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Mummies Alive --- Mummies in San Francisco's crystal Bay

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This group is about the 90's TV Show Mummies Alive, talking about it, sharing fanArt and fanfiction.
Four ancient egypt Mummies are reawakened in a museum in San Francico, when the soul of their former protected Prince Rapses, awakes in his new body. From this day on the four Guardians, Ja'kal (Falcon Armor,Leader of the group),Rath(Serpent Armor, Tutor and Wizzard),Armon (Ram Armor, warrior and always hungry)and Nefertina (Cat Armor, Charioteer and somehow the young spirit of the group) have to protect Presley for the evil sorcerer Scarab wants to grab his soal to become immortal.
In anciant egypt it was Scarab, visier and advisor to Pharaoh Amenhotep, who killed the young heiress of the throne to become the next pharaoh himself. For his punishment Scarab was burried alive in his tomb and it was a young scientist named Harris Stone who broke the seal to his chamber more than 3000 years later. In the identity of Harris Stone, Scarab lived in the modern world and had to wait for years until Presley Carnovan was born.

The day he finds Presley...brings his royal soul to live...and also his ancient Guardians.
Mummies Alive beginns...
:dalove: Rules::dalove:

:pointr::pointr: You can post any Mummies Alive related Art in this Group. We look at it...if it is Mummies related-we will accept it. If not: We will contact and tell why. :-)

:pointr::pointr: There is no maximum or minimum for postings. There are not so many Mummies Alive fans in DA. I don't think that the postings really will become a problem. If they ever will...We can change the rules later! :meditation:

:pointr::pointr: Every Art form is allowed, also if it deals with sexy issues, Yaoi:meow:( we have to look for DA rules here showing primar genitals "in action" can not be posted in the group) or whatever. If something is too crazy (I can not really think what that should be!!) we simply do not post it and give a note to the Deviant why it was delayed.

:pointr::pointr: And yes...also the so called "Mary Sue" Characters will be allowed. Equal rights for all artists. If you do not like such storys or easy and do not watch closer. Nobody forces you.

At least: Be fair to all fanartists with the comments you write! We share a Hobby and of course everyone of us is a little crazy...but that's what art and fantasy sometimes is about. That's why it is fun!
Let's just enjoy what other want to show and share! :hug:

Your Admin Uddelhexe :salute:
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Horus Auge by TanamiaOtori
Ratina Oc Chara by TanamiaOtori
Ratina Als Kattze by TanamiaOtori
Isis Als Katze by TanamiaOtori
The Silent hunter by kimimaro-21
Jakal by SNeptuneS
the Mummies Alive - JaKal 0.2 by Silver-Nightfox
El olvidado Ja-Kal by miguelcarruyo
Rath human by Lady-Moonlight23
rath transformed by ryuken119
Mummies Alive Negaverse by uddelhexe
Rath Finished by Mew2fem
#196 Mumie [TV-Oldtimerserien- der Rest STA] by IcedNaly
Mummies.... by Zel8339816
Nefer-Tina human by Lady-Moonlight23
Zalika Stone by Lady-Moonlight23
armon by ryuken119
Armon Mummies Alive doll by Jadejj
Cleo and bastet by Jadejj
The Exhuminators by DragonSnake9989
Here snakey snakey snakey... by DarkJediPrincess
Tell me... by fan-of-the-dark-side
Group and other
Mummies Alive ou MUMIAS VIVAS by RoninGuthemDojo
Aww by lolita-chan13

Mature Content

Caught by MissLizz
Mummies Alives clan by Neferankhamon
Presley by Lady-Moonlight23
Presley Faces by Lady-Moonlight23
sand trap by whonew


Horus Auge by TanamiaOtori Horus Auge :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 4 0 Ratina Oc Chara by TanamiaOtori Ratina Oc Chara :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 5 4 Ratina Als Kattze by TanamiaOtori Ratina Als Kattze :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 9 2 Isis Als Katze by TanamiaOtori Isis Als Katze :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 5 0 Isis Als Katze Grob by TanamiaOtori Isis Als Katze Grob :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 5 0 Ratina In Bastet Kleidung  by TanamiaOtori Ratina In Bastet Kleidung :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 8 0 Ratina Isis Amulett by TanamiaOtori Ratina Isis Amulett :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 4 0 Nefertina Drtjhj by TanamiaOtori Nefertina Drtjhj :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 6 4 Nefertina Ghjuzuzg by TanamiaOtori Nefertina Ghjuzuzg :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 10 4 Crossover Manami  Und Nefertina by TanamiaOtori Crossover Manami Und Nefertina :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 9 4 Rath by TanamiaOtori Rath :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 8 4 Ja-kal Vggr by TanamiaOtori Ja-kal Vggr :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 7 2 Armon by TanamiaOtori Armon :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 7 0 Rath Chibi by TanamiaOtori Rath Chibi :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 4 2 Nefertina Chibi by TanamiaOtori Nefertina Chibi :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 7 0 Ja Kal Chibi by TanamiaOtori Ja Kal Chibi :icontanamiaotori:TanamiaOtori 4 0
Here you find folders with picture-faves for the Mummies.


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Hello everybody!
The Mummies await your submissions and joinings!

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Groups come together!
I say a big HELLO to all groups that affiliate with us.
Some just for the friendship, some for the same interest, some for similar themes....XD


Finally...I waited for over 15 years for the release of Mummies Alive on DVD in Germany!

And there they are! Finally...I am soooooo

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yoliwyvern Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
i love this show¡¡¡ another fan here¡. i'm drawing mummies now xddd
uddelhexe Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful. It is good to see that there will be more Mummies Art!
RoboMommy Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Professional General Artist
Well, I'm pretty much a fan of this group now. =D (Not from DA stats, because I don't join groups anymore, but it's in my bookmarks.) I LOVE this show, which is a funny thing of its own, since I have a phobia of mummies in real life. ^^
mystery79 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
If anyone is into doing a RP involving this let me know.  Just love how Egypt and San Francisco combined into one.
uddelhexe Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I get to know of somthing like that, I will post it in the group
mystery79 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015
That be nice thanks.  The only downside to this series they never gave it a proper ending.
uddelhexe Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am working on this with my comic! ;-)
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MaverickSigmaArt Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you for requesting some of my work =P
anomius6 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
sorry i didn't see the request for your it again if u want. :)
uddelhexe Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will do so!
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