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Pumpkin scream

By mumblyjoe
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Yesterday this got reassigned to a pumpkin-carving page. Oy! Thanks to a kind Administrator, it is back in Horror & Macabre where it belongs.

The idea here wasn't to show off my (pathetic) pumpkin carving skills - it was to create an evocative photograph. I've done much the same thing in the past with dice and rubber spiders. The jack-o-lantern is really incidental to the image.
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TheStarChaser's avatar
Hahaha! When I first saw this I bust out laughing, I love it!
Consuelo-Parra's avatar
Your amazing picture here [link] featured in my journal:rose:
Metlina-chan's avatar
I love this photo, it looks great!
Would you mind if I tried to draw it?:)
Dirtnap47's avatar
A pyro pumpkin. Love it!
pullingcandy's avatar
Just a quick message to inform you that your piece has been featured in the A, B, C's of Horror under the letter "J". J is for Jack O Lantern, after all.
ZOMBIExBite's avatar
lol. that looks awesome, i did that to my failed attempts at a jack o lantern last year.
DraculeaRiccy's avatar
I love the way it looks like the pumpkin is screaming because of the pain...looks really awesome :)
lizjowen's avatar
Hey, Ive featured this here:

Thank you so much for sharing ^_^
Consuelo-Parra's avatar
Your nice photo here [link] featured in my journal:rose:
zoecrack's avatar
great concept and even better shot.
shebeast2's avatar
stonkingly outstandin
Hava-Nagila's avatar
wwo! that's a cool picture! or more hot lol:lol:
fiendy's avatar
wow like it. it reminded me of michael myers,revenge of halloween
ohglory's avatar
that is really awesome. i love it :)
mumblyjoe's avatar
Thankee, thankee!
komaru6's avatar
I love this! It seems that pumpkin's got real emotion!
mumblyjoe's avatar
Heh. I always figured he just had a bit of heartburn. ;) Thanks.
komaru6's avatar
Haha LOL no problem!
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Kumiko-Art's avatar
This photo has been featured in my journal :pointr: [link] :D

If you do not wish to be featured, let me know and I will remove it..
geoserban's avatar
oh, yes it does have a nice scream :D
good luck with the video
dintoira's avatar
Phantastic effect. Gz.
mumblyjoe's avatar
Thanks! I'm now working on a burning pumpkin video! :D

The longer I look at this the more disturbing it becomes! It's such a fantaistic concept and beautifully executed. I'm glad to know that the flames are real; if they had been photoshopped it wouldn't have been as impressive.
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