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hmm comments are most welcomed.
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Nice Very Good Work
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thank you appreciate it ...
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Welcome dear. Good work always need good words. so it good work u r doing. Can i send u personal message using Send a Note
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Very well done!
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yeh hoi na baat :) much better with the same color going through the design from top to bottom ...
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Wouldn't the fact that someone else wrote the paper at all be concerned plagiarism by most if not all colleges?

Other than my ethical objections to the site itself, the layout is nice and clean. Perhaps something other than upper case X's at the top? Makes the 24/7/365 look weird.

Oh, and Unlimited is misspelled in "Unlimited Revision", "Premium" near the top is misspelled, Guarantee, also.

Might want to go through and do some heavy spell checking, I just realized.
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thanks bro for the changes i had got this document from the client and not my own :) and the changes regarding the 24/7 etc etc are all what the client wanted as we all know CLIENTS(dumbass) ARE ALWAYS RIGHT
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