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Falling Moon

By MunaDrake
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I managed to draw something in Photoshop, ALL OF MY OWN WILL. Is that mean that my digital art block is finally gone?! (I really hope so.)

Luna because she's the best princess (except Discord of course, as I said in my other Luna artwork before). And she has nice colors. And funny mane to draw.
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
great :)
GIMME-SOME-ONIONSHobbyist Traditional Artist
very pretty! her main and tail are both sooo cool! :)
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I don't really believe it but I'm not taking my chances ;)
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Moonlight-PenHobbyist Digital Artist
That mane you made is THE mane.
Excellent job! I'm very impressed. =D
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Moonlight-PenHobbyist Digital Artist
And tail too.
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loly4678Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this looks amazing
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Super fajne. Loony is the best^^
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How do you draw this is Photoshop?
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I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly, but yeah, I draw in Photoshop.
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Chodziło mu o to jak to rysujesz. Z deka retoryczne pytanie. :lol:
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Ładna Luna xd Twórz więcej Lun! xd
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With or without her royal attire, Luna is so beautiful.

She is the one I just die to hug. *sigh* Only in my dreams.

Beautiful work
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Best Princess!
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Luna <3
Chociaż jedna osoba we Wrocławiu uważa, że to Luna jest lepszą księżniczką :3
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JedielDanielHobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutnie przepiękne :wow:
Jeśli to oznacza koniec art-blocka, to tym bardziej się cieszę :D
Ale... wow! Wszystko co tu zrobiłaś jest absolutnie niesamowite i perfekcyjne! Te włosy wyglądają jak chmura, ale jakby spływają w dół... jakby miały masę a nie tylko kształt... Absolutnie kocham tą Lunę :love: To najlepsza Luna, jaką widziałem od baaaaaaaaaardzo dawna!
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Czekam na więcej :I
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