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September 25, 2013
The suggester said: "What I found truly outstanding about Hidden Iceland - Interactive by ~MumblingIdiot is the level of dexterity at which the imagination of the author and actual myths and stories are combined; also, the very idea of every one of us having a chance to "peek into their world" brings a lot of satisfaction and joy while discovering all the details bit by bit"
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Hidden Iceland - Interactive


Move the cloud around the map of iceland to cast a magical shadow and reveal the hidden characters and creatures from various folk tales, ghost stories and traditional beliefs.

This is an interactive map of Icelandic folklore and mythology that I made for a map project for my illustration course. The elves and trolls that exist in Icelandic folk tales (that supposedly many still believe in today) are known as Huldufolk, or hidden people.

Make sure you find all the hidden stuff, especially the animated bits.
Hint: Stake out the cave below the ghost bull and you might see a ghost.

Nearly everything that's here is based on actual stories and placed either somewhere appropriate or where the story is meant to have taken place.

Links for the stories and information used:

The digger -… - Elves in Modern Day Iceland, including details of them disrupting construction work.

The four pink creatures -… - The Guardian Spirits of Iceland

Top church -… - The story of Loftur the Sorcerer

Dead troll top left -… - Deep are the Iceland Channels…… - The Yule Lads (top left) and Gryla (stirring monster)

Ghosts (including the naked one) -…

Ghost Bull -… - Þorgeirsboli

Elf city top right -… - Asbyrgi

Trolls -… - Troll Blog

Huldufolk wiki page (lots of good external links) -…
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Hi there, are you planning on backing this up to flashpoint or another archive for when support of flash ends at the end of the year?

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Found this after googling your Hilda interviews, even then you had a lovely style.
wildewalder's avatar
jeeeej :) this is fokin awesome :) thanks :)
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all hail the glow cloud..
PalaeoJoe's avatar
This is very Night Vale like.
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this is amazingly cute <33!
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this is SOOO CUTE!
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This is amazing. I can't think of some extra spectacular way to how awesome it is. I love Huldufolk
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this just blew my mind. thank you.
more-or--less's avatar
this is so awesome/// i had a lot of fun playing with this
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heh the naked man on the bench x3
TwoHairsInOneHole's avatar
This is the most impressive piece of work I have seen on DA.<3 Thank you for providing us with this masterpiece. 
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD!   :iconflowerheartplz:
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The Chapel of The Red is the only landmark that stands unmolested in the ethereal realm.
This is so much fun. Just scanning the landscape for every animated detail & yet there's always something missed. Entertaining to toy around with.
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wow,so interesting!I like interactive works~
Ratula's avatar
this is pretty cool. what program did you use to make it?
phat-kat-creative's avatar
This is really really well done! Congrats!
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This is fantastic! So well done :clap:
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