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September 24, 2009
Some People by ~MumblingIdiot is probably one of the most fantastic things I've seen on deviantART in a long, long time. It's a comic that he put together, about people and how they change generation to generation. And how what happened when they were little effected them now. it's slightly comical but the flow of it is fantastic. I think it definitely deserves to be shown.
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Some People

You can now buy this as a four page printed comic with bonus making-of images and a wrap-around cover.

See previews here [link] or buy it from my shop here [link]


My entry for the Guardian graphic short story competition.
It's basically a bunch of microstories documenting changes in people and personalities over time and the fickleness of first impressions.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments, I really appreciate it.

NOTE: If you share this around or post it somewhere else, please make sure you link back to this page or it's page on my blog, here [link] Thanks!
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FvsG's avatar
The story of Stan Lee...
BrianRandom's avatar
That's very deep. Good stuff this one.
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Damn, dude, this was a really good read.
Gotashi-Chan's avatar
Such an amazing and powerful comic. This kind of stuff just isn't seen like it should be. Absolutely stunning work.
Gabbi's avatar
There is so much power in this comic! 
Amazing work! :heart:
S-A-Diamond's avatar
This is so clever. It's really thought provoking and moving.
Rowoss's avatar
DryBird's avatar
Whoa... this is trippy. And amazing. You must have put a lot of thought into this. Well done!
DryBird's avatar
I was so intrigued by this that I made a little chart to see if the timeline of this would actually make sense, and it does! I'm even more impressed now.
This is the timeline I made:
man at beginning
40 years->grandpa and girl
30 years->girl and joanne, shy man and boyfriend
15 years<-racist father
25 years<-father is a child, girl and mom, crying man, father
25 years<-younger father

each part adds up to around 65-70 years of time.
smalltowngirly's avatar
This is so cool! It's true comics aren't art but this is so interesting and I'm glad I found it.
vivikv's avatar
Comics aren't art? How?
smalltowngirly's avatar
I guess they are art. If u really think. I still love it though how it retraced back to the beginning. So talented!
RandomPerson1310's avatar
Comics aren't art? In what way? They provide the same amount of expression as a single drawing and a novel.
Leludar's avatar
Absolutly amazing.
leadfoot9's avatar

SugaryAshes's avatar
Amazing! The tone and subject kinda reminds me of Chris Ware's work.
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
And I thought I was depressed before :(
SilverHaliegh's avatar
amazing. beautiful. 
Rain-Twister's avatar
Wow, I'm both happy and confused at the same time.
emmaweng's avatar
I really love this comic about how people can change as they grow up. I also like how it flows really well and eventually ties the end back to the beginning. this really is a piece of meaningful and inspiring art. (the only thing is, what are the numbers between some of the panels throughout the comic?)
Gidgetech's avatar
Pretty sure those are the page numbers, since this is now being sold as a short comic.
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