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Published: September 2, 2009
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If anyone else is visited by this lecherous apparition, do let me know.
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stealthyninja21's avatar
stealthyninja21Student General Artist
..you have just perfectly described artists block/ writers block
..the "lecherous apparition" that visits me almost all the time
Cal-Paul's avatar
Cal-PaulProfessional Digital Artist
Lansoh's avatar
LansohStudent Digital Artist
i definitly am D: that monster is relentless
RebelliousNinja's avatar
RebelliousNinjaHobbyist General Artist
I love the ninja turtles!!!
The-Foxheart's avatar
The-FoxheartHobbyist General Artist
That thing is always visiting, And I can never get it to go away. I'll have all these Ideas but then I just...can't? It's like a stiffness or blockage in the artistic ability or something.
Turning on music for background sound lightens it up a bit though.
yowassup's avatar
yowassupHobbyist Traditional Artist
very rarely for me recently, since i have so little time to actually draw recently. It used to happen ALL THE TIME back when I had time to draw, though.

Nowadays my problem isn't lack of ideas or inspiration or whatever, but that weird stiffness that comes from not drawing enough. That and I can sometimes feel my drawing skill fading away... Oh, and also long hours and days of stewing in tons of ideas with no time to let them out on paper.
MumblingIdiot's avatar
I can't stand the thought of drawing skill actually fading. It's hard enough to keep moving forward let alone worrying about going back.
You should keep a notebook, blast down every idea you have, even in only a scribble, so they're all there as soon as you get the chance.
yowassup's avatar
yowassupHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's pretty freaky. I do keep a kind of sketchbook thingy... I find that my "drawing from imagination" skills keep getting better, or at least weirder (perhaps a more and more honest reflection of what is going on "in there"), but my "drawing from looking at real stuff" and "drawing stuff that looks real" skills are kind of fading. So if "drawing the weird whirlwind of the inner psyche" is what "art is all about," then I guess really, I am headed right in the right direction.

I used a lot of quotes here.

I can say that being busy has forced me to focus a lot more when I do get time to draw. If something isn't working out, I just skip it and draw something more fun, because I don't have all day just to draw anymore... so in one sense, my drawings are actually a lot more fun for me, and maybe a little more fun to look at?
mr-boonshine's avatar
yes! and it's as big as that thing in your comic! :(
ContagiousPixie's avatar
ContagiousPixieProfessional Photographer
This happens to me all the time!
I feel your pain.
And I am excited that you were able to describe it perfectly!
It happens to me when trying to write poems,
drawing in art and when trying to come up wit new ideas for photographs.
I also love how you drew yourself (if it is you).
It's quite adorable. :aww:
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thanks! It's good to hear you can relate.

And yeah that is me (sort of).
ContagiousPixie's avatar
ContagiousPixieProfessional Photographer
You're very welcome, it always feels a bit more comforting to know you're not alone.
SuperNorwayChick's avatar
its on me.. breathing the air i breathe.. blocking the little drop of creativity from enetring my brain.. its all over me and wont go away.. its all over my body and its been there for 2 years now.. my lack of creativity is only filled with sadness..
clannkelly's avatar
That is a totally eerily accurate description of writer's block...
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thanks. I'm glad you think so.
Vermelho's avatar
Vermelho Traditional Artist
Frequently and especially lately.
midniteBLAZE's avatar
It's been coming to say hi to me every night, and my next project is due in 4 days :(
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Fight it!
Boojamon's avatar
BoojamonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes oh God so true.
Take your six hours and times them by a year.
space-in-mind's avatar
space-in-mindStudent Traditional Artist
HA ha I love the little details like the thing dripping into the turtles mug on the last panel, very enjoyable and the last phrase is a great one.
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thanks so much!
ash-bunny's avatar
ash-bunny General Artist
I hear ya.
strawberry-sundae's avatar
i went to an art focused school for 3 years, and not being able to get anything out on paper really ruined my grades :depressed: ... and even 1 year after that i had these blocks almost all the time. terrible!
you have to work hard to get past it, and in my case it's a matter of trusting oneself. because i have loooow self-esteem and confidence, i don't believe in myself. which is bad!

the feelings really come through in this picture anyway, it's so good! in fact, it's perfect!
MumblingIdiot's avatar
That sucks. Yeah, I have appalling self-esteem to be honest, but weirdly when I'm at my lowest is when I do my best stuff because I have something to prove.
I hope you managed to get past those blocks. There are all kinds of ways round, though it's different for everyone I think.

Thanks, I'm glad I got it across well. :)
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