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Festivals: What it's all about

Latest music orientated comic that appears in the latest issue of The Stool Pigeon.

Pick up a free copy at one of these many fine boutiques.
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That's pretty much it why I'm happily not going. : D
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ChocoGirl72's avatar
haha fantastic! I can never go to these huge festivals to often, its a lot of work. :D
MumblingIdiot's avatar
And a lot of money too.
ChocoGirl72's avatar
Ah, very true. :noes:
Buuya's avatar
The shriveled-up wrist bands made me laugh loudly. Very loudly.

This is great, and so true it hurts a little. :heart:
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MAK-ATTACK's avatar
This is awesome! makes ya wonder about what rigamoroll you go through to enjoy a show
katrea-romance's avatar
this is Coachella except hotter.
haius's avatar
Perhaps I will try that method of getting concert tickets in the future. XD
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Disclaimer: I won't be held responsible for the actions taken by any readers as a result of reading this comic.
XenonXylophone's avatar
Yeah, that's pretty much it. Good thing most acts at the more famous festivals can be seen for free on TV these days.
Still, festivals ARE an experience to experience. :+fav:
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the "ladies dig a collector" panel is so spot on and this whole strip looks brills and skills.

You're probably already aware of Kevin Huizenga, but I was reading Ganges the other day for the first time and firstly it blew my mind and then it reminded me of your stuff, and i mean that in the best possible way and not in the "you're a phony!" way, coz your stuffs great :D
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thanks man!
I read Ganges not all that long ago and it made me think of my stuff too, weirdly. Not in an 'I'm as good as this guy' kind of way, but in the way that if I was someone else, I'd find it hard to believe that my stuff hadn't actually been influenced by it. Which isn't the case. Although it probably is now that I've discovered it.
mrdynamite's avatar
i know exactly what you mean. I got the same thing with adventure time. i didnt want to make a direct comparison (even though i did) because i always get that odd feeling when someone says my work looks like something else... oh drawing!
angfdz's avatar
Lovely lovely.
MumblingIdiot's avatar
You're lovely. (Thanks.)
angfdz's avatar
me and my friends had this joke about hipster music... It was about a non existent band called "Meat".

"Have you heard their first EP, steak? It's very rare..."

"Yes but well done at the same time."
Ha ha ha get it get it
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