theme anyway to work with android >1.6 and metamorph switched to xml files too.... there is a free version of metamorph tough. If you can't find it at the market have a look at xda-developers and... you need root.
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i know i need root but i just got the phone and i dont want to mess it up.
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No root no fun. :D
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There's an app called root explorer though...
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that's different...
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you're different...
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would be possible to get these in png format? I'd like to use them for launcher pro
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They are in png format. Just unzip and browse the paths for the png images.
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How do i root my Samsung Galaxy S?? You have any suggestions?

Thanx you!!
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Head over to XDA-Developers and read the forums for your specific device for instructions. Proceed with care.
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